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by Vault Careers | May 06, 2021


Training and mentoring are among the most important aspects of successful internship programs. Strong training and mentoring opportunities set you up for success during your internship and help you continue to grow and succeed throughout your career. Below, you'll hear from professionals from three of Vault's Best Internship Programs for Training & Mentoring speak about their programs' extensive training and mentoring opportunities. You'll hear about promotion paths from intern to partner, the ability to network with senior executives, various mentor programs and mentor relationships, extensive formal and informal training opportunities, and more.

Bates White Summer Consultant Program

In the video below, you'll hear from Jeff Zhang, a former intern and now manager in Bates White's anti-trust practice, and Katy Roat, a recruiter with the firm. Jeff speaks about the significant investment the consulting firm makes in its people, including and especially its interns. He explains that Bates White likes to promote from within, which means its interns eventually become its managers, principals, and partners. He adds that in addition to formal mentors, Bates White offers informal mentoring opportunities, as the firm's senior professionals have an open-door policy and meet with interns in a variety of formal and informal events.

Meanwhile, Katy speaks about Bate White's extensive technical and soft skills training opportunities. She also speaks about the firm's "brown bag lunch" training sessions, external trainings, and seminars. In addition, Katy touches on the program's extensive mentorship opportunities, including peer coach buddies as well as mentors whom interns get to meet with on a regular basis.


Infosys InStep

In the video below, Kisha Gupta, head of global academic relations at Infosys, speaks about the consulting firm's flagship internship program, InStep. Gupta discusses the program's deep focus on mentoring, speaking about its three-tier mentorship structure in which interns get three mentors during their internships: a technical mentor, mentor that focuses on behavioral skills, and a mentor that introduces them to work outside their summer project. Gupta also speaks about the many networking opportunities available to interns as well as the endless learning opportunities.


The Home Depot Internship Program

In the video below, several former Home Depot interns speak about their internship experiences with the retail giant and what makes internships with the firm so rewarding. They speak about the the ability to take skills learned in school and apply them to real projects, the mentors that help you learn and grow, the exposure to a wide variety of business areas and departments, the exposure to the firm's overall objective and mission, the relationship-building and networking opportunities, and more.