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by Isabel Sperry | October 11, 2017


Woman talking in interview

If you think that at the end of a job interview you just need to smile, shake your interviewer’s hand, and say “thank you” before you leave, you’re wrong. In the following video, bestselling business author and CNBC contributor Suzy Welch reveals the one phrase you should always say at the end of a final interview to boost your chances of landing the job.



You’ve probably been told that confidence is key to a successful interview, that you should “fake it till you make it,” but Welch’s advice flies in the face of that adage. When you’re a job applicant looking for any way to differentiate yourself, being unabashedly sincere and purposely making yourself vulnerable can be an effective strategy to make you stand out from the crowd.

Additionally, saying “I really want this job” can make you more relatable to your interviewer. Every hiring manager—and employee, for that matter—was once in your shoes, on the other size of the interviewing table. They will identify with you when you iterate your genuine interest in the job, and they may even like you more for it. People like people who are similar to themselves—this phenomenon actually has a name in social psychology: the similarity-attraction theory. So be sure to take advantage of it and use this phrase at the end of your next interview, to ensure you land that job!