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by Ashley Barty | August 29, 2022


The employment market is constantly evolving, and becoming more and more competitive. As a result, if you want to boost your job prospects, here are the skills that hiring managers are looking for—and that you must be able to demonstrate in your applications and interviews.

1. Communication

Effective communication requires excellent writing and speaking skills. These days, you must demonstrate these skills in person and virtually. In face-to-face interviews, you can show off your verbal skills by paying attention and using active listening, asking thoughtful questions and remembering important details. You can show off your writing skills in your cover letters, thank-you notes, and other email correspondence with hiring managers.

2. Teamwork

Teamwork is required in many fields, since the success of an organization largely depends on how well coworkers interact and collaborate. By being able to communicate, collaborate, and interact with your team, you can ensure the growth and success of your company. And if you’re new to the workforce and don’t have too many professional team-oriented stories to tell, not to worry. All those college group projects you weren’t too fond of and considered taxing now can prove to be valuable, as they’ve prepared you for your future professional setting and given you much to talk about in interviews.

3. Time management

Companies in every industry value meeting deadlines and remaining efficient. As a result, time management—and the ability to frequently juggle many projects at once—is a highly valuable skill. Employers need employees who can manage their time well and don’t need constant monitoring. They also need employees who know how to prioritize tasks and optimize their productivity. So, make sure to point to these skills in your resume, cover letters, and interviews. It’s essential to show that you can perform work thoroughly and quickly, and can seamlessly switch between projects as needed.

4. Problem-solving

Problem-solving skills are necessary for all employees, and especially for those who need to make big decisions. Unexpected challenges and setbacks are common in most companies, and leaders rely on employees to act and find solutions. Note that creativity often goes hand in hand with problem-solving—outside-the-box thinking can be needed to solve certain problems. In fact, many great solutions have been reached (and many great discoveries made) by crossing the traditional-unconventional barrier. So, make sure to work on and then highlight your ability to research, analyze, and think creatively to find solutions to various types of problems.

5. Adaptability

Most existing businesses are incredibly competitive and able to adapt to changes. For instance, when the pandemic started, many companies had to pivot and devise strategies to remain relevant and solvent. So, you can imagine that such companies want employees who can do the same thing. You must handle changes well, have good learning skills, and take the initiative when necessary. By doing so, you’ll distinguish yourself from other candidates and become an indispensable employee.

6. Leadership

Some people are born leaders, while others must learn how to be good leaders. And a good leader doesn’t just tell people what to do—they also lead by example. A strong leader knows how and when to delegate, and how to inspire and motivate their team. You might have leadership experience from sports teams, internships, other professional positions, or volunteer activities. It’s important to give it a lot of thought about the times you’ve led a team so you can speak about them in interviews. And if you don’t have a lot of leadership experience yet, start to put yourself in positions to lead now. It will certainly go a long way toward boosting your job prospects and career later.

Ashley Barty is a writer and blogger with significant people management and recruitment experience. Recently, she’s been engaged with Roadway Moving, working on its content strategy and website optimization. When Ashley isn’t working, she likes to travel, read, and meet new people.