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Radio Flyer Internship Program


Work, Grow, and Play are the 3 main objectives of Radio Flyer’s best-in-class intern program. Radio Flyer has created an environment to maximize your educational experience through meaningful work that balances both professional and personal development.

At Radio Flyer, we work hard to give you a dynamic internship experience that is designed to help you thrive in your career endeavors. We are looking for interns with fresh ideas and insight that will help drive our business. If you want to work for a company that challenges you and rewards your contributions, Radio Flyer is the employer for you. Beyond the classic red wagon, we have dramatically expanded our product line and continue to be recognized for our innovation. Each new product reflects our company's longstanding commitment to quality, safety, and service.

We are building something special at Radio Flyer, and would like to invite you to join us in this adventure. Radio Flyer provides a progressive work environment and an intern program designed to meet your needs. Join our team and find out what it means to work for a company with a rich heritage and an incredible future.

We offer internship opportunities in Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Industrial Design, Quality Assurance Engineering, Sustainability, Marketing, Communications, Graphic Design, Design Research, Finance/Accounting, Human Resources, Sales, Customer Service, and Supply Chain Management.


We believe that every intern’s growth fuels our growth. We have formal and informal programs that support a learning culture. We are committed to helping you build yourself to advance your personal and professional journeys from good to GREAT.

Wagon U Professional Development: This series of classes is a key part of our onboarding to our intern program. We intentionally focus our core courses on connecting interns with our brand and our culture. We teach courses that provide a deeper understanding of our business. Interns enjoy an inspiring learning environment and have opportunities to ask questions directly to our senior leadership team, who serve as the primary faculty.

Coursework examples: Breakfast with the Chief Wagon Officer and Effective Communication DISC course

Career Development & Training: All Interns have a personal development goal and professional development goals that they create with their managers. These goals give interns the opportunity to drive their own career development and experiences here at Radio Flyer.

Leadership Development: We have a great leadership development opportunities for new and experienced leaders. We combine internal classes with subject matter experts to provide meaningful class experiences. In addition, we provide offsite opportunities with best-in-class leadership development programs.

“If there’s one thing I can say about Radio Flyer’s proud heritage, it’s that we have always kept learning and changing. We would not be where we are today if it weren’t for our desire to keep discovering what’s next and our willingness to try new things, learn from our mistakes, and keep helping each other become better at everything we do.

"Through Wagon U, we show our commitment to being a learning organization by providing learning opportunities for all Flyers. We leverage our strengths and focus on continuous improvement in order to drive innovation and help us achieve our vision.”

- Robert Pasin, CWO


With 100 years of bringing smiles to kids of all ages, we help create warm memories that last a lifetime. We have multiple events that focus on Flyer’s getting to know each other better, learning more about our heritage and our exciting future. our values, and having fun. We do this as a tribute to the our heritage and our exciting future. 

Additionally, our Wellness Committee supports and encourages healthy lifestyles by providing Flyers with nutritional guidance and motivation. They support healthy minds and bodies by encouraging physical activity, such as on-site yoga and circuit training. Some programs they offer onsite include a summer fitness team challenge and opportunities to get out of the office to eat healthy food with fellow Flyers.

We also have a committee dedicated to sustainability efforts. The Eco Flyers work to minimize the impact that we have on the environment, both at work and home. Our goal is to identify opportunities to help each Flyer reduce his or her carbon footprint, to minimize waste, and share new ways to educate our team on how to be more sustainable. Our office has rain cisterns we use to water our Little Green Garden, and our office space is LEED Platinum Certified!

Making an impact in our community and giving back to positively enrich the lives of children in need is part of our identity at Radio Flyer. Members of our Smile Squad organize various volunteer opportunities (called “Smile Days”) and donation drives in which Flyers can participate. All full-time Flyers receive two days of paid time off to volunteer each year. Additionally, through our partnership with KaBOOM, Flyers and Interns spend one day each summer building a playground in a community of need.

Finally, our Warm Memories Committee and Vision Mission & Values Committee are both dedicated to making Flyers feel great and keep our culture alive in each Flyer.