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Summer Program Stats

No. of Summer Associates (2023): 131 total (127 2Ls; 4 1Ls)

No. of 2L Offers (2022): 124 out of 124

Summer Associate Salary:

2Ls: $4,150/week

Summer Program Length:

11 weeks

Summer Program Contact

Sandra E. Herbst
Director of Legal Recruiting
(212) 909-6657

Our Survey Says

  • “Very substantive summer associate program. Summer associates work on real client billable matters, and have ample flexibility in trying out different practice areas.”
  • “I received substantive work assignments that aligned perfectly with the interests that I expressed on the firm's survey prior to the start of the summer program. This spoke volumes about the firm's culture and attitude to associate development, beginning at day one.”
  • “There were excellent training opportunities, and all of the work I was given was substantive and important. I also received a lot of support and mentorship from senior associates and junior associates with my assignments.”
  • “Debevoise does a good job of integrating summer associates into ongoing matters, and I was satisfied with my training and work assignments. There were often multiple training opportunities each week, including practice briefings that helped orient us to the kinds of work that the firm handles.”
  • “The social component was great. The firm set up weekly workout classes, frequent lunches with other associates and/or summer associates, and fun post-work activities (including an improv night, trivia night, bar nights, etc.).”
  • “The summer associate class is usually on the smaller side, so summer associates really get to know each other well. Summer events are exciting for the entire firm, and they generally provide an opportunity for the whole firm to get together and socialize.”
  • “As a junior associate now with experience interacting with one class of summer associates, I thought the firm did a great job of setting up a variety of summer events that catered to several types of interests. The summers went to a baseball game, had a Central Park Zoo event, and had plenty of lunches and happy hours to welcome them to the firm.”
  • “The summer associate program has several ‘big’ events, like the zoo evening, a welcome event, and a send-off event. There are also multiple happy hours, and practice groups will put on social events as well.”
  • “I thought my summer experience was an accurate representation of what life as a junior associate is like. I am given tasks that push me to improve and learn new things, but there are always people there to ask questions, and provide support and feedback.”
  • “Everyone has been extremely supportive, not just of my progress as a first year, but also my personal and professional goals broadly. You do get the feeling that the firm genuinely cares about their associates.”
  • “Pleasantly surprised that the firm stuck by their commitment to give me work in a highly specialized and sought-after practice area. Also, [I] had close contact and engagement with partners over the summer and assumed that was just because I was a summer, but have continued to get face time, meals, and catch-up emails with partners since joining.”
  • “I feel like summer over-prepared me for life at the firm—working here full-time has, in some ways, been much easier.”
  • “The LGBTQIA+ brunch.”
  • “My favorite summer event was the scavenger hunt online, because I thought it was fun and allowed our group to get to know each other more than the other online events.”
  • “My favorite summer event was the improv workshop, as it really provided the associate class the opportunity to bond in a relaxed and informal setting.”
  • “Renting the Central Park Zoo for the [night] is definitely my favorite. Everyone shows up, including summers, and watching partners trying to rein in their kids is definitely one of the highlights.”

The Firm Says

During your summer, we will introduce you to the firm—to Debevoise partners, counsel, and associates, your summer colleagues and the practice of law. Summer associates are involved in substantive client work from the outset, and our summer program offers the flexibility to explore different practice areas or focus on just one. You’ll be invited to participate in firm training programs and attend department and practice lunches alongside Debevoise attorneys discussing substantive developments and exchanging insights about issues affecting our clients. Programs cover topics such as the fundamentals of negotiation, developing a core theory for a litigation, a workshop on effective legal writing, and “Private Equity Funds 101.” The summer program also offers exposure to our diversity and pro bono programs and information about the opportunities to get involved. Organized social events introduce summer associates to New York, to each other, and to lawyers within the firm. In prior summers, these have included dinners hosted by partners in their homes, sporting and cultural events, and pro bono benefits and activities.