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Vault’s Verdict

Calibre CPA Group is looking for candidates who want to stay with the firm for the long term. For students, the firm offers a valuable and rewarding internship program. Interns have access to training and get hands-on work experience and exposure to various teams. Calibre’s full-time professionals have access to many development opportunities, including formal training, mobility to work within various departments of the firm, and the ability to increase their responsibility and work exposure if they show initiative and ability. Insider say the firm’s partners are involved in the career development of staff.

A healthy work/life balance can be achieved at Calibre, which provides a lot of flexibility when it comes to where you work—hybrid and fully remote work options are both available. In addition, people respect your time off—you’re able to unplug when taking PTO. Of course, busy season does require longer hours but they are manageable. The firm’s compensation and benefit offerings are competitive, with some insiders saying pay could be better, especially in the D.C. office, while others appreciate benefits such as cell phone reimbursements, educational reimbursements, the on-site gym/wellness center, access to virtual health care, and great medical and dental coverage plans. Many insiders also rave about the company-provided access to Caravan—a digital wellness, exercise, and nutrition app.

Calibre’s staff is said to be very diverse—many different cultures exist among its team members. And there are many communities service opportunities available. As for the firm’s business outlook, employee morale is strong, and despite the fact the firm mainly serves clients in two industries (labor unions and pension funds), Calibre is well positioned to continue to succeed.


Hiring Process

“I received a call back with my result three business days after my interview so that process seemed pretty quick. I know the firm is looking for employees who want to stay with the firm for the long haul and keep turnover low.”

“The recruiter reached out to me instantly after I applied. The recruiter guided me through the process and kept me informed throughout the process of my application status. The whole process was streamlined and took a minimal amount of time.”

“The recruiter was very informative. She relayed the information to me and answered all of my questions. Hiring process went very fast for me. Call back time was the next day.”

“Robust, professional, quick, and fair recruitment process.”

Interview Questions

“How would you deal with a client who was not giving you information you need and how would you get the needed information? How would you handle a client with a bad attitude or who was being defensive or aggressive? What do you personally do to have a healthy work/life balance (stress management tactics, hobbies, etc.).”

“The partners had me explain my prior work experience to them and asked why I was interested in leaving that old firm. Then they spent most of the time getting to know me and my background.”

“Tell me about yourself. Please let me know your plan for the next five years. Discussion of past accounting experience and to what level you know financial statements.”

“What does financial accounting mean? What does trust apply to?”

Internship Experience

“The company as a whole was very welcoming and friendly, and there was no sense that interns were ‘lesser’ because of our positions. However, I wasn’t put on any clients that were on-site and worked less in the audit department than I would have liked—these were both due to extenuating circumstances.”

“On top of being a generously paid internship, we received training sessions, worked with multiple teams, and got to do real work (not just busy work).”

“The best part of my internship experience was the hands-on training I received and how the experience translated to my full-time role.”

“Everyone was very friendly and made you feel like part of the team already.”

Career Development

“The faster you learn, the faster you can be promoted. The firm’s clients are mostly labor unions, so you’re kind of stuck in this specific industry.”

“My firm has opportunities for formal training available, and employees are very vocal about talking about them and sharing information about upcoming trainings. So, you’re unlikely to miss any opportunities.”

“A lot of mobility to work within various departments of the firm. Groups work closely together and it’s very easy to transfer from one department to another (I actually started in audit and then transferred to tax; lots of other coworkers have also changed departments). Partners are very involved in training and career development at all levels, including new staff and interns. However, promotion criteria are sometimes subjective/fuzzy, especially at the upper levels and in departments outside of audit. There is not a firm-wide policy on how to make partner, and communication on how to develop your career beyond manager/senior manager could be improved.”

“Staff is recognized and promoted based on work and not how many years they have been at the firm. Achievements are recognized and rewarded. If you show initiative and ability, there is a good chance you will have the opportunity to try something new.”

Quality of Life

“There are times where flexibility is awarded, and it is one of the best perks. Working remotely is encouraged as long as it’s communicated and doesn’t interfere with on-site visits with clients. On many jobs, you’re picking up the slack of missing staff or underperforming staff, which makes the workload pile up, as you’re performing the work of others on a more often than not basis.”

