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Summer Program Stats

No. of Summer Associates (2023): 59 total (39 2Ls; 18 1Ls; 2 SEOs)

No. of 2L Offers (2022): 81 out of 83

Summer Associate Salary:

$215,000 (annualized)

Summer Program Length:

10 weeks

Summer Program Contact

Mike Dee
U.S. Sr. Manager, Law School Relations & Diversity Recruiting

Hillary Coughlin
Legal Recruiting Manager

Our Survey Says

  • “Orrick provided substantive writing and research assignments that went to active and fast-paced cases, which allowed me to feel like a member of the team and firm.”
  • “Real assignments and plenty of them! Partners provided good feedback, and I enjoyed working with other associates.”
  • “Work life as a summer associate was very balanced. I had meaningful assignments, but was strongly discouraged from working late on weeknights, or at all on weekends. They really want the summer to be a learning experience, and make it a priority not to overwork associates, unlike some other firms I know.”
  • “I was able to work on real substantive assignments, and felt like a real associate, albeit for a short time. While the summer was remote, the firm did strive to try and make us feel a part of the firm.”
  • “Social events were well attended and fun. The associates and partners spent most, if not all, of the time during events interacting with the summers.”
  • “Orrick organized at least one summer event a week, and they were well planned. It caused my summer class to grow extremely close, and we still are to this day.”
  • “Orrick had a wide array of summer events that were organized locally, by practice group, by affinity group, and nationally.”
  • “We were hybrid/predominantly virtual, but the firm still made a great effort to have weekly social events. We did remote wine tasting, charcuterie board-making classes, terrarium making, etc. Then the firm had a big office social at the end of the summer.”
  • “I've been pleasantly surprised by the fact that the firm has been as it was represented when I was a summer associate. My progression as an associate has felt like a natural progression of my experience as a summer associate.”
  • “The way you get work is more entrepreneurial as an associate than as a summer associate, where you have a workflow coordinator.”
  • “I have less interaction with partners now. Most of my work product goes to senior associates. It's not a bad difference, but it is noticeable.”
  • “I was surprised by how friendly and helpful everyone continued to be, as well as how seriously the mentorship programs were taken.”
  • “Topgolf, sporting events, happy hours.”
  • “I really enjoyed the national events that allowed me to meet summer associates across the country. My favorite was our virtual scavenger hunt.”
  • “Charcuterie board-making event. It was so fun. Also, the end of the summer party at the NY office was great.”
  • “Zoom magic show.”

The Firm Says

Our 10-week hybrid summer program enables summer associates to experience being part of Team Orrick. Summer associates work on substantive legal matters from across the country, while participating in local and national events to get to know our team and each other. Our program offers interesting legal work, client connections, a national in-person Summer Academy in San Francisco, and live and virtual teambuilding events, as well as mindfulness classes.