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Vault’s Verdict

Marcum is looking for intelligent, positive, ambitious, hardworking candidates eager to learn and grow. The firm’s internship program provides students with valuable hands-on experience. Interns get a good feel for full-time roles with the firm and get to work alongside senior professionals, who are willing to help and answer questions. Marcum’s full-time staff have access to many growth opportunities, including great training and mentoring, helpful performance feedback, and the ability to move within different areas of the firm.

Although busy season hours can be long, Marcum focuses on providing staff with a healthy work/life balance. Initiatives such as flexible schedules, remote work options, generous amounts of PTO, and Summer Fridays all help improve quality of life. Meanwhile, salaries, perks, and benefits are competitive, if not merely average for the industry. Wellness offerings, though, are extensive, and include online meditation, workout classes, chair yoga, ergonomic and fitness tips, an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) that provides counseling benefits, and more.

DEI is a focus at Marcum, which has several employee resource (affinity) groups for various underrepresented individuals and other valuable diversity initiatives. The firm is especially strong when it comes to diversity with respect to women, but could improve when it comes to racial and ethnic diversity. As for Marcum’s business outlook, the firm has been growing rapidly, employee morale is strong, and, despite some staff shortages that most accounting firms have been facing, the firm is well positioned to continue to thrive for the foreseeable future.

Hiring Process

“The firm looks for candidates that are willing to learn and work hard. We also look for diversity in our candidates and those who love the work they do. Our callback process is timely and fairly quick.”

“I got an interview scheduled pretty quickly after applying. I spoke with a representative online from my school career fair. I believe the firm is seeking someone who is willing to try their best, works well with others, and puts effort into learning and growing their career.”

“The HR department does a great job of following up and answering any questions you may have. The ideal candidates are young, intelligent, ambitious people looking to advance their professional career.”

“The interview and callback process was very straightforward and easy to navigate. I believe that the ideal candidate, at least in the advisory practice, would be someone with strong technical accounting ability, a desire to learn and grow, a good attitude, and a willingness to work both alone and as a team.”

Interview Questions

“Tell us about a time you had to work in a group in school or at work and there was a problematic situation. How did you handle it? How did the work solve the issue as a whole? What strengths and weaknesses did you discover within yourself?”

“I want to know about the candidate. Not just their resumes. What makes them happy. What makes them upset. We have two main objectives: Are they qualified to perform the work? And will they fit into our team culture? Both are required.”

“Why are you interested in Marcum compared to other accounting firms in the area? Tell us about a time where you prioritized and managed through a stressful environment. Are you interested in tax or audit? Are you willing to try both tax and audit? Where do you see yourself a few years from now? What do you hope to get out of your internship? What are your top strengths?”

“How do you feel about working busy season hours? What is your opinion on a hybrid working style where you are required to be in the office at least three days a week? What are your long-term goals? What areas are you interested in specializing in, if any? Do you aspire to become a partner? How important is work/life balance? Are you aware of Marcum's initiatives in this area? Are you studying for the CPA exam?”

Internship Experience

“Very entrepreneurial feel for a public accounting firm. All the employees were very helpful when I had questions. I learned a ton, and it set me up well for my entry-level full-time position that followed after the internship. I thought that the firm was very flexible with my hours, which was important to me, as I was still finishing up my undergrad degree during the time of my internship.”

“Everyone was super helpful and made me feel like a part of the team. On the other hand, it was a lot of information to process, especially because I started during their busiest time of the year.”

“Real experience in my department and I dove right in. Currently still have the clients I had when I was an intern. One challenge was trying to learn while actually producing correct client work.”

“I was able to participate in a rotational internship to be able to truly see which part of public accounting would fit me best. Additionally, even at an intern level, I was able to communicate directly with partners.”

Career Development

“Advancement opportunities are deserved when they are given. Training is also awesome. Marcum offers a diverse spectrum of courses and trainers, allowing someone to focus on any niche.”

“Marcum cares about finding out which areas employees are interested in and providing them with opportunities to learn and work in those areas. This helps employees grow into the best professionals possible. They also provide necessary training and mentorship, and allow us to take ownership of our work so that we can learn as much as possible. I’ve enjoyed my time here so far and look forward to growing my career with the firm.”

“The firm does a good job of taking into account what kind of work an associate would like to take on. It can take some time to transition to a new area, but that is to be expected. There are formal trainings given each year that are done by seniors, supervisors, and managers.”

“Our formal training programs are pretty robust and offer a lot of different things, including soft skills. I like how the firm has broken the annual A&A update into smaller sessions. However, I would like more targeted trainings on specific technical topics to help me learn complex areas. And I think our formal career counseling needs more accountability. I know this is a work in progress. I feel like my career counselor is often busy, and the onus is on me to schedule quarterly meetings or not have them at all. Some other leaders I have worked with have been very good at providing feedback and coaching, which I really appreciate.”

Quality of Life

“The firm really takes its work/life balance and culture seriously and wants the staff to thrive in our work environment. The scheduling department helps keep everyone from becoming overbooked with work.”

“The firm is taking strides to level the playing field in the battle between work and life with things like: holiday week office closures, Summer Fridays, robust PTO accruals, and limiting the charge hours. But it’s still public accounting. The charge goals are reasonable here. It’s rare you'll have to push 60+ hours, but it does happen. The cyclical nature of the industry is inescapable, but Marcum tries hard to limit the disruption to your life.”

