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At a Glance


“Interesting work, great team dynamic within consultant level.”

“Size, strategy focus, people.”

“The type of work / clients, Increased opportunities to stretch and learn, close-knit teams.”


“As with any advisory firm, our working life is dependent upon the demands of our clients.”

“Brand name limited outside of London and its three large historic sectors of expertise.”

“Lack of structure and predictability.”

About Marakon Europe

Founded in 1978 and acquired by Charles River Associates (CRA) in 2009, Marakon has maintained its mission throughout the years: partnering with senior executives at some of the world's largest and most dynamic companies to drive sustainable value growth.

Marakon does not provide "one size fits all" industry solutions. They work closely with their clients—constructively challenging their current strategies and providing tailored insight-based advice. Their approach is built upon active engagement and joint accountability with clients, which only works for companies who are willing to "roll up their sleeves." But it hasn't seemed to scare too much business away. Marakon's client list includes big names like Merck, Barclays, Boeing, BP, Gillette, Roche, Nestle, Nordstrom, Danone, and McDonald's. 

Driving Sustainable Change

Marakon's philosophy on consulting is that superficial, short-term changes don't work—structural, leadership adjustments do. By generating innovative ways to shape company hierarchies and using market and competitor research, the team creates lasting improvements for its clients.

Today, it is more important than ever for companies to innovate their business and management model to compete effectively in the new economic environment and to adapt to new customer trends. 

And Marakon seems to take its own advice—its employment philosophy shows an awareness of its own ability to stretch and grow with the times, citing a desire to create a sustainable work environment for employees based on work/life balance, the kind of work individuals want to do, and desired location. Examples of that commitment include a three-day travel model, the ability to work remotely as necessary, and even a 10 & 2 sabbatical program. Additionally, Marakon has no set requirements for international mobility. 

Consistent Leadership

While Marakon now sits within CRA, the leadership has remained the same following the acquisition—something that has played an important role in maintaining the consistency of its services and culture. Global Managing Director Mason Kissell, for example, had been with Marakon for 20 years before the acquisition and continues to lead the practice at CRA. 

The pairing has served to widen and deepen the client net for both companies. According to Marakon's website, its "dual focus on value and framework for linking finance, strategy, and organization coupled with Charles River Associates' strong operational and industry expertise in sectors including Oil and Gas, Industrials, Energy, Life Sciences, Regulation, and Transfer Pricing, among others, provides a unique set of expertise that delivers truly bespoke, lasting solutions for unlocking and growing value."

Marakon Europe

8 Finsbury Circus
London, NY EC2M7EA

Firm Stats

Employer Type: Subsidiary
Managing Director: Neal Kissel
Director: Johann Franke

Major Office Locations

New York

Major Departments & Practices

  • Strategy Consulting
  • Financial Services
  • Energy
  • Consumer, Health and Wellness
  • Industrial Produces