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Why Cognizant?

Brilliant career: The main reasons people choose a career with Cognizant are the energizing, challenging global opportunities and the ability to work for top-tier clients in almost every industry.  Our international footprint, wide industry reach and broad exposure to the latest technologies provide a world of opportunity to launch your career in the right direction. 

Diverse and dedicated workforce: We look for the best and brightest when hiring so our management is constantly focused on making our workplace one that is stimulating, positive, and inclusive. We foster a workplace that is dedicated to service excellence and reflects the highest standards of conduct.

Career Mobility: Cognizant encourages individuals to create the kind of careers that fit their interests and goals. Our objective is to balance the needs of the employees with the imperative to deliver services to our clients. To accomplish this, we have extensive talent management teams to enable flexibility in moving across functions or geographies or industries. Opportunities might vary according to the line of business in which you work and your level of experience.

Fast-growth opportunities: We are growing quickly, expanding rapidly around the globe, resolving new problems for clients, and opening new frontiers to explore. Our industry-leading growth means employees have more opportunity to learn and prosper professionally from experts in their fields and advance along with the company.

Enabling culture: Cognizant emphasizes empowerment of the individual to make decisions in the best interests of our clients.  Importantly, it rewards personal achievement and contribution financially and through public recognition.

Ongoing personal development: There are four formalized programs to help develop and refine your professional skills: Dovetail, Career Compass, Fast Forward, and Aspire. Your manager will help you use these programs and their respective tools to advance your career.  You can also tap into over 3,000 courses in our training library – many of which are online and available for associates at their convenience.

Competitive Salaries: Cognizant provides a competitive compensation package that includes base salary, full benefits and eligibility for an annual bonus. Upon starting, U.S. campus hires are eligible for additional perks such as sign-on bonuses.

Training and Development
At Cognizant you will be given a real job with real responsibilities from the very start where you will be able to harness your skills and develop within a team.

Throughout your career at Cognizant you can expect to advance your personal development and professional competence by undertaking challenging work supported by high quality training programs and initiatives that ensure you have the knowledge and skills you need to succeed.  Training is conducted in a variety of ways at Cognizant, from classrooms to web seminars at regional centers and globally.

Learning categories:

A consultant is expected to undertake training programs across six dimensions:

1)      Consultant engagement execution skills
2)      Engagement selling
3)      Leadership and self management
4)      Thought leadership and practice development
5)      Staff development and recruitment
6)      Financial and Operations

The actual training programs will vary based on geography, the years of work experience and by business unit.  Training is offered throughout the year giving consultants flexibility to tailor their learning programs to their work schedules.

Corporate Social Responsibility
Working to RETHINK, REINVENT & REWIRE our impact on society and the planet.

At Cognizant, we know that we cannot prepare any business—our clients’ or our own—for the future of work without also considering the future of our society and our planet. It is our responsibility to apply our collective knowledge, talent and energies to the challenges we all face in our workplace, our communities and our environment.

We remain committed to making a positive impact on our world by investing financial and human capital in the issues that matter to society. In particular, we’ve focused our sustainability efforts on:

  • Improving education in our communities, so that future generations have opportunities for professional and personal growth
  • Reducing the environmental impact of our operations
  • Providing a safe workplace while promoting professional development
  • Maintaining high standards of business conduct
  • Delivering superior service and tangible business advantages to our clients

In the past year, we made progress on a number of fronts:

We expanded our efforts to rethink our role in education. In the U.S., we launched our Making the Future program to stimulate hands-on learning and interest in mission-critical science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) disciplines. Globally, we harnessed the power of more than 18,000 of our associates, who volunteered over 100,000 hours through our Outreach program to teach, mentor, improve school facilities, and provide learning materials.

We worked to rewire our operations to become more environmentally sensitive, advancing aggressively on our targets to reduce carbon emissions, water, paper, and waste. Our efforts are embodied in our Go Green program, including extensive grassroots activities by associates, which helped Cognizant rise to #16 in Newsweek’s U.S. Green rankings, as well as #51 in Newsweek’s Global Green rankings.

We continued to reinvent our workplace to attract, retain and nurture the talented people we need to serve our clients and society, and to grow our value. We offer not only a safe and healthy workplace, but also extensive professional development opportunities through Cognizant Academy and other programs. The success of these efforts is reflected in our record high employee satisfaction scores and declining attrition levels.

Sustainability has always been an integral part of Cognizant’s business. And in 2011, we officially documented that commitment by adopting a formal policy on sustainability and corporate responsibility, as well as a supplier code of conduct. These ensure that our priorities are clear, concrete and unmistakable to our employees, clients, investors, associates and other stakeholders.