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Summer Program Stats

No. of Summer Associates (2023): 32 total (17 2Ls; 15 1Ls)

No. of 2L Offers (2023): 17 out of 17

Summer Associate Salary:


Summer Program Length:

8-10 weeks

Summer Program Contact

Jennifer S. Queen
Chief Talent Officer
(214) 758-1625

Our Survey Says

  • “I received assignments related to client matters, and even experienced a large closing during my summer associate program.”
  • “The rotation through three practice groups provided meaningful introductions to that group's culture, work product, and day-to-day experience as an attorney. Being assigned an associate and partner mentor allowed for a constant flow of substantive work assignments or opportunities to participate in, reflecting the type of work that is expected of an associate and a partner within that particular group. The summer program is invaluable to helping associates make informed decisions on what practice group to join.”
  • “I received significant and meaningful training as a summer associate. I also had the opportunity to work on substantive assignments that prepared me well for the work of an associate, and allowed me to continue to hone my practice area interests.”
  • “As a summer, I was given many substantive assignments (e.g., legal research, reviewing contractual provisions, etc.) and was included on many client calls. My firm provided regular training that covered practical skills, client development, and learning how to make the most of the firm's resources.”
  • “Even though it was the height of COVID, the firm made sure to plan responsible social events that were well attended by the firm’s attorneys. The summer class was really able to bond.”
  • “We had daily social events (some with other attorneys, some with fellow summer associates), and this fostered strong camaraderie among the summers. When we did have office-wide events, attorneys from the firm were always strongly represented.”
  • “Although my summer internship was completely remote, I thought Bracewell did a great job of organizing social events. For example, I attended an art event where a Bracewell attorney who is an artist showed his painting process. It inspired me to begin painting.”
  • “We had evening social events about two days a week, and our associate mentors set up lunches for us almost every day. I think I met almost everyone in the firm. Associates and partners attended the events, and seemed to want to participate, not that they were being forced.”
  • “Almost all expectations that I had as a summer associate have been met since I started at the firm. I can't really think of any unmet expectations so far.”
  • “I think I was given a realistic expectation of firm life.”
  • “Less hierarchical than I expected the firm to be. So, I was able to work more closely with partners and learn significantly from them.”
  • “The ability to control your own workflow as an associate has been great.”
  • “Having a private deck/area at the Astros game was a fantastic event, but the best Bracewell event is, hands down, the Summer Retreat.”
  • “I enjoyed attending Astros games, visiting local breweries, and weekend golf or volleyball outings.”
  • “One night, several associates hosted outdoor hibachi grill events at their houses.”
  • “We had a great white linen night that I enjoyed most.”

The Firm Says

Bracewell is the ideal place to launch your legal career. Our open and collaborative culture ensures that you have the opportunity to work on significant matters and have meaningful connections with lawyers from the moment you join. Summer associates attend hearings, depositions, trials, negotiations and client meetings. They hone their writing skills by helping research and draft agreements, briefs, articles and blog posts. When not working, summer associates have the opportunity to explore their local communities and get to know our lawyers through social events and our two-day offsite summer associate retreat.