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Vault’s Verdict

A lean and enterprising boutique with a startup mindset, LeapPoint will appeal to the sort of ambitious, intellectually curious professionals who live and breathe technology. This is a firm for those who are passionate about what they do—who are as excited about the here-and-now, the day-to-day challenges of solving clients’ most complex IT problems as they are about mapping out the trajectory of their growth and development.

LeapPoint employees describe a fantastic leadership team that instills values of collaboration and mentorship from the top down, making this the perfect firm for early exposure to various parts of the business. As a tech-focused firm, the pivot during Covid-19 seems to have been executed with aplomb, and strong faith in steadfast leadership has helped to maintain a relatively high employee morale despite the uncertainty of a post-pandemic future.

Firm Culture

  • “Our team is always dipping our toes into new technologies and are not afraid to learn something new if it benefits our clients. We are lifelong learners who do not limit ourselves by our knowledge that we have today.”
  • “If you are looking for challenging work, a great leadership team, and an amazing work culture that empowers you to perform at your best, you should work at LeapPoint.”
  • “Our team is filled with great individuals. Everyone in the firm is willing to help each other out. The most important thing is keeping a healthy culture so you can focus on your work. LeapPoint has great individuals who build each other up and support one another. I am blessed to work with amazing people.”
  • “Boutique, white glove service we offer our clients. LeapPoint employees work extremely hard to deliver the best possible value for our clients and we take a personal stake in the product we deliver.”
  • “I love working with such an intelligent and professional group of people. I learn lots every day and am given plenty of rope to control my direction.”
  • “I think the commitment to transparency and openness provides a culture of shared responsibility and accountability—rare for any company. Leadership looks forward and recognizes that not everything will be perfect but also expects you to do your job.”

Quality of Life

  • “LeapPoint has done a great job of moving and shifting with employees during this challenging time with COVID. LeapPoint backs the employees providing accommodations where it is possible to have a work-life balance. They have worked with employees that are put in tough spots to make sure they feel supported and that they can continue to do their best work.”
  • “LeapPoint is very flexible in terms of assignments, travel and time off. Leadership encourages remote meetings where possible (pre-Covid-19) and went fully remote before many other companies to keep everyone safe. As long as you are contributing at the level expected, actual working hours are flexible and managers are very open to alternate arrangements when necessary.”
  • “Now that travel is out of the question, I can report even higher quality of life.  The weekly travel, sometimes across multiple time zones within a single month, was a challenge—mentally and physically, but it was also a productivity drain. But with that gone—and now working exclusively from home, not only am I working fewer hours but getting way more done.”
  • “Our healthcare coverage grants us many benefits including emotional, mental, and physical programs and opportunities regardless of your home office throughout the country.”
  • “We receive a fair amount of PTO for the size of our firm. We respect people's PTO, I've never heard of someone having to cancel time off due to project work. It is more on the individual if they chose to connect during their PTO.”
  • “I have been encouraged to take more time off as burnout can be a factor in this industry. LP has been great about approving any time that I have asked for, and our CEO has been great about giving time back to employees. I do have to find coverage for certain tasks, but that is expected and has been easy to do.”

