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Vault’s Verdict

For a relatively small boutique, Stern boasts a truly impressive, international client list, and the opportunity to work on financial issues that go to the heart of those businesses. Despite this, it remains something of an enigma within the consulting industry at large, which can mean it’s a more attractive proposition for those with several years under their belt already, rather than a place to launch a career with a view to moving onwards and upwards.

Those who do join the firm revel in a culture that, while demanding at times, also treats consultants with a degree of freedom that is rare elsewhere in the industry. Compensation packages are in line with those elsewhere and, while there are undoubtedly some of the typical issues related to being part of a smaller outfit, the environment is tailor made for a corporate finance expert seeking a true boutique experience.

Firm Culture

  • “A firm where you are always learning, offers great flexibility and competitive compensation.”
  • “Among the industry best for international opportunities. Culture of success. A lot of support from team. Work with top-tier clients.”
  • “I advise the potential candidate to read the book "Quest for Value", to understand the company's obsession for value to its core.”
  • “SVM is a place where you get what you put. The culture is amazing and there is a lot to learn, we help each other and you gotta be willing to help. We grow together, no one is left behind in the process of value creation.”
  • “The Company founder helped shape modern corporate finance globally and this body of knowledge is still present at the firm.”
  • “The firm values commitment, hard work, self-taught people that always want to learn and look for creative and new ways to do things.”
  • “We have a unique view to bring the market view to company's strategy, using the market efficiency approach to help companies to find the best way to create long term value to their shareholders, empowering and rewarding everyone in the process.”

Quality of Life

  • “Health and wellness efforts are conducted more on an informal than formal basis. In other words, the Company leaders encourage/support a healthy lifestyle, however there is no formal initiative in place.”
  • “I have a much better life balance time than all the people I know (from top consultant firms, normal consultant firms and outside consultancy). In this firm we can manage our time as we want, we just need to be the best consultants for our clients. Travel requirements depend on the client, but usually are very fair, and the conditions are excellent. Taking time off is just a matter of communication, it is amazing, “
  • “Management encourages the team to take vacations in a way that won't jeopardize a project and the relationship with clients.”
  • “SVM is very aware of the different lifestyles within the firm, and supports and facilitates measures for everyone who wants to eat healthy, exercise and meditate.”
  • “The Company allows for a well-balanced quality of life by mixing between on-site and off-site working days. However, depending on the location of the project (far from hometown), it can be challenging given that the consultant may work on-site a few weeks in a row.”    
  • “The vacation policy of our firm is very generous…and the management is always very flexible and encouraging for us to use all days. During vacations we are not bothered with work related subjects and our colleagues take care of what needs to be done.”

Career Development

  • “I love that we can all feel the contributions of our job with the client no matter the position. We work closely with the client to make sure we are delivering value and sharing ideas with the different client shareholders to ensure sustainable implementation.”
  • “Our company is very informal although the promotion process seems to follow clear guidelines such as ability to manage the workload, how to deal with your colleagues and the client and also how to create something new (for the client, for the firm etc.).”
  • “SVM is a very diverse consulting firm, always dynamic because of the different project, companies and industries we work with, they offer great opportunities for promotion and growth inside the firm.”
  • “The best aspects are that the firm cares a lot about the growing of the employees, that you have a lot of opportunities to travel, that you can work remote. The worst aspects are that is very specialized in finance, I would like to have a bigger portfolio of services within the firm.”
  • “The company is very focused on talent retention and tailor career development opportunities to its employees as they progress. On the other hand, for those who pursue a more predictable/standardized career path the Company is not the best fit.”
  • “The firm gives the opportunity to always keep challenging yourself and being able to work across different industries, projects and roles. There's a lack of balance between the number of leadership positions to entry levels, associates; in a way, you have more leaders than needed at the firm.”


