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by Vault Law Editors | April 20, 2021


With law school finals right around the corner, your stress levels are likely increasing. Take a deep breath and relax! We’ve created a list of apps, playlists, shows, and podcasts to help tackle exam nerves. Keep reading for our favorite recommendations to keep you on task and help you destress as you prep for exams.

Apps for Exam Prep

  1. 1Focus. If you are prone to scrolling through Facebook more than scrolling through notes, 1Focus will help you stay focused. You can choose the apps and websites to block. The best part? You are in control of how long they are disabled. If Instagram seems more appealing than studying for your Remedies final in the morning, 1Focus is your productivity savior.
  2. Quizlet. If you tend to lose your flashcards or you benefit from using flashcards but prefer to use technology, have no fear. Quizlet allows you to create flashcards and then review them in free study sets, study modes, and in-class games. Using flashcards can help with retrieval practice.
  3. CALI. CALI is no stranger to law school. CALI houses more than 1,000 interactive legal tutorials on myriad subjects. Students are able to practice subjects typically taught in law school in a quiz-like form to better understand the material before finals. CALI even offers outlines to help students prepare for exam day.


Studying Playlists

  1. Vault Law Spotify Playlists: If there’s one thing the Vault Law team has experience in, it’s making playlists to get us through hours—and hours—of studying. If you’re looking for a playlist to energize you for your study session or to get you pumped on exam day, check out Vault’s "Pop Pump-Ups" or "Upbeat Study Tunes" playlists. If you’re looking for something more mellow to play in the background while studying, check out our "Wind Down Mode" playlist.
  2. White Noise. Do you like to study in the library, but have trouble focusing when your classmates make noise? Or perhaps you don’t want to study in complete silence and need some noise in the background. Listen to white noise! White noise masks noise, which will allow you to concentrate on your Contracts outline.
  3. Lo-Fi. If you study best with background noise but need something that will not distract you from figuring out Rules Against Perpetuities, listen to Lo-Fi. Lo-Fi, short for “low fidelity,” mixes traditional hip-hop and jazz to create a playlist that has gained the attention of students across the country. This soothing collection of music by the Lo-Fi Girl will keep you company while you pull those all-nighters.
  4. Classical Music. Studying with classical music in the background may boost your study power. How? Listening to classical music while you study can help with both focus and memory. Try this playlist to assist with your studying.


Legal Shows/Documentaries to Watch During Study Breaks

  1. AKA Jane Roe: AKA Jane Roe investigates the story of Norma McCorvey, the plaintiff known as Jane Roe in Roe v. Wade. As the plaintiff in one of the most famous Supreme Court cases, McCorvey later became pro-life and advocated for the Court to overturn Roe v. Wade. This docuseries, available on Hulu and FX, looks at McCorvey’s life during and after Roe v. Wade, including her deathbed confession.
  2. RBG: If you need a break from studying for Constitutional Law, turn on RBG. Available on Amazon and Hulu, this documentary examines the life and career of the late U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. This documentary reviews cases she handled as an attorney and while on the bench, including Weinberger v. Wiesenfled, Frontiero v. Richardson, and United States v. Virginia. Who says you can’t study while watching television?
  3. Suits: We may have said goodbye to the crew at Pearson Specter Litt a few years ago, but a dose of Harvey’s confidence and Donna’s toughness certainly won’t hurt during finals time. Plus, trying to keep track of all of the firm’s name changes will be great for building your memory retrieval skills.
  4. Legally Blonde: Girl loses boy, girl goes to Harvard Law, girl proves everyone wrong and crushes it. Could there be a better movie for a law school exam study break? Watching in a bunny costume is optional, but letting yourself relax and take your mind off your studies for a bit is mandatory.
  5. Comfort shows. If you’re feeling stressed out and need a break, consider watching one of your favorite old TV shows. Watching “comfort TV,” another term for your favorite old shows, can help ease anxiety and help you feel more secure. Take a study break and destress with The Office, Friends, Schitt’s Creek, or another favorite series.


Legal Podcasts for Studying and Study Breaks

  1. Ladies Who Law School: Haylie and Samantha are students going through the law school journey right along with their listeners. Take a break from your studies and listen to this podcast for firsthand advice and laughs as they navigate everything from studying for finals to law school relationships to work-life balance.
  2. The LawyeristEvery week, this podcast hosts “successful lawyers, innovative thought leaders, and other creative people helping to shape the future of legal practice.” Finals time can be grueling—let this podcast remind you of all of the amazing things you can accomplish in your future legal career.
  3. Opening Arguments: For a comedic yet informative take on current legal and political topics, Andrew and Thomas have you covered. They claim their podcast will “give you all the tools you need to understand the issue and win every argument you have on Facebook, with your Uncle Frank, or wherever someone is wrong on the Internet”—so once finals are over, you’ll be all set to tackle those real-world arguments.
  4. Untangle: It’s important to keep your well-being in mind throughout this stressful time. This podcast can help you with that. Each episode features an interview with well-being thought leaders—from psychologists and neuroscientists to nutritionists and medical doctors. The “Stress Less, Accomplish More for Extraordinary Performance” episode is a great place to start during the grind of final exams.


While it is important to study, remember to take a few minutes to relax and ground yourself. Good luck on your exams!


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