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Vault’s Verdict

Kearney has been a firm to watch in recent years, with a series of transformational moves that have revitalized its brand, energized its workforce, and led to significant top-line improvements. While we don’t have figures for revenue, we do know that insiders are talking annual growth rates in excess of 20%, with bullish projections for 2023, even in the face of some macro uncertainty.

By itself, that would make this a firm worth considering, but Kearney also has the advantage of being renowned as a place with a people-centric, positive culture—underlining that it is entirely possible to prosper within this industry while retaining an all-too-rare sense of perspective and humanity. With excellent growth and promotion opportunities coupled with both formal and on-the-job training opportunities, this is a firm that we expect to live up to its bullish outlook for the coming year, and very likely beyond.

Firm Culture

“After working at other large firms, Kearney really stands out due to the inclusive and welcoming nature of colleagues, including the collaborative atmosphere fostered by all.”

“Essential rightness is the foundation that keeps our solutions strong and our moral compass due north. This has served to protect us against morally questionable projects whilst remaining in the upper echelons of the industry. We do what is right, in the right way.”

“Our firm is competitive in the market, but not internally. No need to constantly compete, be on your toes, position yourself—you can be your best self.”

“Reflect on what you're looking for: if it's a prestigious brand that will land a quick exit, it's probably not Kearney, but if it's a caring professional environment that gives you opportunities to grow, develop and carve your own career path, then it's Kearney.”

“You can easily make yourself known throughout the firm quickly and have a role that lets you put in practice what you specifically like.”

Quality of Life

“Best: the company's culture which reflects in personal relationships within the firm and the attitude of leaders, the openness to feedback, being genuinely listened to when stating preferences related to projects/locations/etc., extreme proactiveness to make significant changes when facing issues related to quality of life (e.g., my first project at the firm was extremely difficult and when this issue had been raised, I was directly pulled off the project and offered 2 days off as 'mental health days'; one of our female managers is trying out a new part-time system now that she has given birth to twins).
Worst: working hours can still be challenging depending on who we are working with.”

“Culture is great, benefits are great. However, sometimes I feel like there can be better coordination from management to spread workload. Also there is a lack of Managers which means less structured projects and senior consultants having to step into a managerial role without being seen as a manager in the firm.”

“Employee retention is a key focus for Kearney and as a result, consultants have a lot of control over their quality of life. Consultants have the right to decline projects that require extensive travel and have the right to schedule their days in such a manner that it suits them (e.g. take the time for gym, dinner, family time etc.) as far as project requirements allow.”

“Lots of initiatives to create work-life balance. However, client expectations in terms of responsiveness and speed of addressing their requests (even ad-hoc requests) are extremely high. Given the intense competition in the industry, consulting firms need to create a syndicate, with specific rules for clients to abide by.”

“Pros: Kearney has a very down to earth culture where it’s possible to do well on the job and still have time for sports, family, sleep, etc. Being busy for the sake of appearance is not encouraged (different from other top tier consultancies in Germany). Working hours are better than at MBB DACH, at an equal/better salary. Taking time off is usually quite easy and encouraged. … Travel requirements are very employee friendly and take into account employees’ private life. Hybrid work is encouraged and makes working at Kearney enjoyable. Weekend work does not happen at Kearney. Cons: Kearney is still a demanding consulting firm where project work (and ‘extracurricular’ responsibilities like IC articles) require constant hard work, good time management and working hours are rarely below 50h a week.”


“Compensation is good, but not as attractive as it used to be (firm is working on this). Additionally, benefits are not 'suited' for the majority of the employees (e.g. school for kids).”

“My firm's compensation package is excellent, and among the top with respect to peer firms in my region.”

“Pay is low compared to MBB, but all the meals during weekdays are reimbursed. There are no pay gaps for consultants at the same seniority level.”

“Regular salary progression, competitive base salaries and bonus packages, separate pension funds, financial packages for protecting family in case of death, coverage of insurance costs, large number of extra perks such as home-office equipment vouchers, etc.”

“The compensation package offered by Kearney is extensive and includes all usual benefits which are possible in my country of residence (company car and international fuel card, meal vouchers, eco-vouchers, representation allowance, ...) on top of the maximum retirement savings plan and a bonus. Wages automatically increase with inflation and rise significantly as you progress within the firm.”

