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Vault’s Verdict

As insiders tell it, Oliver Wyman has gone from strength to strength of late, racking up double-digit growth even in the midst of an uncertain economic climate. While financial services remains the beating heart of the organization, the years-long effort to diversify its services also appears to be gaining recognition within the market, opening up new revenue streams as well as opportunities for consultants.

As an employer, the firm is generally well-liked by insiders, who enjoy the high caliber projects, flexibility, and strong career progression opportunities on offer. All of that comes on top of a truly inclusive culture, underpinned by transparent salary and promotion criteria

All told, Oliver Wyman is forcing its way into the conversation at the very pinnacle of the industry (although its financial services division has been there for some time). As such, it’s a place that will enhance any resume or CV, while providing rapid career development and strong exit opportunities. What’s not to like?


Employee Reviews

Firm Culture

  • “Be prepared to be uncomfortable and get on a steep learning curve. The culture of the firm is always to stretch you and allow you to develop, providing constant feedback to this end. I cannot stress enough how lovely the people are at this company. This allows you to bring your best self to work every day.”
  • "In Oliver Wyman you are really part of something bigger, we care for each other and we are growing, so join us on this journey."
  • “Oliver Wyman offers a great culture and if you want to contribute, you will always find support and enough opportunity to contribute to that and bring your personality to the firm. We have a can-do mentality and a great leadership team, who obviously foster growth but does not forget their people.”
  • “We tailor career paths to each individual and invest to make them grow. Early responsibilities—we genuinely listen to the ideas of new joiners. Constantly challenging ourselves—we don't repeat the same project in the same way again and again.”
  • “Work-wise, there's definitely a way of doing things here. When you join, take the opportunity to learn the way of working without judgement or assumptions about how things should be done. There's a reason for the approach, which isn't always obvious at first.”

Quality of Life

  • "Great flexibility and entrepreneurial mindset, enabling employees to shape their career in line with their aspirations and ambitions."
  • "High quality life with lots of firm events but also time to rest via personal free time."
  • "Leadership is considering work-life balance well."
  • "Minor travel requirements (only to client site), easy to take time off (7 weeks/year as a norm)."
  • "Some projects have long and unpredictable hours. As a DnA colleague we are generally protected from this."


  • "6 months of fully paid parental leave (paternity/maternity) is industry leading. Compensation lags behind competitors at manager level."
  • "Good base pay but not many 'freebies' - e.g. no free gym/lifestyle allowance."
  • "Salary progression is significant, very clever compensation model where bonus is actually the difference between the annual salary of the level you have performed at based on the year-end review and the level that you ranked at the beginning of the year - this way you always get compensated for performing better than your pay grade which is very motivating."
  • “The promotion processes and salary are very standardized and made very transparent at the end of each year. There is no elbow mentality and no long salary negotiations needed.”
  • "Working hours and location are very flexible, allowing you to fit work around your personal life. Salary progression is great."

Community Engagement

  • "A lot of effort and success with regards to hiring of women and LGBT+ colleagues. not as strong on retention with limited % in the senior ranks. The corporate ERGs are very strong with good budget."
  • "DE&I efforts are evident: for instance, we hosted a 'Diversity & Inclusion Festival' last month, offering webinars, panel discussions and forums on a wide range of topics (much wider compared to what I had in mind)."
  • "Good gender balance at lower levels of the firm, very low proportion of women in top positions (Principal and above). Ethnicity diversity is limited."
  • "Oliver Wyman is making active efforts to improve their Diversity and Inclusion efforts in hiring. We've done internal projects to improve our data & analytics around recruiting, pinpoint potential unconscious biases and mitigate them."
  • "We have firm minority groups for all diversity groups mentioned above in which a member can be active and exchange with like-minded people."

Business Outlook

  • "9-20% YoY growth for the past 3 years, despite varying market conditions. Healthy and significant growth in the number of consultants, and a decreasing competitive gap with MBB in non-Financial Service industries."
  • "Despite the problems that the world has been facing, OW has done well. This tends to be because in times of uncertainty clients need more assistance in understanding markets and the correct strategic decisions to make."
  • "OW has experienced consecutive years of double-digit growth and has grown more than MBB peers. Company culture is well suited to take further market share in markets where MBB peers are currently still leading."
  • "The company is on a great trajectory path. Smart acquisitions support the growth. Financials are strong and we do have problems to staff the projects."
  • "Very positive trend, firm is looking to double revenues over next few years to break into MBB ranks (through both organic and inorganic growth) - OW has enormous firepower due to Marsh McLennan war chest, partners are pushing very hard to grow strategic accounts and take business from competitors."

Hiring Process

  • "Culture fit is extremely important and this is expressed clearly in the interview process. As an experienced hire, I had one of the better interview experiences with OW."
  • "I had seven interviews then a case study. It's tough. Hiring by consensus."
  • "Interview process for entry level is standardized, with competency tests, case interviews and behavioral interviews. The firm is seeking people who are intelligent, creative and confident."
  • “The interview process was intense and long, but I could feel how both recruiters and managers/partners were interested in getting back to me with feedback and guiding me throughout the whole process.”
  • "We have our interviews on one day (two for interns, four for new hires from university). The candidate gets direct feedback afterwards and if successful is offered the contract on the same day. Before we have prep calls and individual phone calls. The ideal candidate is open minded, creates impact, brings his true self to work, has an outstanding academical and professional background."

Interview Questions

  • "Analyze sales data and assess what price point to launch a new product at."
  • "Business cases based on earlier projects to discuss how the candidate would approach and add impact."
  • "Interview process based on CV screening, quantitative test, and case interviews."
  • "Standard case interviews and motivational questions. Some group work exercises."
  • "What percentage market share is required to make a new online bank viable? What is the cost to Nando's annually of the Nando's black card scheme?"
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