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Vault’s Verdict

EVERSANA offers a stimulating environment for insiders, who value early responsibility, client exposure, and flexible work schedules in a dynamic setting. The firm's strength lies in integrating cross-functional business units, providing diverse and engaging projects. However, the remote work structure sometimes leads to disconnection among employees, and the administrative load typical of a large organization can be cumbersome. 

Insiders highlight the firm’s inclusivity and commitment to work-life balance as key differentiators, with senior leadership actively working to prevent employee burnout. However, it’s still consulting: there’s no such thing as a 9 to 5 at the best of times, and work-life balance can vary depending on the project and manager. 

In terms of career growth, the firm’s unique position in pharmaceutical product commercialization offers a broad scope for learning and development, while its relationship with the broader EVERSANA corporation makes for a ready-made exit path to industry. Not that consultants will necessarily want to leave: recent investments in digital health and AI positions it well in the healthcare consulting sector, offering substantial professional and business growth opportunities.


Employee Reviews

Firm Culture

  • “A place to grow and develop career through wonderful leaders and peers and feel supported and respected.”
  • “Be prepared to put yourself out there. Opportunities won't always come to you, be proactive and make the situation what you want it to be.”
  • “Fantastic culture and work/life balance combined with a driven team offering innovative solutions and projects.”
  • “The ability to blend real world experience across all functions needed for pharmaceutical product commercialization in one organization, therefore providing a level of continuity and cost savings for the client.”
  • “We truly have a fun and inclusive culture, and members can choose to be as active or not as they want with out of office events/initiatives. Our value proposition as a complete commercialization partner is extremely unique compared to competitors. We truly 'do it all!'”

Quality of Life

  • “A lot of hours helping support company clients, but not a lot of hours allocated to bill against the support provided. Very easy to get time off in the HR system.”
  • “Cross-staffing across offices means that work-life culture differs depending on your project and project manager. Promotion of work-life balance doesn't happen at the firm-level, but at the project manager level. Some are very good about it, others are not. Expectation of a 50 hour work week at minimum. Very easy to take time off, although there have been times where readouts, client meetings, deliverables are still expected even when on PTO. As a junior member, lots of opportunities to get exposure to clients.”
  • “EVERSANA allows me to do my work without too many interruptions. I work hard and many hours, but it's based on client need. I'm not forced into conducting [work] that doesn't benefit my clients or myself. Very positive area.”
  • “Our working hour expectations are very good, and management is very serious about work-life balance.”
  • “There is a clear commitment by our senior leadership team to prevent burnout and control the amount of 50+ hour weeks our team works. I've never seen a consulting firm's leadership ever make work-life balance such a priority—and then actually back it up.”


  • “Base salary is very competitive. Bonus jumps to potential of 50% of base when you get to Associate Partner. Very strong compensation package.” 
  • “Compensation is relatively commensurate with competitors. Only issue is there is little to no negotiation capabilities, but that is balanced with ensuring equity is pay across all titles and people, and minimizing pay gap.”
  • “Pay is below median for industry, and bonus is rarely achievable currently based on aggressive growth targets.”
  • “Small monetary increase between levels C1 - C2 - C3 however firm is extremely transparent with salary.”
  • “There are different salary and bonus structures in the organization which makes it hard to compare or consider promotional opportunities.”

Career Development

  • “Best: Great trainings, clear expectations of roles. Worst: Sometimes expectations feel redundant between levels within a role.”
  • “Company is run as a meritocracy, doing good work is noticed. Worst aspects are that you may not benefit as much from trying new project types and developing new skills vs being a strong performer in known areas.”
  • “Right now, due to mergers, there is a lot of ambiguity around promotional opportunities. The merging of individual company business processes creates complex job banding scenarios that still must be sorted through.”
  • “The firm boasts about its allowance for cross-functional opportunities. I have not tried to make a move nor has an opportunity that I like showed itself. However, opportunities do exist.” 
  • “We lack quite a bit of formal training. Although we put a significant effort into training, it lacks cohesion and does not feel effective in teaching basics industry knowledge.”

Community Engagement

  • “DE&I efforts are more than adequate; all consultants are challenged with interesting and high-quality work.”
  • “I feel everybody is treated equally, we're a small firm, and just don't have that many employees.”
  • “There does not seem to be unfair or inappropriate practices with regard to diversity and inclusion, but overall development could use increased emphasis in my opinion.”
  • “We have many DE&I efforts, including a very active women's group. Also have held sessions to discuss LGBTQ+ sensitivities and cover race in reviews of history around holidays and recognition months.”
  • “While there is always work to be done, I have seen within the last 2 years an active effort in working on diversity in hiring. We have a few diversity-related initiatives that plan events every quarter.”

Business Outlook

  • “EVERSANA has an interesting outlook and is creating digital-forward, AI embracing tools for the future while our typical clients are slow to adopt and adapt.”
  • “Our focus and investments in digital health and AI puts us at a great position to be a leader in the next revolution in healthcare.”
  • “Seems like company hasn't been doing well in the last year but that tracks with how market is performing.”
  • “The business environment has been challenging and doesn't appear to be getting easier in the foreseeable future. I believe our firm will stay afloat and remain successful, even if it will be difficult to deliver best-in-class service as broadly as we would like.”
  • “The company is organizing its assets and resources in a more effective structure to drive better client business outcomes which will be used to showcase results and bring in more clients.”

Hiring Process

  • “We ask for case presentations on certain topics for junior staff. We also ensure the candidate has 1-2 case question interviews. Candidates meet people from different levels, and also there is a group session where the candidate can talk to two people at once, this is typically reserved for senior candidates. We also have culture fit interviews as well. We are looking for a candidate that has the skills to be able to be successful at our firm as well as to ensure the candidate has a good culture fit."

Interview Questions

  • “Provide a case around a hypothetical drug entry into the hypertriglyceridemia space and we ask interviewees to estimate competitor sales and to discuss launch strategy around this new product. We also have case studies specialized to functional areas such as a pricing and market access case question.”

Chicago, IL
Phone: (646) 604-4140

Firm Stats

Employer Type: Private
President, Professional Services & Chief Business Officer, EVERSANA: Faruk Abdullah
SVP, General Manager, Value & Evidence: Nicole Ferko
General Managers, Specialty Consulting: Carlos Oliva
2023 Employees (All Locations): 7,000

Major Office Locations

Chicago, IL
San Francisco, CA
Los Angeles, CA
New York, NY
Boston, MA

Major Departments & Practices

  • Launch/commercialization
  • Pricing and market access
  • Brand strategy and marketing
  • Corporate strategy and business development
  • Medical affairs
  • Data analytics
  • Biopharma
  • Med Tech
  • Digital Therapeutics