Career Development

“Best aspect: huge emphasis on informal mentoring/training and network development. This includes: mentor, buddy (more senior than us of only a couple of months), mandatory 'coffee chats' with all senior people from our regional unit when we join the firm, regular 'Ask me Anything' sessions with leaders.
Worst aspect: no in-person training for new joiners during Covid-19 crisis.”

“Kearney offers many opportunities to develop oneself, through personally fitted (real-life) trainings, an extensive offer of online trainings and free access to online platforms for even more training content. On top of that, both staffing and your mentor always keep personal development goals in mind. Promotion follows a clear and fair evaluation system, which ensures you progress when you are ready for a new role.”

“Promotion is very quick, no MBA needed if you opt for a fast-track, the office is extremely diverse with many nationalities. Bi-annual training retreats that all levels of consultants are welcome to apply to.”

“The culture ensures collaborative and supported career development, without cutthroat politics common in many firms. While there is no explicit ‘up or out’ rule, hiring and promoting smart, ambitious, nice people prevents people who spend too long at a particular grade.”

“Very generous with allowing for talents to transfer both geographically and between domains. There is also a lot of attention on mentoring and 360 degrees feedback. However, like in any company, the promotion mechanics can feel a bit opaque at times.”

Community Engagement

“Awesome top-down efforts to drive DEI, even now the firm is launching a Disability Network to drive DEI efforts.”

“High focus on women, other aspects led at EU level but limited impact on local level.”

“Our office historically has 60%+ women (currently around 70%). All consultants generally have similar work opportunities.”

“Personally, I have not felt marginalized (despite being female and an ethnic minority), but I do recognize significant improvements needed on a system level. There needs to be greater representation of womxn, ethnicities, LGBTQ+ individuals and individuals with disabilities at senior levels. The firm is actively working on this.”

“Women: topic that is discussed extensively within the firm, a lot of efforts are put into recruitment in this aspect (recruitment dinners for women, etc.). The firm is also considering new arrangements for mothers (e.g., working part-time). Also some efforts are being made to help create a sense of community among women (e.g., paired with a same-sex 'buddy' when entering the firm). However, few formal actions are being made (e.g., actual quotas and targets). Ethnicity: talked about but no concrete actions. LGBTQ+: very active and positive network in the firm that also organizes recruiting events for students.”

Business Outlook

“Accelerating growth momentum fueled by clear priorities and excellence in execution.”

“Company is very strong and well known internationally, but locally in Polish market there are other companies that are better recognized by people outside of the consulting industry (which are just our potential clients).”

“Outlook in the Middle East is looking very strong, then again this is the case for many firms.”

“The firm is currently undergoing a massive transformation and the results have allowed us to grow by more than 20% YOY. Couldn't be prouder of the leadership team.”

“With sourcing and operations strategy heritage, [the firm is] well positioned for the economic downturn ahead.”

Hiring Process

“[Ideal candidate is] dynamic, very proactive, well-spoken, positive state of mind, entrepreneurial behavior and willingness to be involved in office life.”

“Kearney is looking for smart and ambitious individuals, with a sharp and analytical mind and great people skills.”

“[In my location, recruiting consists of a] mix of a classic 2 rounds of 3 interviews and some innovative approaches to differentiate from competition (fast track approach + tests).”

“One of the most important aspects of the recruitment process is cultural fit. I know other firms barely care about this, but Kearney really hires down-to-earth, likeable people. This is also seen in the recruitment process and our client interactions.”

“The process is very lean, feedback within 1 or 2 weeks for everyone. There is no ideal candidate, it depends on someone who can think logically, who is solution-oriented, can think from a customer or problem perspective and guide through an approach that might be useful to solve the given issue.”

Interview Questions

“Developed by consultants based on our own experiences (not stock cases!).”

“[In my location, the process is made up of] one test round and two interview rounds, half of which are behavioral and the other half case interviews which prompt candidates to solve a real case.”

“Our [local unit’s] Strategy Days event is very popular and successful, showing the candidates during a small week what is actually like to work on a real client case under pressure.”

“Regular case interview structure: short fit interview followed by a case interview”

“[Some positions see candidates go through]  a unique second round interview method, which is a case presentation. 60 minutes independent work + 30 minute ‘manager’ review session + 30 minute ‘client’ presentation and Q&A. This mimics our actual way of working and is a great way to test relevant skills.”

Kearney EMEA

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