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If you want to work at WilmerHale, top grades, intellectual curiosity, and a desire to excel are a must, but the firm doesn’t limit itself to candidates from top law schools. Instead, WilmerHale wants to hire people who fit the firm culture. Clerkships and prior work experience also help you get a foot in the door. Lawyers value the social nature of the firm and the fact that work-life balance is supported and respected. While there is a hierarchy at the firm, it isn’t hierarchical, with partners and senior associates taking the time to work with and develop junior associates. Partners are accessible and open to collaboration and discussion around performance. The firm is transparent regarding decision-making, and associates have a communication task force to openly discuss any issues with firm leadership. Training at the firm is abundant, and associates really feel invested in the entire time at the firm. Becoming a partner at WilmerHale is difficult, but exit opportunities to in-house roles or the government are excellent, given the firm’s outstanding reputation. Technology and support are top-notch at WilmerHale, and associates work seamlessly at home, in the office, or on their commutes. Hours are reasonable, with credit given for unlimited pro bono, business development, and diversity efforts. Associates appreciate that the practice managers spread work around evenly and fairly. Compensation and bonuses are at the top of the market, and extra bonuses are given to high billers. Wellness is supported with counseling opportunities, financial advice, and firmwide efforts to limit late-night and weekend work. WilmerHale encourages all associates to bill at least 20 hours of pro bono work. Associates commend the diversity efforts of the firm, and DEI mentorship starts early for new associates.


2100 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20037
Phone: (617) 526-6000 • (202) 663-6000

Firm Stats

Co-Managing Partners: Susan W. Murley and Robert T. Novick
Hiring Partners: John Hobgood & Molly Fox (Boston); Ben Fernandez (Denver); Chris Casamassima (Los Angeles); Robert Boone, Michelle Diamond & Zachary Goldman (New York); Michael Mugmon (Palo Alto & San Francisco); Brenda Lee & Ben Neaderland (Washington, DC)
Total No. Attorneys (2023):
1K - 1.5K
No. of Partners Named 2023:
Billable-Hour Requirement:
2,000 hours

Base Salary

Base Salary (2024)
1st year: $ 225,000
2nd year: $235,000
3rd year: $260,000
4th year: $310,000
5th year: $365,000
6th year: $390,000
7th year: $420,000
8th year: $435,000
Summer Associate: $4,135.00 (weekly)

Employment Contact

Bronagh Hollywood
Director, Legal Personnel & Development
(617) 526-5983
Recruiting contacts for all offices can be found at

No. of U.S. Offices: 7

No. of International Offices: 5

Major Office Locations

Boston, MA
Denver, CO
Los Angeles, CA
New York, NY
Palo Alto, CA
San Francisco, CA
Washington, DC I

Major Departments

Intellectual Property
Regulatory and Government Affairs
*See firm website for complete list of practice areas and industries.