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Our Survey Says

Vault Verdict 

Milbank sets the bar, not only for associate salary scale, but also in work quality and pro bono work. Hiring efforts focus on students from top law schools with top grades and emphasize overall fit. Friendly settings, open-door policies, and vibrant interactions contribute to a strong sense of community. Given the low partner-to-associate ratio, attorneys work closely together, and partners treat associates well. Associates would appreciate greater transparency around promotion prospects but appreciate the annual “State of the Firm” address that provides insight into firm performance and finances. Trainings, including Milbank@Harvard and CLEs, are impactful and plentiful, and hands-on work under partner supervision bolsters associate development. Laterals feel appropriately onboarded and welcomed. Work assignments include both substantive work and routine tasks like document review, and associates can request more of the former as they feel ready. Higher-performing associates tend to get more-advanced projects, but lean teams mean that most associates get substantive work. Though Milbank does not set a billable target, associates are expected to—and actually do—work a lot of hours. The firm sets the prevailing rate for associate salaries and bonuses, and all attorneys receive lockstep bonuses independent of hours billed. The firm offers numerous wellness offerings, though associates note that workloads can make it difficult to utilize them. Milbank’s dedication to pro bono work is notable, and these hours count as billable. The firm has diversity and inclusion programming and affinity groups and offers billable credit for related work/activities. Non-equity partner and counsel positions may be more realistic than making equity partner, but it is possible. Attorneys who leave tend to go in-house in a variety of areas.


55 Hudson Yards
New York, NY 10001-2163
Phone: (212) 530-5000

Firm Stats

Chairman: Scott A. Edelman
Hiring Partners: Roland Estevez, Nola Heller, Jonathon Jackson, Alexandra Johnson, Alex Lees, Grant Mainland, Atara Miller, Iliana Ongun, Eschi Rahimi-Laridjani, Abhi Raval, Sean Solis (NY); Dara Panahy (DC); Samir Vora, Mike Klaus, Mox Elraheb (LA).
Total No. Attorneys (2024):
750 - 1K
No. of Partners Named 2023:

Base Salary

Base Salary (2024)
1st year: $225,000
2nd year: $235,000
3rd year: $260,000
4th year: $310,000
5th year: $365,000
6th year: $390,000
7th year: $420,000
8th year: $435,000
Summer Associate: $4,327/week

Employment Contact

Alexandra Paslawsky
Director of Global Legal Recruiting
(212) 530-5511
Nga Phan (DC Office)
Human Resources Manager
(202) 835-7529
Elsie Arisa (LA Office)
Legal Recruiting Manager
(424) 386-4582

No. of U.S. Offices: 3

No. of International Offices: 9

Major Office Locations

New York, NY (HQ)
Los Angeles, CA
Washington, DC
Hong Kong
São Paulo

Major Departments

Alternative Investments
Capital Markets
Financial Restructuring
Leveraged Finance
Litigation & Arbitration
Project, Energy and Infrastructure Finance
Real Estate
Transportation & Space
Trusts & Estates
*See firm website for complete list of practice areas and industries.