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Vault’s Verdict

Frazier & Deeter is ideally looking for curious, ambitious, detail-oriented team players with the appropriate technical skillsets. The firm’s internship program offers students thorough in-person training, hands-on experience, access to senior staff, and a good feel for what a full-time position is like. For its full-time staff, the firm offers many career development opportunities, including online professional and personal development programs, and encouragement to earn certifications and attend courses and conferences related to your interests.

Frazier & Deeter focuses on providing its staff with a healthy work/life balance and a good quality of life. While busy seasons can mean long hours, the firm genuinely cares about staff and aims to make their busy seasons easier. Meanwhile, the firm offers a very generous compensation and benefits package. Frazier & Deeter offers fully covered medical plans, unlimited PTO, a hybrid workplace, an on-site gym, free parking, good 401(k) company matching, a casual dress policy, gym and educational reimbursements, and extensive wellness benefits, including a valuable mental health app.

Diversity and inclusion is definitely a focus at Frazier & Deeter. There are significant employee-led DEI initiatives, and the firm has more women than men and a growing number of minorities. However, its leadership team is not diverse, meaning there needs to be a stronger focus on giving women and people of color opportunities to get to higher levels. As for its business outlook, Frazier & Deeter is experiencing steady and reliable growth, and doing a good job of identifying weaknesses and addressing threats. The firm’s leadership team is transparent, and employee morale is strong.

Hiring Process

“Interviews are usually with three different people in the department and include an office visit along with lunch. The interview process goes pretty quickly. Ideal candidate depends on the role.”

“Our recruiting team and employee-interviewers are quick to respond to candidates and strive for a short time frame to hire. Ideal candidate is somebody who enjoys being part of a team and investing in relationships while being detail-oriented and having appropriate technical skills for level.”

“The firm's interview and callback process was smooth. The ideal candidate Frazier & Deeter looks for is a team player who buys into the culture of working hard/play hard as well as a culture of curious and ambitious business professionals who value balancing work with their personal lives.”

“I had four interviews in three weeks, and everyone I spoke to was easily accessible. The ideal candidate is hard to put into words, but just someone with a passion to contribute to a client’s (and the firm’s) overall well-being, however that looks to them.”

Interview Questions

“The firm uses a conversational interview style to see if the candidate has the qualities needed to thrive at the firm. A lot of the interview questions ask more about the candidates’ hobbies and personal lives since those are valued in our company!”

“What are your strategies to enable collaboration with team members? What was the last difficult situation you found yourself in and how did you manage through it? What was the last project you led and how did it turn out? How do you give and receive feedback? How do you go about investing in relationships?”

“Typical experience questions, but everyone I spoke to wanted to get to know me in conversation form rather than a formal interview. All my interviews were laid-back, and I truly got to know some of my managers and team members before joining the team. They were all very genuine.”

“We generally ask about time and stress management, how well you can work with a team and with clients, some technical gatekeeping questions, etc.”

Internship Experience

“They gave me actual returns to work on so I was able to really get a feel for what the job was like.”

“Best parts were meeting people at the firm, getting to really see the culture, and the hands-on experience. Most challenging part was I was in a smaller office and the only audit intern so it felt like I was alone at times.”

“I was treated like a full-time staff member. All the interns were brought together to spend a week at HQ. We got to know fellow interns and new hires and get trained. During some periods, I wasn’t scheduled on clients and had to reach out to find work.”

“Very welcoming culture, thorough in-person training in the home office, small team so it was easy to ask questions, easy access to higher-ups, a lot of hands-on experiences. Only thing on the downside was being assigned a mentor who was much older than I was so it was a weird relationship.”

Career Development

“The training methods are really helpful to someone newly out of college. We do mock run-throughs together, which allow us to become familiar with software and processes. Everyone is really open to teaching and answering questions.”

“They promote fast on the higher end but slower for associates and seniors. They do want you to succeed and give you tools to excel in your job, home-life, and relationships.”

“There are ample career development opportunities at Frazier & Deeter. We regularly utilize LinkedIn Learning and other online professional and personal development programs. In addition, I am encouraged to earn certifications related to my career, and attend courses and conferences related to the field I am interested in.”

“Work ethic is rewarded with bonuses and promotions in the earlier stages of career. Leadership is open to new ideas and feedback. It’s easy to participate on firm initiatives and to lead or contribute to various focus groups. However, we could use more formal training and development. Most is internally developed and ad hoc. And I would like to see a clearer path to promotion and definitions of success in the latter part of career paths and clear expectations of what it takes to be considered for principle/partner.”

