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Vault’s Verdict

Syneos is slowly building a reputation within APAC as a go-to firm for biotech and pharma solutions—whether it’s a single piece of a launch strategy, or end-to-end solutions. While the firm’s brand awareness has a way to go, insiders feel positive about Syneos’ direction and believe that the future for their firm is extremely bright.

On a day-to-day basis, the firm appears to offer a good work-life balance, with the ability to try different roles, client types and even locations in a short period of time—all backed up by strong formal training and mentorship. As such, this is a firm that will act as a career accelerator for anyone seeking to carve a path in the life sciences industry.

Firm Culture

  • “Change multiple careers, multiple roles, multiple countries without ever going out of Syneos!”
  • “Compensation is good. Manager is really supportive. Top-notch projects, industry leading work, real-world scenarios in which you sit with the client and really get-down and dirty to find a solution. Sea of opportunities for people who are willing to achieve and grow in life.”
  • “Firm focuses on diversity; the culture is really good. They are aware of the work/life balance and also, provide opportunities to the employees where they can challenge themselves with every new project.”
  • “I think working here at Syneos Health is a very great opportunity, with all the flexibility a candidate can receive, working here not only ensures professional but also personal growth here and that is guaranteed taken care of!”
  • “If you are interested in pharma industry, research and have a penchant for business and strategy, this is the place to be. You will get to learn so much from the vastly experienced leadership.”
  • “It’s a great firm to start your career with. The training is extensive and prepares you well to enter the consulting industry. The opportunities and exposure of work is amazing and there is lots of learning to take back home.”

Quality of Life

  • “Amazing work/life balance. No travel requirements. Flexible working hours.”
  • “Best aspect: The flexibility of the work environment along with the trust on each employee is the best part working here. Worst aspect: Can't think of any.”
  • “Firm promotes a positive environment to work, everyone regardless of their post, is within the approach and so motivating. They promote working on the front and bears full confidence in you. Best place to start your career with!!”
  • “It’s very easy to have a life and maintain balance at Syneos. Project requirements may mean that sometimes we may have to make small adjustments, but that’s okay. Supervisors make sure that if you adjusted any of your time for a project, they allow you sufficient time thereafter to manage your personal life.”
  • “The company has provided ample number of leaves which can be availed and are other than public holidays. The immediate managers encourage and ask for taking leaves. Time taken off the work for family helps have a good balance of work and life.”

Career Development

  • “Best aspect of my firm's career development - There are clear, transparent and flexible communication paths; Performance management is aligned with competencies; very great programs for mentoring and professional development; recognition platforms are available.”
  • “Great culture that promotes learning for all employees. Internal transfers to promote employee learning and retention are highly promoted. Work life balance is perfect! “
  • “I think the people-centered culture is the best part of Syneos Health. Everybody is so approachable and nobody ever denies to coach you.”
  • “Syneos Health has the best culture across all the departments. Senior and more experienced people are very supportive of junior's growth and development. I feel fortunate to be a part of such a great firm.”
  • “Syneos is an extremely fast-growing company and a wonderful place to work! The CEO truly cares about each individual, welcomes creativity, and leads by example. The culture at Syneos is the best I've ever worked for, and everyone is authentic and loves what they do. Training processes are great and really help people to feel comfortable in each position. The managers are always willing to help and will take time out of their day to dedicate to helping you if needed.”


  • “Best part is parents are also included in the medical coverage. Salary progression is below market rate. Friends/acquaintances with less experience earn more.”
  • “Competitive compensation.”
  • “I feel the compensation we receive is comparatively less and the bonus is also less as compared to my peers working in competitor companies.”
  • “Need to work on increasing limits for health insurance sum, especially for parents.”
  • “The company rewards the high performers with good bonus, rewards and nominates for international trainings.”


  • “All individuals are respected and given equal opportunities.”
  • “Lot of employee resource groups are available in the company. Employees can join any group and also provide support.”
  • “The company has separate forums to discuss the issues with men and women separately, along with the diverse communities comprising people of various religions, color, race, etc.”
  • “There are various ERGs in the Syneos Health that help every employee empower with the each distinct type of person they are, we here at Syneos Health can cohose to be the part and volunteer for the same, these ERGs are- Disabilities, LGBTQ+, women's ERG, Asian ERG, etc.”
  • “There is huge diversity within the team and there is no discrimination between any race, caste or creed.”


  • “Best aspect - boosting of employee morals, recognizing each person even for a little help, keeping up with the industry trends, keeping their employees posted on all information.”
  • “Only company in the world which provides end-to-end services to biotech companies.”
  • “The company is trying to innovate in positioning itself as an end-to-end provider of solutions for the pharmaceutical companies”
  • “The company supports the employee and never fails to enhance the employee morale. They make sure to have one to one connects with the employee and provide fair opportunity for the employee to open up and bring their opinions on the table!!”
  • “The firm needs to market itself better. Few people outside this industry know about Syneos Health. While at the same time if you mention IQVIA, people from all industries are aware about it. Syneos needs to market itself better.”

Hiring Process

  • “Interview process is very easy, not very too long and not very short, and not much waiting time for results, so all in all a good experience.”
  • “It’s very quick. My multiple rounds of interviews and hiring process was completed and closed in just 15 days.”
  • “Quite a swift process, seeking a competitive potential candidate with good interpersonal skills and the zeal to learn.”
  • “Syneos Health looks for enthusiastic team players. We make sure process is closed in decent time and feedback is provided irrespective of the outcome.”
  • “The callback process is very efficient; the firm looks out for individuals who are efficient in communication and have outstanding problem-solving techniques.”
  • “Very supportive and transparent communications.”

Interview Questions

  • “Case study questions like- given a scenario of new launched drug in market for COVID-19, what is the projected number of patients for the same?”
  • “Case study rounds and interviews.”
  • "Providing case studies on the spot, in order to understand the strategical thinking capabilities of the interviewee. Understanding why the interviewee is interested in the company and what new skillset do they come up with.”
  • “The recruitment process comprises of 2 sessions: One session involved the HR round where interpersonal questions were asked and the other session was a guesstimate.”
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