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CVA (Corporate Value Associates) Internship Program
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CVA (Corporate Value Associates)

About CVA (Corporate Value Associates) Internship Program

As a boutique firm, the Corporate Value Associates (CVA) team is small but opportunities are endless. Every member of the team, from interns to the executive leaders, are given high levels of responsibility from day one. Each person is essential to the business and their talents and skills are valued in the company’s work. CVA offers a summer internship and a graduate internship. To apply, students should send all relevant materials—a CV, transcripts, and cover letter—to the office they wish to work at.

What sets CVA apart from other consulting firms is its dedication to meritocracy and mentorship. Everyone at CVA receives regular, detailed feedback as well as thoughtful follow-up advice directly from their mentors. Every new employee is assigned a mentor that stays with them through the whole of their career, guiding them and working with them, witnessing growth and ensuring their potential is utilized. Through this mentorship and trust, a natural meritocracy effectively operates through CVA, ensuring everyone’s work and talents are fully utilized no matter status or seniority. CVA is a trailblazer in terms of its products as well as its internal operations, making it an excellent place for anyone looking to explore a more unique approach to strategy consulting.

CVA (Corporate Value Associates) Internship Program