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At a Glance


“A flat structure and nice colleagues.”

“Interesting case work, positive culture, smart people to work with and international opportunities.”

“The training, the type of work, the work-life balance, and being able to shape the office culture.”


“Industry-specific things such as unstable hours.”

“Lack of reputation and name recognition.”

“Working across time zones can sometimes involve early mornings.”

About The Brattle Group Asia

The Brattle Group answers complex economic, regulatory, and financial questions for corporations, law firms, and governments around the world. Originating in 1990 as a five-person outfit, Brattle combined with Incentives Research, Incorporated in 1995 to strengthen its expertise in energy matters and opened its first office in Cambridge. Today, the firm's 500+ employees – working from 14 offices in Europe, North America, and Asia-Pacific – serve numerous focus areas and industries, including energy, financial institutions, IT, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, sports, telecom, and media.

Where its energy lies

Brattle specializes in providing analysis and expert consulting related to energy, finance, and litigation matters for clients throughout the world. Various governments, regulatory bodies, leading corporations, and financial institutions call on Brattle when faced with litigation, regulatory, and policy questions. In answering these questions, Brattle relies on its broad capabilities in economics, finance, and analytics, in addition to deep subject-matter expertise in a variety of industries and practice areas.

Brattle’s antitrust and competition work includes some of the largest mergers, or attempted mergers, in over 50 industries. It has advised clients in hundreds of transactions and worked on some of the largest antitrust cases.

Brattle’s experts are regularly brought in to assist with high-profile, high-stakes disputes and international arbitrations. Brattle has been engaged in dozens of investor-state arbitrations, working on behalf of both investors and states, involving assets located in Africa, Australia, Asia, Europe, North America, and South America. Outside of disputes, they regularly provide commercial and regulatory advice to clients on energy and infrastructure projects around the globe.

Their finance- and securities-related work focuses on a variety of issues such as tax and transfer pricing, commercial transactions, due diligence, structured finance, risk management, business and asset valuation, pricing of services, industry custom and practice, profitability, and cost of capital issues. Brattle’s experience spans a range of engagements involving commercial lending, mortgage securitization, securities trading and risk management, custody of securities, hedge fund administration, securities fraud, tax disputes, credit crisis litigation, broker/client investment suitability and foreseeability, and bankruptcy and ability to pay.

In the energy sector, it assists clients across a broad range of areas, including renewable and alternative, natural gas, petroleum, and nuclear. The firm assists investor-owned utilities, public utilities, electricity and pipeline customers, power generators, transmission organizations, and regulatory authorities with planning, regulation, and litigation efforts. The firm also has growing practices in integrated resource planning, energy storage, and the design and implementation of "Utility of the Future" initiatives.

Brattle's brains

Brattle refers to its consultants collectively as a team, and its chain of command is structured flatly to encourage input from individuals of any level. Brattle's principals are longtime experts in their respective areas, with advanced degrees in economics, finance, management, and engineering from top universities around the world. Its cadre of senior principals includes Nobel Laureate Daniel McFadden of the University of California, Berkeley & University of Southern California; and Stewart Myers of the MIT Sloan School of Management, coauthor of the graduate-level textbook: Principals of Corporate Finance.

The firm's experts also draw on a network of advisors that includes renowned academics and former government officials, such as the former chief economist for the U.S. Federal Communications Commission and the U.S. Federal Trade Commission, and deans and faculty at academic institutions such as London Business School, MIT, Columbia, Duke University, NYU, The University of Chicago, and Stanford.

Putting their money where their mouth is

When it comes to pro bono and community service efforts, Brattle’s belief in its core values – collaboration, integrity, performance, and respect – drives the firm’s commitment to a fair, impartial, and fact-driven judicial system. Their consultants partner with leading law firms’ pro bono committees as well as nonprofits such as the ACLU, the NAACP, and the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law to provide expert testimony, reports, economic analyses, and data management. Brattle’s pro bono cases have involved issues as wide-ranging as criminal justice reform, voting rights, modern-day debtors’ prisons, and refugee resettlement. Numerous consultants cite their pro bono work among the highlights of their experience at Brattle.

The Brattle Group Asia

One Beacon Street
Suite 2600
Boston, MA 02108

Firm Stats

Interim President & Principal: David Hutchings
Interim Operating Officer & Principal: Matt O’Loughlin
Principal & Chairman: Mark Sarro
2023 Employees (All Locations): 550

Major Office Locations

Sydney, Australia
Shanghai, China
Beijing, China

Major Departments & Practices

  • Electricity Litigation & Regulatory Disputes
  • Electricity Wholesale Markets & Planning
  • Environment & Natural Resources
  • Financial Institutions
  • Healthcare & Life Sciences
  • Infrastructure
  • Oil & Gas
  • Technology
  • Telecommunications, Internet, Media & Entertainment