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Vault’s Verdict

Frank, Rimerman is looking for driven, detail-oriented team players who have strong communication skills, are eager to learn, and have a passion for accounting. Internships are very valuable, offering students hands-on experience, the ability to rotate through various departments, and a good picture of the firm’s culture and what a full-time position is like. For its full-time staff, Frank, Rimerman offers many career development opportunities, including the ability to move between departments, excellent and constant informal training, and access to seniors who are always willing to answer questions and help.

While hours can be long during the busy seasons, the firm encourages taking time off, a healthy work/life balance, and schedule flexibility. Vacation time is generous, and employees work hard to allow you to unplug during your PTO as well as on weekends and at night. Meanwhile, the firm’s salary, benefits, and perks are line with the industry average. The ability to work remotely and gym membership reimbursements get especially rave reviews, while the business professional dress code gets some complaints by those who wish business casual was allowed instead. Wellness offerings are plentiful, and include access to a mental health benefit platform as well as monthly stipends (which can be rolled over) for health and wellness-related items and services, including workout equipment, gym memberships, and vacation expenses.

There are many volunteering opportunities and philanthropic initiatives, and diversity with respect to women is excellent at the firm, as female representation in upper management is significant. Racial diversity, though, could be improved. As for the firm’s overall business outlook, it is very strong. Frank, Rimerman is growing fast, its leadership team is transparent and responsive, and the firm is well positioned to not only survive any economic downturn but thrive in it.

Hiring Process

“My interview process was seamless. I had two interviews with the managing partners of my department. Both of them made me feel very comfortable and seen. I believe the ideal candidate for the firm is someone who is willing to learn. The firm can teach what you need to know. As long as you come open and willing to do the work, you will excel within the firm.”

“The callback and interview process was definitely great and a little unexpected since we had to complete a series of questions regarding accounting and a picture find where you need to identify all the differences in the picture. I think the ideal candidate would be someone who is super passionate about this type of work, someone who can get things done on time, and someone who has an eye for detail.”

“I love that our firm focuses more on finding the right fit culturally and values-wise vs technically. We believe we have the ability to develop people technically (and professionally and personally, of course), but our biggest concern is that we have people who value working with other people and building those relationships and connections. So, I appreciate that when new hires come in one of the reasons they say they chose us is because they felt like they were valued and seen as a human being and not a number or ‘asset.’

“This firm’s interview methods were like no other, and that stood out to me. They wanted to get to know me and see if I had the qualities that would fit the firm’s culture. The firm wants to hire people who have drive, care about others, can communicate effectively, and can work well both on a team and on their own.”

Interview Questions

“We do not ask many ‘typical’ interview questions. The interviews are designed to be more of a conversation and getting to know the person. No technical accounting questions are ever asked.”

The questions tend to be more focused on how they get things done with others, not so much what they technically know or what they did technically to achieve something.”

“Tell me about yourself. Why do choose accounting as a career? Do you want to move to the Bay Area? What three things do you want me to remember about you after the interview?”

“What is your interest in the accounting profession and Frank, Rimerman specifically? What will make you happy and want to invest in a role? Do you have any immediate or longer-term career goals? What do you enjoy doing outside of school/work? Is there anything else you'd like us to know?

Internship Experience

“It was a great experience. It gives you a big picture of doing taxes and helps you understand what a full-time job consists of on a daily basis. It is very hands-on, which is great. So much is crunched into a very small timeline, making it difficult to master each assignment, but you have great teachers, so you do get there.”

“The rotational internship was a great experience. I became close with my friends in my start class and formed relationships with managers who have been influential in my career. The internship focuses on exposure to different areas and is very good at helping you identify which areas of accounting are well suited to you.”

“The rotational aspect of the internship was easily the best part of the internship experience. I didn't know what I wanted to do within the accounting profession, and this was a tremendous help to provide some clarity to the various departments and opportunities.”

“The internship showed me the culture at the firm more than the day to day work that goes on as a full-time employee. To me this was more important because once starting full time, an employee will learn about the day to day. Learning about how great the culture is made me accept a full-time offer.

Career Development

“The firm's career development opportunities are accessible. It’s easy to move within departments, and they encourage you to follow your passions and interests, rather than to stay in a field where you may feel limited in your growth.”

“The firm follows a typical promotion arc like other public accounting firms. It is a very collaborative environment and not competitive. Informal, ad hoc training occurs all the time, and people at all levels are always happy to sit down with you and answer any questions.”

“Everyone is assigned a career counselor who helps them navigate goals and future plans to ensure that growth is achieved.”

