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Summer Program Stats

No. of Summer Associates (2024): 30 total (20 2Ls; 10 1Ls)

No. of 2L Offers (2023): 33 out of 38

Summer Associate Salary:


Summer Program Length:

10 weeks hybrid (2-3 days in office)

Summer Program Contact

Mike Dee
U.S. Sr. Manager, Law School Relations & Diversity Recruiting

Hillary Coughlin
Legal Recruiting Manager

Our Survey Says

  • “Our summer program focuses more heavily on substantive work, so it gives summer associates a grounded idea of what a first-year associate would do.”
  • “Overall, I felt I received really useful training as a summer and was given quality work that I've done as a first-year associate. I've found that a lot of the assignments I've been given are at least somewhat familiar to me because I remember doing them during my summer.”
  • “I was given the opportunity to work on substantive client matters early on in my summer experience. I was also given valuable feedback on my assigned work from more senior associates.”
  • “The firm had a clear assignment system with all work flowing through an assignment coordinator so that summer associates would not be overwhelmed or have to manage too many competing deadlines. There were also multiple trainings each week regarding how to use firm resources and how to complete tasks typically assigned to junior associates. These were specific to our practice group, which made them more informative and applicable.”
  • “Our summer program is well-built for summer associates to bond over a shared experience and includes several off-site events.”
  • “The firm planned excellent social events that helped us bond as a class and encouraged and incentivized associates to make relationships with us.”
  • “Orrick's summer program included great social events that provided ample chances to meet attorneys and develop meaningful friendships with other summer associates.”
  • “The firm had fun social events! We had at least one local social event weekly and then our national event.”
  • “My summer experience was completely and accurately reflective of my experience practicing at the firm. The firm and attorneys here did not attempt to hide aspects of work life from me, and that helped inform my decision on returning!”
  • “The impression I had as a summer has been mostly true in practice. The people are generally great to work with, and you are given a lot of responsibility very early. I was able to choose my practice area.”
  • “The attorneys were very honest about their experiences, and my experience so far has matched what they shared. They acknowledged that life was busy and difficult, but they also said that people were kind and spent time to help each other. That has been my experience so far.”
  • “The expectation I had after my summer associate experience matched with my actual experience at the firm thus far. If anything, I'm surprised that there haven't been any surprises—what I saw was what I got.”
  • “The national event in San Francisco! The dinner on the water with everyone in attendance and performances were the best!”
  • “Canoeing, exploring the nearby wetland, and picnic on the lawn.”
  • “Topgolf.”
  • “Attending a live sporting event.”

The Firm Says

Our 10-week hybrid summer program enables summer associates to experience being part of Team Orrick. Summer associates work on substantive legal matters from across the country, while participating in local and national events to get to know our team and each other. Our program offers interesting legal work, client connections, a national in-person Summer Academy in San Francisco, and live and virtual teambuilding events, as well as mindfulness classes.