Career Development

  • “Our transparent performance management system is an excellent aspect of career development opportunities. Additionally, we are provided with a stipend each year to pursue any professional development courses or certifications that would be beneficial in our role(s). There isn't formal mentoring or training implemented, only certification courses assigned to certain employees on a case-by-case basis. Having a defined process for the first 3 months of an ELC would enrich our experience. Additionally, while diversity is better than many organizations, it could still be improved upon by expanding and targeting our network.”
  • “Any idea that is proposed is thoroughly reviewed and considered for future client engagements. We receive amazing feedback from our executive team and they constantly push us to achieve phenomenal goals for our team, company, and ourselves. I have nothing negative to say about LeapPoint as I've grown so much within two years.”
  • “LeapPoint's opportunities for career development are unmatched in many ways. While there's minimal formal training (other than required annual trainings for things such as sexual harassment presentation, cybersecurity awareness, etc.), we offer $1,500 per person, per year stipend for career-related education/certification/conferences, etc. Access to training & certification on about a dozen super "hot" SaaS platforms. No constraints based on "rank"—if you are meeting your current role's requirements, there are endless opportunities to become more involved in business development, sales, marketing, internal operations, other accounts, etc. The worst aspect is that we've brought some folks in with too high of expectations—while their experience outside of LeapPoint garnered them a higher rank, that didn't translate in the fast-paced, entrepreneurial environment.”
  • “The company is small and agile enough that is it very easy to shift roles or start a new line of business. The downside is the startup culture doesn't leave as much time for training and career coaching.”
  • “Those who consistently work hard to deliver to clients, improve internal operations and grow the business are typically those who are promoted. Leadership and employees value a diverse workplace and women are in key leadership positions. A training stipend is available for all employees but it's often difficult to truly take the time to engage in training with all of the other competing priorities.”
  • “LeapPoint doesn't have a formal development program, it happens more organically. The motivation and ownership really has to come from the individual themselves. You have to be doing the work of the "next level" for a period of time before gaining the title.”


  • “Our compensation package is marketable, and many of us receive raises each year. The bonuses are paid our depending upon tenure and performance, but the calculations of those bonuses are not provided. So, it makes it hard to project the total compensation each year. My favorite perk is the annual professional development stipend. It would be nice to have more of our benefits covered, as well as mental health days or more physical/mental health initiatives.”
  • “I'm very thankful for my compensation package. My base is slightly under market value, but there are intangible benefits to my role, prime among them that I have nearly 100% autonomy AND 100% support from management when I need it—priceless.  Everyone received a raise and/or bonus this year as there was a lot of extra strain put on the company last year as we had unprecedented sales in the bull economy.  We also provided folks with two additional holidays as another form of thanks.”
  • “LeapPoint offers a great 401k package, medical, dental, and vision insurance and provides each team member with flexible working hours.”
  • “Our company is great at handing out little bonuses here and there for some of the team that goes above and beyond. The challenge is we are spread out so far that unless you announce what you are doing all the time, it is hard to be recognized. Two areas for improvement for our firm is promotions and health care. Promotion path is not clear and is really about how well your manager supports you to get there. If you have a bad manager, you sit stagnantly. Our health care is very expensive and covers very little.”
  • “Transparency regarding salary and bonus could be better, but overall extremely pleased with the compensation offered.”
  • “Overall, LeapPoint does a great job of reasonably compensating employees. Employees who hustle are rewarded often with small bonuses throughout the year. It is encouraging to know that you can be rewarded if you work hard. Our employees are hard workers and deserve the pay increases and bonuses that they are getting.”


  • “I love the mix of talent and background at this organization.  It improves morale and drives business in a great direction.  So much breadth of experience.”
  • “I say the same thing every year—our company is insanely diverse—across every dimenƒsion of diversity (gender, sexual orientation, race, religion, marital status, child status, age, political affiliation, military affiliation, etc.).  But none of that has been intentional - it's been a result of trying to find the right people for the job.  So we're truly a melting pot - at every rank, at every salary band, etc.”
  • “LeapPoint does a great job or making sure that opportunities are equally open for all. We have both men and women who lead our firm and are a diverse group.”
  • “Our firm does a great job of building up women and creating diversity. They are equal to both males and females and provide opportunities for our veterans as well. Our culture not only hires veterans but is extremely supportive of military families and makes sure they are recognized.”
  • “LeapPoint is extremely diverse in minorities, LGBTQ individuals, individuals with disabilities, and military veterans. LeapPoint has a heavy base women leadership…"
  • “While my company is not super diverse, I do believe they foster diversity with respect to hiring. They have established a committee on diversity and inclusion and have had team meetings that focused on cultural awareness.”


