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by Jon Minners | August 03, 2016


As the summer draws to a close and a new school year gets set to begin, companies are already ramping up efforts to recruit interns for next year’s summer internship programs. And the race to fill those highly competitive spots begins…right now!

Vault’s recently launched Internships web portal is aimed at helping students begin their internship search—a search that will put college students on the first true step of their career path. We’ve got five ways to use the new web portal to gain the intelligence you need for the internship you want:

Rankings and Reviews

Based off continued surveys of thousands of current and former interns, Vault makes it easy for college students to discover the top internship programs, with rankings of the 50 Best Internships and the Most Prestigious Internships, which would look good on any resume. The editorial team broke it down further with an examination of the Best Internships in everything from Accounting and Consulting to Energy and Engineering. There’s even a ranking that provides users with a look at the Best Internships for Quality of Life, so if a fun office culture or ability to choose your own schedule are determining factors for you, this list will sum up the best companies to intern for in these regards.

But even with all these lists and reviews, there’s still no better way to decide on an internship program than to hear from past interns on what it’s really like to work there. Beyond rankings, the internship profiles include personal reviews from past interns from the companies people are clamoring to work for. There’s also an opportunity to view quick hits from the most recent reviews of the top internship programs.

Keeping it Simple

Rankings help to narrow an internship search down to the top programs, but, for those who want to keep an open mind, there are even simpler searches. Users can look for an internship simply by entering a desired company into a search bar. There are additional filters that break internship programs down by industry, desired locations and the type of compensation the programs provide its participants. 

Learn From Past Interns

Earlier this year, Vault hosted a Summer Internship Kickoff Event in New York City. The event was geared for the finance industry and featured two panel discussions featuring former interns from a number of prestigious investment banking firms. The panel discussions gave those in attendance advice on how to succeed at their internships, which was captured on video for future interns to learn from.  Users can watch the video and read summary blogs from the event and even connect with panelists for networking.  

The page also features Q&A videos to help students learn best practices for landing an internship, answering tough questions and other advice aimed at helping students make informed decisions as they embark on their search.  The page can alert students about future internship events that will provide them with important networking opportunities.

Expert Career Advice

There’s a huge difference in knowing how to prepare for a job interview versus what is necessary to follow-up on an internship program. Vault offers advice for both – and everything else in between. Resume and cover letter samples and professional advice are all featured prominently on the page for those needing help to succeed in their internship search. In addition to blogs, there are featured guides to help students along so that they are never alone during the long, and sometimes stressful, journey. 

Become a Vault Intern

Vault’s own internship – the Brand Ambassador program – allows students to gain experience in marketing, business, entrepreneurship, and PR—all of which are great additions to students’ resume. The added exposure to potential employers through blogs, social media posts and a Vault bio are just added bonuses. More on this unique opportunity is featured in our blog - How Becoming a Brand Ambassador Can Help Your Career.

An internship is no longer “a nice addition” to have on your resume. Nowadays, an internship is vital to advancing one’s career, from landing the first job out of school to important networking that could come in handy when changing careers down the road. Make sure you use the tools at your disposal and let us know how we can further aid in your job search needs.

View our Internship Web Portal by clicking here.

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