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Vault’s Verdict

A company with a growing global reputation and footprint, EVERSANA represents an opportunity to get in on the ground floor of the healthcare consulting industry in the APAC region. 

Insiders note that the firm is growing quickly in the region, and suggest that opportunities abound for any consultant who is willing to put in the time and take on new responsibilities and stretch roles. In return, EVERSANA offers rapid career progression, decent compensation packages, and the opportunity to network within a firm that is putting down roots in new locations regularly. 

Firm Culture

“Focused only in healthcare as our only consulting focus, having a team that has the ability to support and help the global healthcare companies of the world with a truly integrated team that is spread in all the major regions in the world that work together in finding solutions for our clients.”

“People at the highest designations are involved thoroughly with the training programs of new joinees. They care about it. They show it. You will be given a really good opportunity to grow.”

“The culture at EVERSANA APAC is what sets it apart from others. Extensive training and mentoring support from the leadership and seniors. A supportive environment to learn, deliver and grow.”

“Tremendous opportunity to create unique value for our clients leveraging the immense talent and resources we have acquired over the years.”

“We offer complete commercialization services to pharmaceutical companies unlike all other competitors.”

Quality of Life

“No additional vacations other than statutory vacations. No supplemental insurance, such as business insurance. Few team building activities.”

“No work from client site. Mostly working on desk in office.”

“Onus is on the individual how far they want to push themselves, in their endeavor to provide unique value to clients.”

“The firm keeps in consideration the importance of not just working hard but also enjoying it. This perspective ensures high productivity.”

“The firm’s quality of life is in line with the job expectations and also compatible to the novelty of the company in the geographical area.”


“Best - Generous base salary offered to appropriate designations.

Worst - No joining bonus.”

“Everyone at same designation is paid equally.”

“Good salary progression with promotions; salaries are benchmarked to industry standards.”

“The best part is, that they are competitive in compensation. Good bonuses. We also have mid year promotions and compensation hikes.”

“This will continue to improve as the company expands its footprint in the geographical area.”

Career Development

“As a recent established company in this geography, there will surely be more experiences opportunities as the organization grows.”

“Best aspect: Work is appreciated and rewarded appropriately; everyone punches above their weight which reflects in the accelerated growth here at EVERSANA.

Worst aspect: Maintaining work-life balance on some projects becomes difficult.”

“Entrepreneurial culture allows one to utilize their potential and the talent and resources in the firm to create unique value.”

“Great opportunities at EVERSANA to move globally and to be able to cross pollinate experiences and learn new methodologies from the global offices.”

“The company clearly operates on meritocracy. The management motivates us to take on challenging assignments within projects which allow you to learn and grow. This opportunity allows people to grow within the firm and get promoted.

Mobility is another issue. Moving to a different geography is quite difficult as people with extensive experience with the leadership are offered such opportunities, as they value loyalty.

While client facing opportunities are plenty, travel options are limited (this may be due to COVID-related travel restrictions). Giving them the benefit of doubt, I would wish to wait and see for maybe another 3-6 months to objectively comment on this.”

Community Engagement

“Employees in India office have faster promotion than others.”

“Everyone is welcomed. No race, culture, ethnic and disability discrimination is entertained, very strict against such acts.”

“Great inclusive culture with people of many ethnicities and preferences working together harmoniously.”

“While gender diversity is commendable, I am not so sure about LGBTQ+ individuals as none of my colleagues are open about it if they belong to LGBTQ+. There are active efforts to include more women in the team right from analysts to the leadership positions.”

“Yes, I genuinely believe that everyone is given ample opportunities to high quality work to grow and showcase their potential.”

Business Outlook

“Champion team with winning attitude and great leadership.”

“Health business is innovating and firm is also looking upon health tech aspects as well.”

“Love our CEO at EVERSANA, always inspirational and forward looking. I believe EVERSANA is positioned extremely well for the future and our company's growth is clearly showing this.”

“Our complete commercialization model is very unique in our industry, helping biopharma clients navigate new geographies in risk/revenue-share models.”

“Talking about the APAC consulting business, we are in a growing phase where young talent is being groomed to take on senior roles. They actively are hunting for opportunities and willing to expand and add verticals to fulfill market demand. There are active efforts to get the brand out there as a comparable and probably even better alternative to the traditional strategy consulting firms.” 

Hiring Process

“Good education pedigree, good academic performance, willingness to work hard and learn fast.”

“Slow process.”

“The process is similar to any other consulting firm. You apply through campus placement (recruitment) drives. They shortlist based on resumes, then they invite the shortlisted candidates for interviews.

For laterals, you may apply through the company website or through a referral or job portals for candidates from prominent B-Schools in India (IIM Jobs etc.,). If your profile is shortlisted, then you get a call from the HR for an initial interaction. The HR sets up some time for the interviews and briefs you about the rounds that you may expect. Following which, the practice leaders have a few rounds (2/3 rounds) wherein they focus on the profile of the candidate (both professional and personality aspects are evaluated), followed by a detailed case study.”

“They seek people who could be potential partners.”

“We are extremely proactive when hiring new candidates, and make sure the candidate is clear with our interview process and we update them constantly during the process. We take pride in hiring the best candidates possible, we have team members from Columbia University, Wharton, INSEAD, USC, Cornell, etc., and all the top consulting companies are pursing these candidates as well.” 

Interview Questions

“A real life case of to assess for firm how much covid cases are going to increase in upcoming years and what would its revenue potential if it launches its product in the US market.”

“Introduce yourself, reasons for leaving the previous company, what could you contribute to your new employer, share a case story which was challenging and how you implemented the learnings in next projects / tasks, what are your expectations in terms of management and compensation package, what's your notice period.”

“New drug market access.”

“Presenting a case on how to build and/or scale up a new offering in relation to the market dynamics and trends.”

"Tell me about the most difficult consulting project you have worked on, why was it difficult? Was it the project, client, team? What did you learn from this lesson and what changes have you made in your life?”


Chicago, IL

Firm Stats

Executive Vice President, Asia Pacific: Ravi Visweswara and Rob Arnold
Regional Vice President, Asia Pacific: Viji Alwan
Senior Vice President: Amardeep Udeshi
2023 Employees (All Locations): 7,000

Major Office Locations

Singapore (Regional Headquarter APAC)
Hong Kong

Major Departments & Practices

Pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries