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Vault’s Verdict

Aprio is ideally looking for personable, ambitious, motivated, positive, friendly candidates who are eager to learn and have strong communication skills. The firm offers valuable internships for students, providing interns with extensive training, hands-on experience with clients, opportunities to network with other interns, the ability to attend company events, and access to senior staff who are willing to help. For its full-time staff, Aprio provides many career development opportunities, including solid formal and on-the-job training and the ability to transfer withing various areas of the firm.

Aprio goes to great lengths to promote a good work/life balance for its staff, offering an unlimited vacation policy, remote work arrangements, and two firmwide closure weeks (July 4th and Thanksgiving weeks). However, busy season does require long hours, and the billable hours requirement is high. Meanwhile, compensation and benefits are very competitive. Salaries get good reviews from insiders, but the bonus policy is said to need improvement. In addition, insiders say the firm’s maternity leave could be longer and more in line with the industry standard. On the other hand, wellness benefits are very generous, and insiders very much appreciate access to ClassPass, Virgin Pulse, Desk Yogi, and the many counseling and nutrition programs.

Aprio places a significant effort on DEI and ESG and has many active employee resource groups for various underrepresented groups. While insiders say the firm’s staff is gender diverse, they note that the firm is not that racially diverse. As for Aprio’s business outlook, despite some growing pains due to the firm’s rapid growth, employee morale is strong, leadership is strong, and the firm is poised to continue to grow and thrive in the foreseeable future.


Hiring Process

“The interview process was pretty good from my experience. The ideal candidate is hardworking but also loves to have a good time and has high personal and professional values. We are not just a firm but also a family, and we support each other through thick and thin. Priorities are not just work-related but also personal- and family-related.”

“The interview and callback process was timely straightforward and what you would probably expect. The ideal candidate is someone with strong communication skills who is ready to learn and ask questions. When working in the IAS group, you will constantly be communicating with teammates, clients, managers, etc., so being able to articulate ideas and think critically is highly important.”

“Interviews are set up with candidates through our recruiting department. Once they determine if it will be a good fit, the recruiters set up interviews with various team members. The team members will hold interviews and rate the individual. The ideal candidate is someone who aspires to get their CPA, whose goals and personality align with the firm culture, and who is ambitious, positive, eager to learn, and friendly.”

“The ideal candidate is self-motivated, a high achiever, good with technology, always willing to learn, effective with communication, easy to work with, and overall pleasant.”

Interview Questions

“What are your strengths and weaknesses? Why do you want to join our firm? Describe a time when you made a mistake. What do you see yourself doing in the next three years? In the next five years?”

“We use a variety of questions that are provided in the interviewer packet. Describe a time you had an issue with someone at work/class/group and worked through it. How can your manager best help you? What type of firm do you want to be at: national or local? What location do you prefer? We also ask about hobbies, previous job experience, and how you like to spend time outside of class/work. We try to gain information about you as a person.

“Tell me about a time when you had to work as a group. Tell me about a time when you had a miscommunication and how you resolved it. What advice would you have for your future boss about how best to manage you personally?”

“How do you deal with conflicting deadlines from leadership? What experience do you have in tax compliance? What do you do for fun outside of work?”

Internship Experience

“The best parts of this program are the culture and experience it provides. You can tell you are cared about here at the firm. I would say the worst part of the experience is something the firm can’t control: workload. Depending on when you intern, there might not be a lot of work for you to do.”

“The best aspects in my internship were the vastness of work I was exposed to along with how much training I completed in order to familiarize myself with all the tax software. The worst aspects of the internship experience I would say is the length per day the training took place. I do not believe the training should be all day.”

“The best aspects of the internship included getting to meet other interns, going to company events, and being able to ask questions to learn more about the job. The worst aspect (which was not that bad) was the amount I needed to learn. However, everyone I worked with was very helpful in teaching me everything I needed to get my work done.”

