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Vault’s Verdict

SciVida’s culture is driven by a blend of entrepreneurial energy and a commitment to doing consulting the right way. The firm is an ideal environment for self-motivated consultants keen on rapid career advancement. Management's support is a key factor in facilitating these growth opportunities.

The firm is noted for its generous PTO policy and respect for work-life balance, allowing employees to unplug effectively. However, some insiders point out the variability in work intensity. Despite this, the supportive nature of the leadership, especially in managing workloads, is a highlight.

Offering competitive compensation, with a mix of salary and performance-based bonuses, the firm's approach to remuneration is appreciated for its fairness. In addition, the firm is committed to professional development, and offers a range of training opportunities that equip consultants for rapid career growth.


Employee Reviews

Firm Culture

  • “Better than most other life science consultancies.”
  • “Cutting-edge consultancy dedicated to helping organizations bring science to life!”
  • “Great culture that learns from mistakes and goes above and beyond to do consulting the right way.”
  • “SciVida is a fantastic firm for entrepreneurial consultants who want control over their careers and are go-getters. I have already seen many highly driven and accomplished team members be promoted multiple times in under three years. They made it happen for themselves with the support of management and leadership guiding them to these successes. As a small firm, it does not have as much infrastructure as a large firm (however, it has *way more* infrastructure than other firms its size), and the flip side of this is that the organization overall is very nimble, never entails red tape, and clients love us both for the quality we deliver and the ease of working with us.”
  • “The bar is incredibly high, but we have what we need to reach it. The connection between consultants and leaders is a huge draw. Your good work will be recognized and rewarded.”

Quality of Life

  • “Unlimited PTO policy (where your time away is protected; management/leadership support team members in taking time off; you actually don't have to work when on PTO—which is different from many other consultancies; colleagues step in and up when you're on PTO, so you can actually take time off and step back from work). Travel is very limited (generally only for key client meetings). Senior leadership very focused on maintaining work-life balance across firm.”
  • "Best: SciVida’s PTO policy is generous, allowing employees to unplug as needed. Worst: Travel requirements for my position are minimal (I wish there were more opportunities). Also, some work weeks can be much heavier than others, requiring evening and weekend work.”
  • “Great company culture; collegial and friendly from top to bottom of organization. Leadership values individual contributions and is quick to acknowledge work well done. Heavy leadership involvement in projects is a pro and a con.”
  • “Taking PTO is easy and respected. Hours are sometimes long, but management/leadership is always willing to step in and help figure out a solution if the team is burning too hot.”
  • "It's consulting. A little better than competitors, but it's still consulting.”

Career Development

  • “Ability to take on more responsibility and be rewarded for it.”
  • “Best: (1) Formal training opportunities with dedicated talent/professional development team and program that includes all formats (live training, virtual training, and online courses) to cover topics relevant to management consulting in general and SciVida specifically. (2) Clear position descriptions/frameworks with expectations for each level makes career progression fully transparent and in the hands of each individual (i.e., you are the driver of your journey and you set your own pace). Worst: Literally none.”
  • “Training is being invested in substantially; no main areas to move within other areas because we do not have set divisions within the firm.”
  • “Our firm is invested in the success of every team member. People are regularly promoted when they demonstrate success and expertise at their level. For a small firm, we have made incredible investments in the professional development of our people--including hiring a Chief People Officer and Director of Talent Development from the early stages of our firm's evolution so that team members feel supported in their career paths and work experiences. We offer myriad training opportunities, including sessions on delivering and receiving feedback, business development fireside chats, Situational Leadership, and various bespoke programs.”
  • “SciVida allows me to have the ability to grow each day and expand my breadth of industry knowledge. SciVida also provides ample access to senior leadership advice as well as client-facing experiences.”


  • “Significant, rapid upward potential for salaries, and competitive starting salaries per role. Robust bonus outperforms some other boutique firms. Above average retirement contribution.”
  • “Best: Competitive compensation and benefits across salary, bonus, retirement, health coverage and other benefits. Worst: Base salary could be higher.”
  • “We are paid at or above market rate and get generous, performance-based bonuses.”
  • “Raises associated with promotions could be higher. Could have more unique benefits besides salary, gym reimbursement, and 401(k).”
  • “The best thing is the generous PTO we have. Worst thing I think maternity and paternity leave are too short (6 weeks for women, 2 weeks for men).”