“Organic growth model forces the focus on internal training and development. Each start class has multiple weeks of onboarding to help start them on the right path. Open-door policy; questions and opportunities to learn are encouraged and a huge focus of our working style.”

Quality of Life

“When it’s busy, it’s busy, but there’s no need to find stuff to do when there’s a lull. The firm is very supportive of taking a minute to decompress or upskill during downtime.”

“Though some long hours are required during certain seasons of the year, the firm really encourages taking time off and managing your personal aspects to encourage work/life balance. The firm offers a solid amount of PTO as well.”

“Especially when compared to other accounting firms, our firm places a high value on overall quality of work/life balance. Even compared to other startups in the San Francisco Area, our firm does a good job of maintaining work/life balance.”

“I was able to take a three-week vacation this summer without checking emails, which shows that you’re able to take time off at this company if you plan ahead. Employees generally work hard not to bother you on your PTO, weekends, and nights. I love that. Overall, work/life balance is pretty good. It's expected that it will be more work during the busier times, but there are also slower times. Also, employees are very forgiving and show grace. If you make mistakes, they work with you to learn from them and they don't hold it against you.”

Salary and Benefits

“I find the firm’s salary, benefits, and perks to be in line with expectations and industry, but what I find most important is the thought that goes into them. It's a business, and you can never please everyone, but the firm does a great job at thoughtfully providing in these area, and leadership is very transparent.”

“Compensation is above average but could be higher considering the cost of living for the area. The ability to work remotely is a bonus as are reimbursements for gym memberships. Vacation is generous.”

“The best aspects are parking is free and safe, salary is comfortable, the on-site gym and wellness reimbursements, the hybrid work arrangements, catered lunches on Thursdays, and they are firm on work hours vs offline hours (people are respectful of personal time).”

“Compensation is highly competitive, and the firm offers numerous benefits and perks, such as free meals, flexible hours, option to work remotely, etc.”

Wellness Efforts

“We have access to a mental health benefit platform and get monthly funds for wellness. I have also been attending a monthly leadership development course where we learn different ways to be our best selves and improve on aspects of our lives that we want to improve upon.”

“They have done their best to please everyone with subsidies and online resources that everyone at the firm can access. With the new remote work set up, there are fewer in-office wellness activities. Personal time is respected and protected if you call in sick or have any emergency.”

“The firm provides numerous health and wellness platforms and contacts for anyone who needs to access these types of services. The firm also provides a monthly stipend that we can use for anything that is deemed to help our ‘health and wellness’ such as workout equipment, gym memberships, and vacation expenses.”

“The firm provides us with a stipend of $75 per month (that rolls over) that employees can use on personal development and wellness, such as gym memberships, diet/nutrition plans, fitness equipment, etc. Additionally, each year, through a third-party provider, we are given six free therapy sessions, which includes medication management.”

Diversity, Philanthropy, and Green Initiatives

“Lots of great efforts here. From our Values Forward Committee to our efforts paying tuition for underprivileged students (Christo Rey Program), the firm really cares. Of course, efforts seem to pick up around the holidays (coat drives, adopting families), but all year long we are sent updates about things we’re doing and ways to help.”

“Diversity with women is fantastic. At my prior firm, almost everyone senior manager and above were men. At FRCo, female representation is much higher in upper management. It's at least equal, if not more female- dominated.”

“Our firm is making many strides in diversity. However, our partner group is still lacking diversity. I believe this will change in the next three to five years, but it will take some time.”

“We have had several panels and learning initiatives to learn more about different cultures perspectives. We have a philanthropy committee and a Values Forward Committee. I feel that people are treated equally here and that the firm is open to discussing challenging issues.”

Business Outlook

“The managing partner recently shared our firm's revenue growth over the last two years, and the outlook was very strong and positive! We also have a community meeting every two weeks where the managing partner fields any anonymous questions during the week, then answers them live on a Zoom call. This level of transparency is unlike any other firm that I have looked into or talked to colleagues about.”

“Our leadership team works hard to make solid decisions for the firm. They are open about their efforts and decisions. Each year, each department presents their annual review and highlights what they have accomplished and what they are working on this year. I think the firm tries to be very transparent. We are growing fast (which is good) and so need to challenge ourselves to find innovative ways to do things and not get stuck by what we used to do in the past.”

“We all hear about the mass layoffs, particularly in tech. I believe our firm is prepared to survive and thrive in this storm.”

“I know the firm is in a great position financially. There is little debt on the firm’s books, and historically they have not laid people off in times of instability. Even during Covid, they proceeded to give raises when many firms decided not to. I have a lot of confidence in firm leadership, and I know they actually care about my future.”

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