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Summer Program Stats

No. of Summer Associates (2023): 163 total (93 2Ls; 70 1Ls)

No. of 2L Offers (2023): 93 out of 93

Summer Associate Salary:


Summer Program Length:

10 weeks

Summer Program Contact

Gretchen Rollins
Senior Director of Attorney Recruitment
(214) 220-7907

Our Survey Says

  • “I received great opportunities with different levels of attorneys, first through third years, senior associates, and also partners, which provided great variety in skills and takeaways. I was trusted with assignments, and felt that I was contributing and also learning.”
  • “Summer associates work on substantive assignments, and every attorney that I have met seems to enjoy training and mentoring summer associates.”
  • “The firm gave me many opportunities to take on substantive work as a summer, and planned a number of trainings throughout the program to both get us accustomed to life as an associate, and to show what life at V&E is like.”
  • “There were many training sessions on a variety of tasks, and some were more helpful than others. For actual work assignments, the majority were substantive assignments for clients. There were a few times during the summer that large projects came in, and they were treated with an 'all-hands-on-deck' approach that included me as a summer associate, and went all the way up the chain to partners. I felt that I was contributing during these times.”
  • “Some social events were for summer associates only, for summer associates and associates only, for summer associates and partners only, and for everyone. The events were organized in a way that created a healthy balance between getting to know other summer associates, having honest conversations with associates, and getting to know partners.”
  • “V&E has an incredible social program for summer associates. Every week, they have one lunch where they go as a group (no attorneys) so they can get to know each other and bond. The other days, they have learning lunches or lunches with various associates. Additionally, we have a few large firm parties during the summer, as well as practice group-specific parties and events.”
  • “The social aspect of V&E's summer program is second to none. All events are well thought through, and the firm does a great job ensuring a healthy mix of attorneys attend each event. They also know that associate-only events are the most fun, and offer great opportunities to connect with peers without the inherent pressure of a partner's eyes.”
  • “I had very many experiences with attorneys, with just summers, at dinners, at sporting events, and all around town. This was definitely one of the greatest summers, and I definitely built very strong relationships and friendships with the summers.”
  • “My experience practicing at my firm has closely aligned with the expectations set forth during the summer associate program. Everyone during the summer was upfront and honest about what to expect as a junior associate. I was placed in my first choice practice group, and so were other summer associates.”
  • “Practicing at the firm is different only in the expectations that partners give to associates versus summer associates. For instance, summer associates are not expected to work late. Otherwise, my experience as a summer associate generally mirrors that of an associate, particularly in the kind of substantive and diverse range of work I receive.”
  • “I think that the biggest difference is the lack of control over your schedule/time. When I was a summer associate, I felt like I had complete control over what I was going to do day in and day out. When I started at the firm, control over my schedule was not there.”
  • “I think we could do a better job representing the true hours associates work. I felt that the firm was overall honest and fulfilled its promises.”
  • “My favorite summer events were the small group dinners with a few attorneys in the same practice group. I also enjoyed our ‘clerk lunches’, where all of the summer associates in my office would go to lunch on Fridays without any of the attorneys.”
  • “Go-kart competition; batting practice at Minute Maid stadium (home of the Houston Astros); sushi experience (dinner event at local sushi hotspot where you learn how to make sushi, followed by a full sushi dinner made by the pros).”
  • “We had a pickleball tournament at the country club, and a cookout at an associate’s house.”
  • “We had a large end-of-summer event where offers were extended to all summer associates. The event was well attended by firm attorneys, and was a great way to end the internship.”

The Firm Says

Vinson & Elkins offers Summer Associates opportunities to work on high-level projects from a variety of practice areas of interest and on pro bono matters. Law students experience hands-on legal training, develop strong mentoring relationships, and get to know what it is like to practice in complex areas of law at Vinson & Elkins. Additionally, there are plenty of social and wellness activities that help students get to know future colleagues in a relaxed atmosphere.