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Vault’s Verdict

One of the prestigious Big 4 professional services firms, PwC is ideally looking for driven, open-minded, curious, inquisitive candidates with strong communication and problem-solving skills who are eager to challenge themselves. For students, the firm runs a valuable internship program, exposing interns to challenging real-world assignments, many opportunities to network with other interns and full-time staff, formal training, the ability to work with emerging technology, and mentoring opportunities. In addition, interns have access to partners, directors, and senior managers, who are all available to answer any questions interns may have. For its full-time staff, PwC offers many growth and learning opportunities, including an excellent mentoring program, valuable trainings, structured promotion paths, and great exposure to emerging technology.

Although hours can be long and demanding during busy season, PwC places a strong emphasis on work/life balance and cultivates a supportive and understanding culture. Outside of bust season, it’s very easy to use PTO and make personal commitments. Meanwhile, compensation, benefits, and perks are competitive. Though some insiders say that the pay could be better, most rave about the extensive workplace and wellness offerings. PwC insiders especially appreciate the remote work options, PTO policy, parental leave policy, free counseling, and access to wellness apps such as Hinge and Headspace.

DEI and ESG are other areas at which PwC excels. PwC’s staff is diverse, and the firm has a very inclusive culture. Its various diversity networks make people feel included, providing them with access to mentoring and networking opportunities as well as the ability to attend workshops and conferences. PwC has a zero-tolerance policy for disrespectful behavior and inappropriate conduct, and protections for employees are high. With respect to PwC’s business outlook, staff morale is high, the firm’s leadership team is widely respected, the firm is effectively leveraging new technology, and revenue growth is strong.


Hiring Process

“Interviews are performed both virtually and in person. Interviews are performed by a manager and partner, who collaborate and discuss the candidates based on our internal framework. If an offer is warranted, the partner will call within a few days to inform the candidate we would like to extend an offer. We’re seeking candidates who are highly driven, strong speakers, and inquisitive.”

“Interviews tend to be a half hour or less and limited in number. Typically, there’s only one round of back-to-back interviews for interns and staff. As for callbacks, it depends on the needs and time of year, but they are typically performed within a couple of weeks of the last interview. Ideal candidates tend to be driven to learn, willing to take on challenges, and curious enough to ask questions that drive their learning and growth. Everything else from a requirements perspective is role-dependent.”

“Ideal candidates are flexible and willing to commit to the requirements of the job. They are kind, driven, ready to learn, accepting of change, and eager to take on challenges and better themselves. Good communication skills are a must.”

“PwC is looking for people who are, just like the firm, ‘purpose-led’ and ‘values-driven.’ If you haven't already, I would encourage you to write out your own purpose and vision statements for life, and see how they align with PwC’s. PwC wants its interns to: 1) Be curious and try new things, 2) Have an open mind and ask questions, 3) Problem solve with effective tools and techniques, 4) Produce high quality work, 5) Keep up-to-date on technical developments in their industry, 6) Handle and analyze data responsibly, 7) Communicate confidently, clearly, and concisely verbally and in writing, 8) Embrace different viewpoints, adopt a global and inclusive mindset, and welcome opposing viewpoints, and 9) Uphold the firm’s code of ethics. The firm also seeks people who have demonstrated problem-solving skills, the ability to prioritize and manage multiple tasks at once, interact with various levels of leadership verbally and in writing, and self-motivation to take responsibility for personal growth and development. The five attributes of PwC’s professional framework are: whole leadership, business acumen, technical and digital, global and inclusive, and relationships.”

Interview Questions

“They love behavioral interviewing. Examples of behavioral interviewing questions include: Tell me about yourself. Tell me about a time when you failed. What did you learn from it, and how did you improve? Tell me about a time when you accomplished a big task. What were your takeaways from that? Tell me about a time when you had to work in a team. What was that like, and what did you accomplish? Tell me about a time when you had to lead others in a project or task or persuade someone to your point of view. How did you do that?”

