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About Oxera

It's the economy, stupid

Set up in 1982, the Oxford Economic Research Associates, or Oxera, is an independent consultancy that helps its clients navigate their way through the ups and downs of the global economy.  Through a range of measures, including trend spotting and analysis of market development, the firm claims it can aid companies in creating business strategies to exploit economic changes no matter what industry they are in.  Oxera provides this insight to a range of multinational companies, governments and regulators across the world.

A 1980s child

The consultancy was actually borne out of the process of privatisation during Margaret Thatcher's tenure in early 1980s Britain.  Oxera's original remit was to provide the government and other organisations with detailed analysis on how the new model espoused by Thatcher would affect Britain's economic landscape.  Since then the firm has grown, and now encompasses a range of industry expertise, covering financial services, communications, water, transport and energy.  Its services, meanwhile, span market analysis, regulation, corporate finance, competition policy, performance assessment, environmental economics and policy analysis.  While the firm's head office in Oxford indicates that it has strong links to the city's academia--a fact that further strengthens its economic expertise--Oxera has gone on to open offices in other European locations such as Brussels (in 2006) and London (July 2008).

Providing that little extra bit

Today, any consultancy worth its salt doesn't just provide clients with consultancy services; it also pampers them with seminars, practical workshops, residential training courses and publications full of the latest market trends.  Oxera does all of this and more through its professional training courses and seminars held in various locations across the globe.  And, given the diverse international makeup of its 100 employees, the firm holds these events in a number of different languages to boot.  Moreover, the firm also publishes Agenda, a monthly, online journal that tackles pretty much any economics-related subject you can think of.


Park Central
40/41 Park End Street
Oxford OX1 1JD
Phone: 44 (0) 186 525 3000

Firm Stats

Employer Type: Private
Managing Directors: Dr Luis Correia da Silva & Dr Helen Jenkins
2009 Employees (All Locations): 100