“The best aspect was that they provide extensive training and then you immediately get to gain experience on client work for the remainder of the internship. The trainers and team members were incredibly helpful and understanding in helping us learn. The worst would be that I wish there were some more team members from my department in the office.”

Career Development

“The firm offers a great deal of career development opportunities, which they strongly encourage staff to pursue. I have had tons of training since I joined Aprio, and I know of at least one staff who transferred to another area of the firm. I have heard impressive stories of staff from other offices advancing to partner.”

“Aprio offers a multitude of learning opportunities through seminars and guides. However, Aprio’s promotion process is lengthy, as it requires a certain amount of time spent in your original position, coverage for your load, and approval from multiple supervisors.”

“The firm is highly committed to mentorship, and people are very much ushered up the chain as suits them. There is also a great promotion of learning on the job and building skills by allowing staff to work through challenges themselves, rather than somebody more experienced simply doing it to save time.”

“Post-Aronson/Aprio merger, career development opportunities are now extensive. There are internal networking opportunities with countless new team members across the country, and there has been a rapid expansion of industry segments and availability of new resources. These new resources do pose one challenge in that procedures/processes change regularly and knowing where to find information can be hard.”

Quality of Life

“Aprio seems to encourage WFH, which is great, as this is the direction the world is going and for the firm to be willing to allow employees to WFH is extremely attractive.”

“We get unlimited time off, and the firm is very flexible when it comes to taking time off. The workload is heavy, though, and billable hours requirement is high.”

“Overall, I believe the firm goes to great lengths to promote a good work/life balance, which is very important to quality of life. Vacation policy allows staff to take unlimited days off, which is very liberal and seldom an issue, but you must get your work done. Staff is allowed to work from home two days a week, and I don’t foresee this changing anytime soon. The firm is closed two weeks of the year: July 4th week and Thanksgiving week, which is nice. However, I find the July week interferes a little with planning time off during the summer—being forced to take off a week when prices are high or may not be a convenient time for other family members. During tax season, extra hours are expected, which is the norm in the tax world—staff must figure out how to get their additional hours in during busy season, which is nice and better thana being told you must work X number of hours per weekend with Y hours on a weekend. We get a lot of flexibility, which helps to maintain a good quality of life at work and at home.”

“The DTO and paid holiday benefits are great, and the firm is flexible with hours so that you don’t have to miss out on important personal events if they are during work hours. They are very supportive of their people and their families, and there are many opportunities for fun and life-enhancing benefits offered by the firm. However, the charge hour goals are quite high and hard to achieve if you are taking advantage of other non-billable programs and opportunities with the firm (and are also using your DTO at the expected frequency). It is up to the employee what percentage of the annual charge hours goal they want to hit, and they won’t be penalized if they are in a lower bucket, aside from bonus earning potential. But there is a bit too much pressure on hitting your hours during busy season.”

Salary and Benefits

“My salary, for being entry-level, seems to be pretty good, and the benefits are very good. I just started, so I do not know about the bonuses. They provide various lifestyle, food, educational, and monetary advice perks that are very beneficial.”

“The salary is median for the industry. The health insurance has gotten much better this year. The remote work and flexibility are great. Unlimited PTO is easy to use, and I do not feel constrained by it at all. But it is very difficult to get a bonus, as it is based on very high billable hourly goals.”

“Our compensation is competitive, we are a very flexible firm, and we have great benefits in place. One area for improvement is our maternity/paternity leave. For the mothers, we should have more than 12 weeks. It is simply not enough to fully recover and get that special bond with our babies. Our competitors are minimum 16 to 20 weeks. We need to up our policy.”

“The firm compensates fairly and provides a decent benefits package. There is also great flexibility with work arrangements, where the focus is the ability to complete your work, not just being in the office at a particular time period. While the firm does pay for Becker CPA preparation services
(which is greatly appreciated), we are unfortunately not reimbursed for the exam fees.”

Wellness Efforts

“Recently, Aprio implemented Virgin Pulse as a benefit, which is an additional incentive for you to make additional dollars for working out and staying fit. Aprio also added ClassPass for a discounted rate! ClassPass has so many different variables to it.”