“They asked a lot of scenario questions. What you would do in certain situations or if your client was trying to discuss something with you that you couldn't or shouldn't discuss, etc.”

“Tell me about a time where you were in a group and navigated a conflict. Tell me about a time where you were wrong, how did you own that. Tell me a time you had to deal with a difficult person on a project? Are you using AI at all in your daily life?”

“They asked me mainly behavioral and situational questions such as: When was a time you think you displayed the qualities of a leader? and Tell me about a time when you had to improvise or think of something on the fly?”

Internship Experience

“I enjoyed getting to know the firm, and when I returned full time, I was placed on the engagement I interned with, giving it a strong sense of familiarity. They gave me challenging work during the internship but also provided guidance and plentiful resources that allowed me to produce quality work. I interned during their busy season, which didn’t sour my experience but opened my eyes to the stressful nature of the audit timeline.”

“The structure of the internship itself is very sound and seamless. Everything IT-related from receiving to setting up the laptop was very smooth. I really appreciated how important links were bookmarked. The trainers and instructors were very professional and caring. They nurtured a safe space for learning and engaging without coming off as too uptight. The pace is fast, but I can see how this will work out in the long run, as long as I have a curious mindset and am not afraid to ask questions.”

“Best aspects were the compensation, the connections, and the overall environment that PwC cultivates, which allows people to think critically and ask questions about something that may seem obvious.”

“Real-life look at the day to day of the job and the overall profession, and a great opportunity to begin to learn the company’s technology and begin building your network. I was also very impressed by the level of management involvement. PwC went above and beyond, making partners, directors, and senior managers available to answer any intern questions.”

Career Development

“PwC has a really great structure of pairing you with mentors, strengthened by the ability to request a formal career mentor/advocate based on relationships formed. The firm’s promotion policies are fair and consistent, and I like knowing that when I’m on track I won’t be left behind. I do think the firm could do a better job preparing you for your promotions before you receive them.”

“I really enjoy the trainings that we have that resemble the real scenarios that we face on our day-to-day duties. I also appreciate the network that the firm provides that allows me to obtain the help I need in the event that I may be confused or need a pair of eyes to review my work.”

“You’re always encouraged to take on new responsibilities and challenges. As you progress at the firm, and get promoted, new type of responsibilities and skill sets are required. Also, there are many formal and informal training experiences. At my level of experience, there is a lot of informal training that happens, and partners are extremely interested in preparing the next generation of partners for those with high potential. This includes leadership training.”

“You have a director assigned to you when you start who is your career mentor and who serves as a great source of career advice. Client team members are also a great source of career mentorship. In addition, you have access to structured promotion paths and get great exposure to emerging challenges/technology.”

Quality of Life

“PwC has a great culture and emphasizes hard work yet also a balance with your personal life. I think that as long as you communicate with your team, you are able to work around anything else that you want to do outside of work.”

“The firm’s ‘Be Well, Work Well’ commitment is a reflection of how much they care about their employees. Even though hours can be long and tough during busy season especially, they do everything they can to provide a work/life balance.”

“When it’s not busy, it’s very easy to take time off and have time to work and spend time with friends/family. The most challenging part is busy season, when having time to do other things than work is nonexistent.”

“They are SO supportive and encourage people to take care of themselves. But it takes a great deal of effort for staff to figure out how to balance it all, because we still have to pull our weight and work long hours. That said, I can’t imagine any other firm being so flexible and supportive. I truly mean it when I say I have the best public accounting job to exist.”

Salary and Benefits

“Competitive salary, great vacation policy, generous benefits. Best aspect is working from home option.”

“Salary is above median for my area, but long hours partially offset this factor. Benefits and perks are fairly standard.”

“The best aspects are the flexible work arrangements and vacation, the invested effort in the last several years to improve compensation to industry benchmarks, and the maternity leave policy—which includes the opportunity to return to work part time for full pay for a month upon the end of your leave and flexible work arrangement options. The worst aspects are the medical coverage and 401(k) plans. And I would like to see more options for gym/lifestyle reimbursements.”

