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Summer Program Stats

No. of Summer Associates (2023): 93 total (53 2Ls; 40 1Ls)

No. of 2L Offers (2022): 63 out of 65

Summer Associate Salary:


Summer Program Length:

10 weeks

Summer Program Contact

Please visit the firm’s website to view summer program contacts for each office.

Our Survey Says

  • “I worked on substantive assignments across the practice groups, and honed in on my interests over the course of the summer. My work assignment partner considered my preferences, and worked to make sure I had a steady flow of work.”
  • “We went through training simulations for all practice groups, which, along with the training sessions, helped us understand better what each practice group did.”
  • “Assignments were plentiful and varied. They could be obtained both by direct outreach to assigning attorneys, and by emailing management for an assignment from the centralized database. They were almost all legal research and writing.”
  • “Good training, and an effective database for managing active assignments and getting feedback. Great balance between a fun summer, and a program that shows you exactly what firm life is like.”
  • “We had great social events that were well attended by the summers and the attorneys, and had good camaraderie among the summer associates.”
  • “There are plenty of opportunities for summer associates to interact with attorneys, from juniors to partners and everything in between, both in and out of a traditional work setting.”
  • “The summer associate program has a great mix of programming, both fun events like concerts and karaoke, and events centered around wellness and building connections.”
  • “We had a mostly remote summer program, with some select in-person events. I felt the coordinators of the program did a great job navigating the uncertainty of a world beginning to come out of the pandemic. …”
  • “I was surprised at how quickly I was tasked with meaningful work that was important to the deal team as a whole. I never felt like the work I was doing was not important or impactful towards meeting the client's expectations. I was assigned to the practice area I requested, and the work falls in line with the type of work I was doing as a summer.”
  • “The hours are much longer than the summers and law school, but no one indicated that the hours would be less than they actually were. I've been pleasantly surprised at how much client contact and responsibility I've gotten.”
  • “Being an associate entails much more responsibility, and I feel I am able to do more things without micromanagement. It is both scary and empowering.”
  • “I think people at Akin are generally pretty honest about the expectations of an associate, so I was not particularly shocked by anything.”
  • “Dinner with the other summer associates (Gracias Madre and Elefante). Indoor skydiving at Universal.”
  • “Texas Rangers Game, Chopped-style cooking competition, trivia night, scavenger hunt.”
  • “Akin has a history of holding a Taco Bell challenge for summer associates—it was a fun and unexpected way to bond with other summers and associates at the firm. The firm also has a rooftop patio, which provides fantastic views of summer in DC.”
  • “Our end-of-summer reception was my favorite. It was one of the only in-person events that included our full class at one time, and it was also where the most attorneys attended. It was so nice to meet some of the attorneys I worked with throughout the summer.”

The Firm Says

Akin summer associates work on real matters for real clients. Summer associates gain in-depth exposure to the firm’s practices and hands-on experience with clients and work that interests them. With training, mentorship, teamwork, and social activities, summer associates get a realistic and meaningful picture of firm life. Summer associates participate in pro bono projects through organizations with which Akin has a pro bono partnership. These projects are geared to summer associates’ interests and maximize front-line responsibility while ensuring appropriate supervision from experienced attorneys. Summer associates receive feedback on a project-by-project basis and at mid-summer and end-of-summer reviews.