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Cover Letter Mistakes to Avoid in a Legal Job Search

by Vault Law Editors | April 09, 2024

In this post, the Vault Law editors examine the most common errors in writing cover letters for legal jobs and give tips on avoiding them.

Innovative Cover Letter Strategies for 2024

by Aurora Nightly | March 22, 2024

These innovative cover letter strategies will help you to effectively showcase your skills, experiences, and unique value propositions to prospective employers.

5 Common Cover Letter Mistakes to Avoid When Applying for Your First Job

by Roseann James | July 07, 2023

Writing cover letters can be intimidating. To make the process easier, here are five common cover letter mistakes to avoid.

Cover Letter Tips for Recent Graduates

by Eva Chan | June 27, 2023

Here are five tips to craft an impressive cover letter as a recent graduate.

Legal Cover Letter Checklist [INFOGRAPHIC]

by Ashley Reed | August 06, 2021

A polished, compelling cover letter is key. Follow these tips for crafting a cover letter that will help you stand out from the crowd.

5 Resume Mistakes Holding You Back—and How to Fix Them

by Dario Herrera | June 08, 2021

Here are easy ways to fix the most common resume mistakes holding you back from making the next best step in your career.

3 Keys to Writing Cover Letters That Stand Out

by Natalie Fisher | January 05, 2021

Here are the three keys to writing compelling cover letters that will grab hiring managers' attention.

4 Tips for Writing Tighter Cover Letters

by Derek Loosvelt | October 13, 2020

To help you writer more concise cover letters, here are four tricks that will tighten up your prose and make employers read to the end.

5 Cover Letter Mistakes to Avoid so Your Job Application Stands Out

by Mary Kate Sheridan | December 23, 2019

Making a mistake in your cover letter can land you in the reject pile. Here are five cover letter mistakes to avoid so that your job application makes it to the next round and—hopefully—gets you an interview.

4-Step Formula to Writing Better Cover Letters

by Susan Wallace | August 21, 2019

Hiring experts believe a successful cover letter increases your chances of getting hired by 90 percent. With that in mind, here are four simple steps you can take to create a great cover letter.