“PwC has an amazing benefits program! I couldn’t ask for more. Benefits that help PwCers take care of themselves and have an excellent quality of life while working there include a well-Being rewards program, robust online trainings on important topics for personal and professional growth, multiple mental health and emotional support apps, allowing chargeable time for inclusion groups (including religious ones), financial coaches at your fingertips, multiple career mentors, and much, much more!”

Wellness Efforts

“We have a number of programs—free therapy sessions, free/discounted exercise programs, free meditation programs, nutrition counseling if you have health insurance through the firm, backup childcare, access to elder care resources, sabbatical time, virtual telehealth options, etc. I don’t know how widely used they are, and I’ve heard that the virtual therapy sessions are of mixed quality, but generally I think they’re well-received and employees are encouraged to use them.”

“Virgin Pulse (the well-beings rewards program) gets PwCers up to $400 yearly and has links to so many other resources for health! PwC also gives its employees opportunities to have a Peloton or iFIT subscription (all PwCers have to do is pay the tax on the benefits)!”

“Offerings include access to health-related apps, an on-site gym, centrally-organized workout programs, bonuses for partners for attending annual physical exams, and a culture that encourages flexibility to maintain balance of physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing.”

“My favorite benefit is free access to Hinge and Headspace Care. Hinge is an app that focuses on physical well-being, and Headspace Care towards mental health. The firm promotes these apps extensively, and I take full advantage of these benefits.”

Diversity, Philanthropy, and Green Initiatives

“I think that PwC is very diverse and tries to be inclusive, too. As a first-year associate, I got to join a program designed for students of Latino and/or Black descent that is meant to retain those of us in the firm and to move up the corporate ladder. It has been an empowering experience through workshops, mentoring, and a convention held in another state where over 1,000 of us (from the offices across the U.S.) got together to understand more about our roles and how we can thrive in the corporate world.”

“In terms of the firm’s diversity practices, I think the firm does well with setting up diversity networks to make people feel included and for them to connect with other like them. But there needs to be more effort on expanding diversity within the firm, rather than just capitalizing on the current diversity we have. In terms of green and philanthropic practices, the firm does a good job on incorporating trainings to emphasize importance and show what the firm is doing to encourage these efforts (such as sustainability training).”

“There's a big push to be more inclusive towards LGBTQ+ individuals at the firm. There are a good number of gay and lesbian folks, but many aren't ‘out’ at work. I will say, as openly transgender, transition has not held me back at PwC. If anything, it’s propelled my career because I can be more authentic. While our numbers aren’t high, the acceptance of trans and non-binary folks is very high. I trust my colleagues and clients. I do get misgendered occasionally, but it’s more a function of how I look and act versus transphobia or something like that.”

“The firm has a zero-tolerance policy for disrespectful behavior or inappropriate conduct. Protections for employees are high, and the structure allows for safety in reporting behaviors. However, these initiatives are strong but are newer. Many of the partners and directors I have met are older white men. I’d like to see more young and dynamic partners that can help advocate for the youngest and more diverse members of the lower ranks or employees.”

Business Outlook

“My business sector is red hot, and the firm is investing significant resources in future growth. There have been no layoffs in the past several years, only performance-based exits (and the percentage of these have been in line with what’s been typical historically).”

“I think the firm is taking the right approach by leveraging various technology, which will help staff work faster, be more creative, and meet clients’ needs. I believe the firm can exceed its projection for the year.”

“Our outlook seems strong, and we have strong leadership in place to execute on the vision. Morale is high, even going into busy season. The only general downside is continued high turnover.”

“PwC is arguably the best of the Big 4. Last I checked, it is No. 1 in terms of auditing and tax work, and it doesn’t show signs of stopping, with much revenue growth recently!”

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