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by Phil Stott | April 18, 2018


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Karim Abouelnaga is the founder and CEO of a social sector organization known as Practice Makes Perfect. Its mission: to expand access to education for people in high need communities. As you might imagine, that kind of undertaking requires a lot of drive and energy, and a seriously impressive background. Here's how Karim--who is 26--describes himself on his LinkedIn profile:

"Karim is the founder & CEO of Practice Makes Perfect. He received over a quarter million dollars in scholarships to make his education possible. Karim founded PMP at 18, writes for Entrepreneur and Forbes, is a TED Fellow, Echoing Green Fellow, Global Good Fellow, Global Shaper, at 23 was named to Forbes’ 30 under 30 list in Education, and at 24 was named to Magic Johnson’s 32 under 32 list. In 2016, he was ranked in the top 5 most powerful young entrepreneurs under 25 in the world by Richtopia. Karim graduated from Cornell University’s School of Hotel Administration in 2013."

Are you feeling like an underachiever yet? Wait until you've seen what a typical day in Karim's life looks like, courtesy of this video from Forbes:

Yep: you're definitely an underachiever. Of course, we have no way of knowing if what we're seeing in the video is a typical day in the life of Karim Abouelnaga. And I'm certainly not suggesting that everyone out there try to follow Karim's model--I certainly don't have that kind of energy, and would burn out on that kind of schedule very quickly. However, I get the impression that he is someone we have not heard the last of--assuming, of course, that he can keep pace with the standards he's set for himself.