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by Ashley Reed | December 15, 2020


If you are currently studying for the bar exam, you will most likely spend long nights in front of your books while memorizing various elements. Just because you are studying does not mean that you cannot take time out of your schedule to treat yourself and unwind to feel refreshed. If you are looking for fun ways to treat yourself in between study sessions, consider pouring yourself a glass of wine that pairs well with the bar subjects.

Constitutional Law

With a name like The Federalist, it is a no brainer that this is the wine to drink while you spend hours memorizing different levels of scrutiny and whether someone has violated the Due Process Clause. Want to pair this Zinfandel with something? Try Turkey, Pork, and Girl Scout’s Do-Si-Dos cookies.

Family Law

Miraval, a rosè, is perfect for those late night Family Law sessions when you are trying to memorize annulments and spousal shares. Why? Because its owners, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, were married on the Chateau Miraval property, and it has been a point of of contention during their divorce. Want something to pair the rosè with? Try goat cheeses and seafood. 

Criminal Law

Having a hard time trying to remember what is required for a Terry Stop and when Miranda Rights have been violated? Sip on 19 Crimes wine. Need something to eat while sipping on this Cabernet Sauvignon? Pair it with Girl Scout’s Tagalongs, a burger, and brie cheese.

Civil Procedure

Pour yourself a cold glass of Asahi, a Japanese beer, when you are trying to distinguish whether a foreign corporation was merely aware it entered the stream of commerce. The notes of Asahi are enhanced when paired with sushi, pork belly, and anything spicy.

Remember that even though it is crucial to study and put in the time to memorize and practice, it is equally important to first take care of yourself. Study hard, but take some time out for yourself to avoid unneeded stress! Good luck!