  • “Compensation levels are competitive in the marketplace however salary progression is unclear.”
  • “I believe we are in some way misaligned with market average both in fixed and variable compensation but these amounts are a function of company profitability. So, let's work on it.”
  • “I think that my compensation package is more than fair, is amazing. I am so thankful with this, I could not ask for more.”
  • “Salary revisions take place every 6-12 months, depending on the projects carried out during the year. Salary progression is directly correlated to performance results and evaluations.”
  • “The firm has a good compensation plan, but it's not very clear if a peer of yours has the same compensation plan if he lives in a different country, making it harder to understand if the salary is mostly based on meritocracy or location. Good plans regarding heath insurance.”
  • “We are not a huge firm so salaries can not be compared, but we have an amazing work life balance most of the time and we can interact with clients no matter the position, we can build our future basically.”


  • “As the majority of consulting companies we have more male than female colleagues. Based on my 20 years experience in the firm I believe they have the same opportunities and are evaluated with the same ruler.”
  • “I am totally confident that the payment and opportunities does not matter if you are men or women, it is amazing how the only thing that matters is your effort and meritocracy. Half of the team are women, and in my opinion, they are treated equally. “
  • “I have been in the firm for 6 years, starting as an entry-level consultant and progressing to associate. I have always been very happy with the way the management handles feedback, career paths and salary raises.”


  • “COVID 19 will have an impact on the year and potentially years to come.”
  • “Current business outlook is uncertain due to the impact of covid-19 in the economy and the company's clients. Team's morale is still high and there is confidence that the long-standing relationships of the firm will be valuable when the economic activity returns.”
  • “Our clients are top firms and public sector areas in the world. The leadership is just amazing, we communicate as friends, we have excellent relationship and everything looks to be better every year. Better clients, better projects, we work for example with PETROBRAS, FEMSA, CEMEX, CCH, GOVERNMENTS, etc. Innovation is amazing, the lower positions had an idea of innovation in consulting last year, and the management team agreed and we did consultancy in new staff. The company leadership is very open to new business ideas.”
  • “The coronavirus issue will bring a dense cloud of uncertainty for business consulting (and for the rest of economy, of course). The winners will the ones who could adjust their services/speeches to this crisis.”
  • “The market's moment is demanding a new approach to businesses, focused on ESG, new markets and technologies, ways of working and I still believe the firm is resistant to adapt to those needs.”
  • “We are always looking for new services to offer, looking at the new trends and trying to innovate on products. The business outlook for all companies right now is complicated, given the international environment, but we are a strong boutique firm that always raises the employee morale.”

Hiring Process

  • “I believe the firm is focusing on recruiting more entry level consultants.”
  • “My process was quick, efficient, and transparent. They are seeking highly motivated individuals with diverse viewpoints and who are able to adapt to the challenges of working with top firms internationally.”
  • “The interview process starts with a Fit Interview, to get to know the candidate, followed by a Financial Knowledge interview, a Dynamic Study Case and finally an Interview with our CEO.
    The perfect candidate will be someone with strong corporate finance knowledge, fluent in English and Spanish, with confidence and strong presence to speak before clients.”
  • “We divide our process into technical and interpersonal aspects; the first part is led by the managers and interpersonal for the more senior executives. In our view, the ideal candidate needs to have a solid finance background, unlimited curiosity, ability to work in groups and with the client and good soft skills.”
  • “We hire on values, attitude and skills. If you are willing to learn and help others thrive and bring your best self towards a better world, this is the place.”

Interview Questions

  • “How do you evaluate a business, how can you compare it with the competitors, which are the expected effects if issues (a), (b) or (c) occur in the business, will you use your or target company's cost of capital in your valuation etc.”
  • “How would you evaluate a company?
    Which methods would you use?
    Could you elaborate on them?
    What is WACC and how do you calculate it?
    What is CAPM?
    What is Beta and what the number means?”
  • “Interviews with partners regarding fit; corporate finance interviews with our VPs; and corporate finance tests.”
  • “Market research, cases, valuation models.”

“What are you 3 core values?”

Stern Value Management

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