“PTO policy is great and one of the main reasons why I have stayed in the industry. I never have issues from my team when I plan my PTO in advance. And Marcum is flexible when things come up in our lives outside work and shows that it cares about their employees’ well-being and work/life balance. They also continuously make efforts to make employees feel appreciated. Even during the hectic busy season, they try to do nice things for us that make the stress feel more bearable, and I look forward to coming into the office and spending time working and socializing with my coworkers. I also feel like they care about making it a safe space where employees are free to be themselves and feel respected.”

“The firm offers many ways to add balance into your life. Alternative work arrangements, core hours, sabbaticals, remote work, many days offered for PTO, sick leave, etc. As you get higher up in the firm, it may become harder to take advantage of these perks. If you are the main person managing client groups, you must take the initiative to plan out your schedule and reach out to management to provide support for you if you'd like to take a lot of time off or change your schedule. If you are a well-established employee (and have good performance evaluations), there are never any issues with requesting more balance in schedule. The firm is willing to do what they can to make you happy.”

Salaries and Benefits

“Salaries and bonuses are generous. Health benefits are good, but 401(k) matching could be better. We have a good amount of holiday time and PTO. Work arrangement flexibility and openness to remote work life is good.”

“The best perks are 1) Generous yearly raises (over the last three years), 2) They feed us during busy season, 3) PTO policy is solid and is always approved, 4) Summer Fridays are pretty awesome, and 5) Pretty solid health insurance plan (big improvements over the years). As for the worst, the only glaring issue is the very poor 401(k) match.”

“Salary and bonuses are generally good. The bonuses are linked to the region's performance as well as your performance review. While the benefits are slightly lacking (health insurance options are just okay, 401(k) has a low match, and there are not a lot of onsite perks), I think the salary makes up for it. They tend to focus on the items that will make the most people happy (salary, bonus, flex hours, parental leave, PTO, hybrid work allowances) and not on the items that only some would use (gym, child care, etc.).”

“Salaries are competitive, the remote/hybrid schedule is still going strong, and the firm’s core hours plan allows for a lot of flexibility regarding when you start and end each day, allowing for a more relaxed environment where early birds can be early birds and night owls can be night owls.”

Wellness Efforts

“National pushes numerous wellness efforts so they’re available to any staff who wishes to take advantage of them. People participate in the fitness challenges, so that’s a fun way to bond with coworkers on something non-work related.”

“Excellent efforts put forth by the firm regarding wellness efforts: online meditation sessions relating to clearing one’s mind and prioritization of mental well-being, counseling, workout classes within the office building complex, chair yoga, flu shot reimbursement, National Eye Month, National Heart Month, wellness cookbooks, ergonomic tips, Mental Health Awareness Month, etc.”

“The firm provides many wellness programs through Marcum Wellness, a firm-run program that provides counseling, tips, access to fitness routines, and more. Our insurance also provides wellness counseling based on answers to the health risk assessment.”

“There are many things offered by the firm: yoga, consultations, mental health checks, etc. The firm does seem to care, but it’s hard to find the time to take advantage of these programs when they're needed most (busy season).”

Diversity, Philanthropic, and Green Initiatives

“The firm does a lot to celebrate the diversity of its staff. The demographics of the firm is slowing shifting to be more diverse. In the past few years, I have noticed that the leadership in my region is now mostly female, which I've never had in any of my other jobs.”

“We have lots of DEI groups to join, from Latino to veterans groups. Our firm has a variety of people from different backgrounds, cultures, and religions.”

“We have a somewhat diverse workforce and good D&I initiatives. Marcum cares about diversity and inclusivity. They advocate for this and make sure that all employees feel safe and respected to be themselves. They also care about philanthropy. The day before Thanksgiving is a volunteer day, and there are other philanthropy initiatives throughout the year.”

“I’m African-American, and there seems to be a lack of minorities that look like me advancing in the firm. Also, I receive internal communications with photographs from high level events and there is little to no diversity. We need to do better.”

Business Outlook

“Very strong outlook. We are acquiring like crazy. New business wins come out every month, and we are already shattering records from last year. What’s good for the firm is good for us. Employee morale is currently on an upswing after being pretty poor during the Covid years, combined with being spread thin on resources on some jobs. That has so far leveled out, and morale is on the rise.”

“Marcum is continuously growing as a midsize firm. I personally find that there are so many opportunities at this firm. The biggest strength seems to be found in leadership. People are treated the right way and it makes me more driven to work the right way.”

“Employee morale seems to be up, but the personnel shortage in the accounting industry has been impacting some regions and putting additional work on the staff that have stayed. The firm continues to grow rapidly but is at a crucial crossroads as it moves from a regional firm to a national firm. It will be important to see how the transition goes and if the right people are promoted, or if the people who have been here the longest are promoted.”

“The company continues to look to grow both organically and through mergers, creating opportunities for growth within the firm and opportunities to move to new locations. The one big weakness is the same one facing all accounting firms right now: the lack of available talent to fill open postings. But I believe our firm has a lot of the right pieces in place to compete for the talent that went to private industry. I, myself, came back from industry to public accounting.”

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Employer Type: Private
Chairman and CEO: Jeffrey M. Weiner
Vice Chairman: David Bukzin
Chief Human Resources Officer: Molly Crane, MS, PHR, SHRM-CP
2023 Employees (All Locations): 4,100

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