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Unilever Internship Program

About Unilever Internship Program

Unilever was established in 1929 and is the result of a merger between Lever Brothers and Margarine Unie. The company is the largest producer of soap in the world, and also sells a wide variety of other products, such as food, personal care products, beauty products, and more. Unilever owns more than 400 brands and has made many notable corporate acquisitions, such as Lipton, Ben & Jerry’s, and Dollar Shave Club. The company’s current CEO is Alan Jope, and its corporate headquarters is located in London, England.

Unilever offers internships for ambitious individuals who like a good challenge. The company promises to provide a dynamic and inspiring experience for its interns, with its knowledgeable and passionate associates there to lend a helping hand. Programs begin in February, March, or September with a duration of around six weeks, and Unilever requests that all interns be available for at least 32 hours per week.

Unilever’s internship program is open to both undergraduates and graduates, and offers a range of studies in areas such as marketing, research & development, customer development, finance, supply chain, human resources, communications, information technology, legal, and procurement. The company also offers its Ben & Jerry’s Factory program, and signing up is as simple as filling out an online application.

Unilever Internship Program

Duration: 3 to 6 months
Hours: Full-time
Academic Level: Recent College Graduates, Graduate Students
Degree Track: Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, Master of Arts, Master of Business Administration


Rotterdam, Netherlands