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by Vault Careers | June 17, 2015


The dawn of the digital age created a sense of infinite opportunity; businesses could build a global community of customers without needing to open expensive offices or make regular trips abroad. Now in 2015, however, many companies have realised that there is no substitute for local knowledge, nothing that compares to a face to face meeting and no digital ad that could rival a passionate sales person or company rep. As a result, more and more companies are opening international offices in an attempt to speak to people in their own jargon, understand the culture and have a face to represent their brand in every country.

At the moment, this means that many UK brands are expanding to America. These companies are looking for US counterparts to be a representative for their company and take their brand to a new audience. is one such company making the exciting move across the pond later this month. They are looking for clued up American residents who understand their markets and know how to make an impression on their home soil. The opportunities for US staff to get jobs with UK companies are rife, and the main qualification? Your American-ness – neat!

So what are the 3 things that British brands are looking for in their all-American employee?

Be an expert

The key reason for hiring an American resident is that they will understand the local markets better than anyone. When applying for the job or arranging your resume, play up your knowledge of their audience in America and your professional experience in US firms. Things that might seem regular to you might be something that incoming companies are struggling with, so it is worth researching their market to understand the differences so you can really emphasise the unique expertise you have to offer.

Also, local knowledge is important. If a firm is opening their US department in a certain town, mention a local speciality or hot spot; it might not be the most important part of your interview, but showing you are their go-to resource for all things State-side is a good position to put yourself in.

Be very American

This may sound like a ridiculous suggestion, but Brits hiring in the US will inevitably have certain stereotypical expectations when hiring in America. While there is no need to turn up in a Stetson, chewing tobacco and saying ‘howdy’, it helps to accentuate some of the qualities they might associate with the US.

For example, American charm goes a long way, and a friendly disposition and a can-do attitude might match up to what they expected and therefore help them to envision you in the role.

Show you have a network

The other key thing a UK company will be looking for is a strong network of US contacts. Drop names of brands you have worked with into conversation, or you could even bring a bulging contacts book along to show your credentials. Update your LinkedIn to make sure you have all the relevant connections and ask for recommendations from clients and colleagues. 

Ian Wright who works for both the UK and US branches of comments: "Whilst many companies may have a strong presence in the US, having that local knowledge and a face representing the brand is crucial to continued growth. Despite the fact that we share a common language, there are big differences between the US and the UK in the way that we communicate, in the way customers want to be approached and even in the way brands represent themselves. Expert Market is hiring a whole team of local experts so we can tap into the American market not as a British company but as a truly international brand which understands each country's culture."

British brands opening in the US are looking for American employees who are proud of their homeland and enthusiastic to share their cultural knowledge. Joining British companies at the very start of their expansion adventure can provide limitless opportunities to progress quickly. In exchange, says Ian Wright: "we promise to share our impeccable tea-making expertise."

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