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Summer Program Stats

No. of Summer Associates (2023): 53 total 50 2Ls; 3 1Ls)

No. of 2L Offers (2022): 49 out of 50

Summer Associate Salary:

$ 4,135/week

Summer Program Length:

10 weeks

Summer Program Contact

Donovan Hunter
Firmwide Manager of Entry-Level Recruiting

Our Survey Says

  • “I was given substantive assignments, included in client meetings, and asked for my thoughts during meetings. Partners went out of their way to provide feedback and edits, co-author blogs with me, and ensure that I received projects that I enjoyed working on.”
  • “I received substantive training on the firm's systems, but most importantly, I was assigned to matters with direct implications for active deals. I worked on products that made their way to the client for review, and had the opportunity to observe numerous client calls. It was a very rewarding summer experience.”
  • “The firm provided both general trainings on how to be a junior associate/lawyer, as well as more practice group-specific trainings. As for assignments, my group did a good job of giving substantive work that was appropriate for my level. I was encouraged to ask questions, and the partners and more senior associates went out of their way to explain the transactions to me, and how different documents fit into the puzzle.”
  • “Unlike my friends at other firms, I was actually given work—I handled assignments as a summer associate that a first-year associate would generally handle. It was a great opportunity to get my feet wet, and get a sense of what life as a junior associate would be like (with plenty of opportunities still for networking and fun).”
  • “Each practice group plans a social event, which will mirror the personality and culture of that group. There is also a big summer associate event, which was most recently a trip to the beach club at Catalina. Summer associates are encouraged to spend time with each other, and with the firm's attorneys, as much as desired. Other than the regimented events, associates are encouraged to go to lunch with every member in the corporate group at least once.”
  • “The summer program was a lot of fun socially, and gave the overall impression that Sheppard's culture is friendly, outgoing, and inclusive. We had a variety of social events, from happy hours, a cheese board class, a ramen-making class, beautiful hikes, and more. Many partners and senior associates attended the social events too, which made us summer associates feel valued.”
  • “Sheppard Mullin was one of the few firms that placed a focus on in-person interaction in Summer 2021. They were very cognizant and respectful of everyone's COVID-19 tolerance levels, but also made the back half of the summer in person, and arranged for weekly activities and social events. I was very grateful for this effort, and I am very close with my summer associate class because of it.”
  • “The projects I received as a summer associate were very similar to the work I do now as a first year, and I got to know many of the attorneys I now work with regularly. I'm very grateful for my summer experience, and the honest preview it gave me into life as an associate at the firm.”
  • “The learning curve is steeper than when I was a summer, however, because I handled substantive projects as a summer, I feel as though I was prepared for that aspect. I interviewed knowing what work I wanted to do, was selected to that practice group, and they embraced me over the summer, and I am working in that group now.
  • “I wasn't necessarily promised work in one area, but I wasn't told that I would be a transactional generalist for the first few months. There was a certain point where I was able to transition away from that, but this transition required a lot of help from a partner. Being a generalist at first was actually very helpful to my career, and I'm very glad it worked out that way, but knowing the expectation going in would have been nice. Otherwise, the firm and the attorneys did a great job setting expectations.”
  • “None! I landed in the practice group I summered with, as everyone else did. The work is very similar to what I did over the summer because the firm didn't give us ‘fake’ or ‘busy’ work.”
  • “Being invited to our managing partner's house at the Jersey shore.”
  • “Korean BBQ event followed by karaoke.”
  • “Halloween in July.”
  • “The event that stood out the most was a sailing event in San Francisco Bay, although attending a San Francisco Giants game in box seats was a close second.”

The Firm Says

Our Summer Associate Program is the primary vehicle to attract high-achieving law students from diverse backgrounds to the firm.

All summer associates attend Summer Associate Academy in California, where they undergo training and networking before returning to their home offices.
Summer associates work alongside partners and associates on client matters and impactful pro bono work, gaining exposure into various practice areas. Multiple training opportunities and interactive workshops are available to further develop their legal skills.

They will also get to know new lawyers and their fellow classmates through fun social events outside of the office.

Summer associates will emerge from the program with a full and realistic exposure to the range and quality of the firm’s work, the structure of the firm, and the personality of their respective offices.  More importantly, they will come away with a greater understanding of what life as a first-year associate looks like.