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Summer Program Stats

No. of Summer Associates (2023): 63 total (0 3Ls; 47 2Ls; 16 1Ls)

No. of 2L Offers (2022): 53 out of 56

Summer Associate Salary:

Salary not disclosed

Summer Program Length:

10 weeks

Summer Program Contact

Meredith Bond
Senior Manager, Entry Level Recruiting
(214) 855-7470

Our Survey Says

  • “I received plenty of substantive assignments in the practice area that I was interested in. The partners and associates made it clear that they wanted to make sure I was assigned work that gave me insight into what I would be doing were I to accept a full-time position in the practice area that I had indicated interest in.”
  • “I had the opportunity to work on substantive assignments, and received feedback on all of them. I got to draft the first iteration of a motion to dismiss, and wrote several research memos. I also got to help on a pro bono cert petition.”
  • “Most of our summer program was not substantial client work, but rather training. I was given the opportunity to work on a pro bono project throughout the summer program, however, that was incredibly rewarding. I spoke to the client on a weekly basis, and conducted substantial legal research to help her with a housing issue.”
  • “I summered during 2020, which was the height of the pandemic. The summer program had to be completely restructured and rearranged within a short time period. With that being said, even though we did not complete substantive work (as we were virtual), the firm did a really good job of giving us mock assignments that would mirror substantive work. I think they did the best they could in that situation, and they really handled it well.”
  • “One of the best parts of this office is the camaraderie between the associates. That culture was evident in the way attorneys interacted with each other, and with the summer associates at the social events.”
  • “Norton Rose Fulbright's summer program is packed full of social events that are very fun, and they also do a great job of letting the summer associates meet attorneys from all the practice groups. They were generally well attended.”
  • “The events were very well organized and collaborative, even though the majority were remotely done. Some events involved kids and family members (cooking classes, mixology classes, magic show, wine tasting).”
  • “My summer associate program occurred during the first summer of COVID. It was not the summer associate program I was so looking forward to, because it was all conducted remotely, but given the circumstances, I think the firm did an incredible job of putting together a summer program full of fun (remote) events. We were also given plenty of opportunities to talk to partners and associates, in our office and other offices as well.”
  • “My summer associate experience was fairly representative of my current experience as a first year. I believe I got a picture of the firm culture, work, etc.”
  • “The workload has been high—not outside of the expectations that were conveyed to me in the summer, but still higher than I fully appreciated as a summer associate. But the mentorship and encouragement that was exhibited from attorneys at the firm during my summer has continued, and even exceeded, the level that was put forward when I was being recruited. I feel like the attorneys were not just trying to get me on board, but truly care about my success now that I'm here.”
  • “When I was a summer associate, I had a work coordinator; however, as a first-year associate, you are responsible for managing your own workload. So it was a bit different, but it makes sense that as an associate, you have to manage it on your own.”
  • “My summer was during the first wave of COVID, and entirely virtual with no client work given. Thus, my experience practicing is very different. But overall, all promises and impressions given by attorneys during my summer comport with reality. For example, choosing my practice area, the nature of work, and remote work expectations.”
  • “My favorite summer event was the casino night. I was intimidated at first, because I didn't know how to play any card games, but everyone was super nice and welcoming. I am very glad I got to learn something new. I also really liked the chocolate tasting event we had.”
  • “My favorite summer event was an event where we did a progressive dinner at associates’ houses.”
  • “Mixology lessons, gnocchi cooking class, chocolate and wine pairing class, movie night.”
  • “Cocktail/mocktail making class and an ‘office golf’ tournament (putt-putt played in the office).”

The Firm Says

Our Summer Associate Program drives our hiring efforts and provides opportunities to learn what it is like to be a Norton Rose Fulbright lawyer. The Program includes substantive work projects, social events, and trainings that covered a range of subjects, including law firm economics, practice team presentations, and panel discussions on trending topics. In addition to client work, summer associates have work projects that focus on legal skills such as legal writing, due diligence, oral advocacy and pro bono efforts. A key career-building element of the Summer Associate Program is making lasting connections with our lawyers and other participants. We offer team-building and social activities that connect the lawyers and participants in the Program across the U.S. offices. Our lawyers work hard, but they also enjoy having fun and spending time with their colleagues.