  • “Due to C19, there's always a concern for the future. However, LeapPoint leadership has taken proactive steps to be prepared for a recession and has not taken the foot off the gas with developing more business opportunities.”
  • “LeapPoint has diversified its partnership model over the past 18 months, created new innovative products and is delivering to clients in a unique way from other consulting firms. The company is stable and investing in sales and marketing efforts to expand market share.”
  • “Our firm does the right thing for our clients and is set up for success long-term. We continue to watch the trends and the market and are always one step ahead of others in the industry.”
  • “We have tremendous, caring senior leadership that are pushing to make LeapPoint the best possible firm possible. Employee morale is generally very high, and we are poised to expand and grow faster than ever before. Each employee plays a role in LP's growth, and I am proud to be an employee at such an amazing company.”
  • “Solid flow of core business and the company is continuing to make educated risks into new areas of product and new client types.”
  • “We're in the midst of the COVID-recession. Our firm has taken proactive steps to prepare for situations like this in terms of cash savings and having no debt. We offer services that companies will desire as they downsize.”

Hiring Process

  • “LeapPoint does multiple video or phone interviews to assess a candidate’s skills and character. If anything seems most important, it's a strong character and being driven.”
  • “LeapPoint is quick to schedule interviews and very responsive giving feedback for each interview that occurs. The candidate is alerted about a decision quickly.”
  • “LeapPoint seeks high-achievers who think innovatively, are willing to dig in strategically and execute, and who like to have fun while delivering amazing work to clients.”
  • “We do three or four phone or video conference interviews. We are looking for people with strong people skills, technical expertise in more than one SaaS platform, able to work independently and drive projects forward.”
  • “We have a fairly robust interview process. We usually have a phone screening with HR/Recruitment resource.  The next stage is 2-3 interview with managers at LeapPoint where this person would potentially be working.  The last stage is 1-2 interview with the Partners at LeapPoint.   Culture fit is much more important to LeapPoint than skillset.  Certain skills can be taught or developer.  Overall drive and ability to work within a high performing team is more difficult to come by.”
  • “I found my interviews to be very casual and personable – conversation-style. There was no formal interview with a long series of questions like "name your greatest weaknesses", thankfully!”

Interview Questions

  • “Our general behavioral questions intend to uncover the applicant's career goals and whether or not our firm is a good fit for them long term. The intention is to illuminate if someone is truly interested in the work, or only drawn to the position due to the remote work/ other perks. Additionally, we need to discover how well the applicant would fit within the culture of the organization. Behavioral questions typically are something like, “What are your short-term and long term goals?”, “When you run into a problem at work, how do you address it?”, “How comfortable are you giving or receiving feedback/criticism?”, and “What type of management or leadership style are you most motivated by?” Once the behavioral questions are asked, occasionally applicants are then passed along to a more technical interview to find out their specific expertise within the area they are applying.”
  • “When I had my interview, I was asked about my experience with specific technologies and platforms as well as my current work style and questions regarding my personal morals and values.”
  • “Skill set in Workfront, experience with other tools (WordPress, Jira, etc).”
  • “We discussed the SaaS applications that would be leveraged for my job, discussed my experience with the SaaS applications, etc.”
  • “Where do you see your career in 5 years? Describe your experience working on a team. Describe your experience on having to drive your own work. Do you have concerns working for a small business? Do you have concerns working remotely?”
  • “How would solve XX problem with a client? What systems are you familiar with?”

12110 Sunset Hills Rd
Reston, VA 20190
Phone: (888) 972-5972

Firm Stats

Employer Type: Private
CEO: Nicholas DeBenedetto
Partner and Chief Architect: Beth Anne Wilhelm
2022 Employees (All Locations): 77

Major Office Locations

Reston, VA
London, England

Major Departments & Practices

  • Marketing
  • IT
  • Financial Services
  • Healthcare
  • Retail & Manufacturing
  • Public Sector
  • Travel & Hospitality