“Biweekly free dietician appointments were offered last year, counseling is available in multiple forms, the Desk Yogi courses and challenges are available, yearly opportunities to earn points towards HSA dollars are available and attainable, there are busy season work out programs for rewards and participation prizes, there are wellness webinars offered, wellness challenges to earn points towards gift cards, and probably a lot I am forgetting or still not aware of or involved in! The buy-in is huge, and wellness is a big priority of the firm.”

“We are provided with access to many wellness programs, including counseling, nutrition education, Desk Yogi, and encouragement to pursue a healthy lifestyle.”

“There are many counseling and exercise/nutrition programs, but it is hard to take advantage of them during busy season due to mandatory overtime.”

Diversity, Philanthropy, and Green Initiatives

“There is a lot of awareness and buy-in from the firm regarding DEIB and environmental, social, and governance efforts. We have a charitable foundation as part of the firm that employees can nominate nonprofits to receive grants from quarterly. We have informational articles and event information distributed by the firm, and they have recently kicked off employee resource groups for various classes of protected diverse classes where opportunities for learning, support, advocacy, and community are available. There have already been programs for women and Black people in our firm to learn and grow together within our communities and through outside resources.”

“We have a foundation that gives money to organizations that we, the employees, can contribute to and recommend recipients. We’re a paperless office. We get a list of employees that are joining the firm, and it’s clear that our firm strives to hire from a diverse pool. We have fundamentals that we practice and live by as a firm. Value Differences is one that we practice well. And Make a Difference—we are encouraged to donate our time to charitable organizations and we can do it on company time. During Covid, our company reduced its carbon footprint and moved headquarters to reduce unused square footage. Lastly, we offer ESG services to our clients.”

“The firm is actively encouraging diversity and inclusion and has programs in place to encourage and promote diversity within the firm. These programs are fairly new, and although diversity has been at the forefront of the firm’s core beliefs, there are cases where individuals may fall short of the vision aspired to by leadership. The firm is constantly trying to improve!”

“The firm seems very progressive in terms of gender/race/LGBTQ inclusion and support. There are support groups and leaders who communicate the importance of inclusion and support. Aprio has a Women's Empowerment group that I am looking forward to joining, as well as the Caribbean and African American group. I have heard great things about both groups, so I am looking forward to this!”

Business Outlook

“We are on a number of great places to work lists. We continuously move up the ladder on the top accounting firms list (various publications). We have at least doubled the number of employees in less than three years. Our income is increasing. The business outlook is strong. Our company holds semi-annual meetings, and we are kept abreast of the direction the company is heading in. I think employee morale is outstanding.”

“There are high goals, and all employees at every level are kept informed about the roles they play and how our culture at the firm shapes our future and aligns with our goals for ourselves and for our clients. Sometimes the goals seem lofty, but it helps us to reach higher and see all the potential there is for us to continue to grow and hit new heights. There is high employee morale across the firm, though it sometimes takes time for merge-in firms to feel a true sense of belonging and identification with the larger firm. We are working towards OneAprio: bringing together of standards, uniformity, and best practices across all our offices.”

“Our firm is very strong competitively, as we have so many resources available to our clients, no matter their need. On the other hand, these resources can come at a high cost. Employee morale is generally good, as they try to keep things light and fun, but deadlines are still stressful. The firm works very hard to give us the best technology possible to work efficiently. It’s exciting to be a part of an organization with this much energy. But sometimes it seems we’re expanding so fast that we’re always playing catch up.”

“We have experienced excellent, profitable growth over the past few years. And, given our strengths in certain industries and service lines, I don’t foresee growth stalling. Additionally, our leadership is focused on ensuring our growth occurs in a profitable, productive manner.”



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Phone: (404) 892-9651

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Employer Type: Private
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Chief Operating Officer: Mike Callahan
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2024 Employees (All Locations): 2,100

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