“The firm’s quality of life is overall very good, especially compared to other accounting firms. During busy season, the expectation is about 50 hours per week. The firm culture encourages employees to set boundaries between work and life; for example, it is not expected that employees answer email or be available for calls outside or working hours, and employees are encouraged to FULLY disconnect during PTO. That being said, the policy for parental leave could be greatly improved, and the number of vacation days provided for new employees is lower than industry standard.”

“My firm is very understanding of my life outside of work. They have a generous vacation policy and respect the time I have when I'm off.”

“A good amount of flexibility is available when needed, particularly at the higher levels. Overall, hours are low for public accounting. However, there is very little downtime, as the work is pretty evenly spread throughout the year.”

Salary and Benefits

“My firm offered me a good salary for a new employee just starting in the industry like me. Also, I appreciate my firm’s openness to not just hybrid remote work but fully remote employees. I live hundreds of miles from the firm’s main office.”

“In addition to a profit-sharing plan, 401(k) company matching, and remote/hybrid work arrangements. My firm also offers cell phone reimbursements, educational reimbursements, an on-site gym/wellness center, access to virtual health care, great medical and dental coverage plans, and generous time off.”

“The medical insurance is extremely expensive. The firm does provide fresh fruit, coffee, etc. Salaries are overall slightly low at nearly every level given the area (D.C.).”

“They offer phone bill reimbursements, pay for travel to/from client locations, I have low monthly cost dental and vision coverage for my family. I have a 401(k) plan they match percentages, and I have job security.”

Wellness Efforts

“Company provides access to Caravan, which is a digital wellness/exercise/nutrition program. During the recent office renovation, a wellness/pumping room was added for prayer, meditation, nursing mothers, etc.”

“My firm participates in Eden Health (virtual healthcare provider; $0 cost for employee), Garner (a way to search for quality doctors covered by insurance; will reimburse your visit if you go to a ‘top doctor’ recommended Garner), and Caravan (a wellness app to pause, stretch, and do light exercise from your desk).”

“The HR team and the rest of the firm do a good job at creating a relaxing work environment and hosting events to keep things light.”

“Exercise classes and strong work/life balance. I know counseling programs are available to employees, both virtual and in person, and that the firm is billed for these services instead of the employee, which is also a generous perk.”

Diversity, Philanthropy, and Green Initiatives

“Calibre is incredibly inclusive and proactive in their hiring and community activities. I have never felt judged based on any factor other than my personality while working at Calibre. And the outreach like the Calibre Cares program is always really great to see.”

“The firm is full of diverse people. The New York office is less involved in philanthropy than the D.C. office.”

“I’m a military veteran and in the National Guard, which requires me to attend Friday to Sunday military drills at my local base, every eight weeks or so. My firm gives me paid time off separate from my vacation time in order to attend the Friday part of these drills. I’m very thankful I’m not forced to eat my own vacation time or go without my usual pay for my military obligations. I've also heard of several efforts and volunteer drives by my main office to give back to the local Maryland community (food, holiday gifts, clothes, and supplies). Even as a remote worker, I was able to contribute by buying some holiday gifts and shipping them to the Maryland office. As for diversity of gender, race, sexuality, etc., I have seen no signs of discrimination withing my company, virtually or in person. My only personal experience that I can speak to is that many higher up managers are women, therefore the diversity of gender in the upper echelons appears about equal.”

“Staff is very diverse—many different cultures exist. Also, there are many communities service opportunities available.”

Business Outlook

“The business outlook seems standard. This is a niche market so as long as we comply and continue doing good work, I think the firm will be around for a while. I have faith in upper management to keep the firm afloat.”

“The firm dropped some clients that weren’t good matches for them, therefore making the client base a little more efficient and easier to work with. Employee morale seems overall good whenever it comes up in my conversations with coworkers.”

“The firm's partners are very accessible and receptive to conversation, but communication around the firm’s strategic objectives, future of the firm, etc., could be greatly improved.”

“Morale is strong, and it is a nicely run firm and good to work for. The partners are constantly going on business proposals to pick up new clients and they are succeeding. However, business is specific to labor unions and pension funds; the firm doesn’t try to pick up clients in other industries.”

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