Community Engagement

  • “All consultants have equal access to project and promotion opportunities. Additionally, SciVida is a corporate sponsor to an undergraduate minority student career development program run out of the University of North Carolina called Level the Playing Field; through this program, SciVida sponsors career workshops on management consulting and summer internships for minority students seeking STEM careers, among other support (including providing pro bono strategic consulting services to the organization itself).”
  • “Firm contributes to several diversity initiatives both in its pro bono work as well as within the firm, evidenced by two recent women in consulting leadership awards, partnerships with local diversity initiatives that have led to employment opportunities, and SciVida Strive (giving back) initiatives.”
  • “Our C suite is 50% women, both of whom are mothers. The firm frequently promotes women and has many strong consultants of color, who also get promoted regularly. I have not seen any discrepancy in treatment.”
  • “Solid diversity across team (sex, race, religion, background); large majority of senior leaders are women. Firm sponsors and partners with Level the Playing Field (a minority development program that recruits, trains, and places diverse undergraduate talent into influential careers).”
  • “We are a small/growing firm so the numbers and years are limited, but the firm is 100% open to all DEI considerations, this is proven with several senior female leaders and ethnic diversity throughout the team. DEI has never been a concern, nor anything spoken about negatively. We partner with Level the Playing Field, which is an organization focused on placing professionals that are minorities.”

Business Outlook

  • “Best: Exceptional growth year-over-year since our inception in 2021, very well regarding with clients (running a 9.84/10 on client satisfaction over past ~50 projects), selling big and exciting projects, leadership is highly capable and proven in industry.
    Worst: As we scale it will be important to land and penetrate larger anchor accounts.”
  • “Business growth has been tremendous in the last year. Despite challenges in the broader macroeconomic climate, the team has grown just under 50%.”
  • “Employee morale is high; we continue to stay busy even as competitors are laying individuals off.”
  • “SciVida has created a winning culture and team. We are competitive in the marketplace because we take a personal interest in delivering the highest quality to our clients. We have made early investments in HR, talent development, finance, and quality and communications, which sets us apart from our competitors (many of whom are much larger and have not made these internal investments).”
  • “We are a solid, buttoned-up firm with a wealth of experience. We have a lot of repeat and long-term clients who would follow our leaders anywhere. The team is happy, informed, and insanely smart. Our biggest weaknesses when it comes to competition are our age and size. While it makes for an amazing work environment, potential clients may wish to go with a larger or more established firm.”

Hiring Process

  • “Aim to have best-in-class recruiting process (well-defined assessment process with stage-gates; training provided to all interviewers; timely and professional communication for all candidates actively involved in recruiting process). Ideal candidate possesses the right aptitude, attitude, experience, and skill set to succeed on our platform (a rapidly growing, entrepreneurial firm).”
  • “Extremely buttoned up and professional recruiting process end-to-end, led by our chief people officer. The ideal candidate is a mix of highly intelligent, personable, good fit with our culture, entrepreneurial, and driven.”
  • “SciVida uses a structured interview process to assess the fit and skills of potential candidates. We take time to ensure candidates would be a good fit from a cultural perspective—a positive, high-performing culture is important to us. We move quickly as a smaller firm—unencumbered by convoluted approval processes.”
  • “The firm's interview process is typically 2 phone screens and 1 on-site visit over 3 weeks. The ideal candidate for SciVida has multiple years of experience as well as a graduate-level degree from a top university.”
  • “We are seeking experienced life sciences professionals who are passionate about bringing science to life and making the world a healthier place.”

Interview Questions

  • “Business case questions, business writing questions, culture fit questions.”
  • “Examples can range from behavioral questions to consulting case questions as well as questions revolving around future involvement with the firm.”
  • “Indication prioritization: Client is seeking to understand the potential business opportunity for its lead asset. Interviewees are asked to provide qualitative considerations for evaluating each opportunity and how to make a business decision. Interviewees are then given additional information and asked to calculate the market size and make a final recommendation inclusive of all factors.”
  • “Describe a situation in which you had to solve a complex problem with limited information.”
  • “Why SciVida? Why life sciences consulting? Typically, life sciences case studies (market sizing of pharma, commercialization and launch considerations, patient population assessment).”

8020 Arco Corporate Drive
Suite 106
Raleigh, NC 27617

Firm Stats

Managing Partner: Kevin Barnett
Managing Partner: Jeff Liepman

Major Office Locations

Research Triangle Park, NC
San Francisco, CA
Boston, MA
Seattle, WA

Major Departments & Practices

Life Sciences

Commercial strategy

Pricing and market access strategy

Corporate and business development