Quality of Life

“Frazier & Deeter has a strong work/life balance. The most I've ever worked in a week is only slightly above 40 hours. It's very rare that we work above 40 hours per week. We also have unlimited PTO and regularly go on team lunches and outings. I feel valued and respected by the people and leadership.”

“Overall, I think the firm has great quality of life. Sometimes scheduling causes some people's busy seasons to be extended, and it can get tough to find balance during busy season. But the firm really does care about you as an individual, and leadership tries to ensure that everyone is helping to make busy season a little bit easier.”

“Overall the firm places an emphasis on work/life balance and truly puts in the effort to create a community across firms. Sometimes the element of work/life balance is spoken more than it is represented, meaning the expectation of work completion is at a higher standard than what is attainable in the week's allotted hours. But even so, there's an element of understanding across management that everyone is doing the best they can.”

“Busy season can create long days, but it is very reasonable for the field. I feel like I can go home after I have finished work and unplug and rest. They encourage ample vacation time during off season to help rest.”

Salary and Benefits

“In addition to great insurance, unlimited PTO and a hybrid workplace, we have a gym on site, free parking, good 401(k) company matching, a casual dress policy, gym reimbursement, educational reimbursement, and monthly coffee/drink carts and other in-office perks to show appreciation to our people. The firm’s overall salary scale is great. I got a raise after being with the company for six months.”

“The firm constantly takes a look at the average compensation for each role within the industry and adjusts salaries to make sure employees are either getting paid in line with or higher than the average. They are also always looking at benefits. We now have unlimited PTO, and the fitness reimbursement was increased.”

“Very generous compensation and benefits package. We have an unlimited PTO program, which is nice. Would like to see full reimbursement of cell phones every few years since it's a business tool as commonly used as a laptop.”

“Very good comp and benefits. Childcare reimbursement, paid medical, profit sharing each year, good bonuses and raises, unlimited PTO.”

Wellness Efforts

“Just launched a new wellness program that allows for counseling, meditation training, and more. We also have an app for tracking group participation in exercise programs and sharing of interests/hobbies outside of work hours. The firm also provides a fitness reimbursement for monthly gym memberships and one-time purchases of equipment like fitness trackers.”

“There are meditation rooms downstairs and reimbursements for fitness and wellness. There is an accessible gym in the building and challenges through our rewards app.”

“Free counseling to employees and their families and gym reimbursements. Wellness is promoted extensively with many opportunities

“Fitness reimbursements, fully covered medical plans, extensive additional plans you can enroll in with discounts, and a mental health app.”

Diversity, Philanthropy, and Green Initiatives

“Our DEI committee hosts internal workshops and events. We also have a DEI calendar that shows holidays, observances, and all employees’ birthdays, anniversaries, and milestones. Our leadership team works hard to show recognition and appreciation for the team. We have a DEI Teams channel and an ESG Teams channel where our leadership posts updates and news.”

“For DEI, we have more women than men overall, and a growing number of minorities. But the entire C-Suite is still all white men. There needs to be more diversity at the top and more of a focus for women and POC to have opportunities to get to higher levels. For social, etc., we have a community day and quarterly fundraisers, but I think we could have more group community service/volunteer opportunities.”

“Significant employee-led DEI initiatives, supportive of all types of people, but glass ceiling appears to be in place since little diversity in leadership. Good philanthropic efforts through FD Foundation and donation matching and community service projects. We also donate to and support through pro bono work an incubator for minority owned startups”

“Frazier & Deeter promotes a culture of inclusivity, but we could probably be more green. That takes a lot of investment, I know. But we could do simple things: give out mugs instead of cups for coffee, no more plastic water bottles, etc. Everything else I think the firm has a pulse on and handles really well.”

Business Outlook

“We are a growing firm, and I am excited to see what's in store for us this year. In addition to quarterly firmwide calls, we just launched an awesome new internal newsletter that gives the entire firm an overview of what each department has been doing, along with updates, news, and exciting things happening within our firm.”

“We are growing, which is great. I think firm leadership is considering other ways of growing besides through expanding service offering to current clients. I would like more insight into where we are going and what our firm goals are, other than increasing hours and budgets by set percentages year-over-year.”

“We do a great job of identifying weaknesses and addressing threats. We are making changes to enable us to be a more attractive employer for recruiting additional talent. Strong employee morale and great teamwork. Very good client base that typically values the work we do.”

“Frazier & Deeter is experiencing steady and reliable growth. This creates opportunity for young associates like me to grow with the firm.”

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