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Farella Braun + Martel’s model is one of uncompromising excellence and integrity. Our career building platform presents a unique opportunity that many larger law firms cannot offer. Whether as a lateral attorney, summer clerk, or first year associate, joining the Farella family of lawyers means that you will be surrounded by people who want the best for you and will work diligently to ensure that you are acknowledged and rewarded along the way and at each critical juncture.

Professionals who work well in small teams, appreciate face-to-face interactions with clients and peers, are open to learning, and are willing to take on leadership roles—in the firm, the profession, and the community—will be successful at Farella. This is our commitment to you: We will support you in achieving both personal satisfaction and professional accomplishment.

You have day-to-day access to lead partners, decision makers, team members, and professional support staff. In addition, Farella’s hands-on approach to training lawyers in both legal substance and client development stands high above most Northern California law firms, making it a hallmark of our practice and the number one reason our lawyer turnover is low. We can honestly say that few attorneys leave Farella for another private practice law firm.

Farella offers our associates substantive work experience early on through the lean staffing of our matters. Simultaneously, our associates receive the training and mentoring required to advance their careers. Our first, second, and third year attorneys regularly comment that they are offered opportunities and responsibilities which their colleagues at other firms have not yet experienced.

The best path to joining Farella as a first year attorney is through participation in our summer associate program. Our program introduces law students to a full range of the firm's activities and enables us to assess their written, verbal, and analytical skills, as well as their judgment, maturity, and ability to interact and work with others. At the same time, our summer associate program allows students to decide whether Farella is the right fit for them. During our summer program, we provide our summer associates with a realistic glimpse of their future as attorneys. 

Over the course of the summer, summer associates rotate into different practice groups every two weeks, working with partners and senior associates on a variety of projects that involve actual client matters. The rotation assignments are based on the summer associate’s expressed interests. We understand that practicing law is very different from studying law. Our unique rotation system pairs summer associates with partners as well as senior associates to impart an understanding of our different practice areas and the kind of work they will do, the clients they will serve and the people with whom they will work, should they choose to join us. This presents summer associates with a hands-on view of what many practices are really like without pigeonholing themselves into one particular practice area.

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