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About Raytheon Professional Services

Raytheon Professional Services (RPS) is a provider of managed learning solutions for commercial, government and military customers. A recognized leader in the fields of learning, learning strategy and technology-enabled solutions RPS practice areas include Managed Learning, Digital Learning, Technology Services, Consulting, and Markets:

Managed Learning

Raytheon Professional Services provides tailored learning solutions for customers across the globe. Using their proprietary Understanding First approach, they analyze, design, implement, and manage scalable training programs that are aligned with an organizations' business goals. Understanding the industry landscape and business challenges, RPS is able to deliver solutions that use the right technologies, tools, and processes to help with a single training element or a comprehensive, enterprise-wide program.

Digital Learning

RPS understands that today’s learners need learning that matches their everyday experience living in a digital world. For learning to be effective, traditional learning methods must be augmented by—or replaced by—digital learning methods that are readily available at the time of need. As experts in technology integration, RPS develops and delivers learning that runs seamlessly across a variety of digital platforms and formats. They provide relevant content accessible from any device, anywhere, and their innovative technology enables organizations to continuously capture data to keep improving the learner experience.

Technology Services

A learning company born of engineering discipline and functional value, RPS is able to offer not only the best solution on the market but the best solution on the market that will work with a clients' particular culture, systems, and infrastructure. Their solutions are platform agnostic—they aren't trying to sell you any particular brand of technology—so they are focused on designing and implementing learning technology solutions that improve performance and assure business continuity and security—today, tomorrow, and in the future.


Aligning learning and business strategy to impact enterprise performance is critical. As standards and advances in technology change, the execution of learning programs may shift but strategy should remain intact.

RPS helps organizations deploy services that unlock and leverage every thread of untapped potential in their systems, processes, and people through:

  • Strategic Alignment
  • Performance Analytics
  • Performance Innovation
  • Leadership Development


RPS works with clients in the commercial, government, and military spaces across a number of industries:

  • Technology/Telecommunications
  • Health/Pharma
  • Energy
  • Auto Companies
  • Technical Training
  • Cyber Security Training

They bring the best of learnings and advancements from one market to another, driving performance and mission accomplishment. 

Raytheon Professional Services

1200 South Jupiter Road
Garland, TX 75042
Phone: 972.205.5100

Firm Stats

Employer Type: Subsidiary
Chairman & CEO: William H. Swanson

Major Office Locations

Troy, MI (HQ)
Richardson, TX
Waltham, MA

Major Departments & Practices

  • Managed Learning
  • Digital Learning
  • Technology Services
  • Consulting
  • Markets