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Wolf, Greenfield & Sacks, P.C.

A proud tradition of excellence in IP

For over 80 years, Wolf Greenfield has offered its clients a level of expertise matched by few other firms. Like the inventors and innovators we serve, we have backgrounds as engineers, scientists, and specialists in fields as diverse as biotechnology, computer science, mechanical engineering, and countless other areas of science. Our unitary focus on intellectual property has proven to be advantageous. Wolf Greenfield attorneys genuinely believe IP to be the most exciting field in the legal industry, and we value our interactions with clients whose inventions, products, and services are changing the world for the better. As a firm, we make sure our attorneys' commitment and dedication is matched by a rich infrastructure designed and refined with the practice of IP law in mind. With over eight decades of IP experience behind us, we understand intellectual property - its subtleties, intricacies, and how best to serve our clients' IP needs - on a level other firms can only hope to achieve.

A culture mindful of life beyond the office

In a survey of our attorneys seeking to ascertain Wolf Greenfield's firm values, three core values emerged: having sufficient time for family, fostering mutual respect and trust for one another, and maintaining the collegial environment that makes Wolf Greenfield special. Essential ingredients to preserving the practice and firm culture included offering our associates dynamic work from clients we handpick, delivering nothing short of exceptional work product, and upholding the highest ethical standards. Another way we preserve our core values is by offering associates one of the lowest billable hour requirements (1,800) while still offering them among the highest starting salaries of major Boston law firms. We also realize that satisfaction is enhanced by a great work environment, so we offer our associates a truly ideal office space: a beautiful new office that features unparalleled views of the Charles River, the State House, Boston Harbor, and the Atlantic Ocean - but still no more than a stone's throw from South Station. We believe Wolf Greenfield is a firm like none other, and we are proud of letting our work and firm decisions reflect our culture: one of collegiality, dedication, and excellence.

Eight practice areas = countless opportunities

Our eight primary practice areas are: biotechnology, chemical & materials technologies, electrical & computer technologies, litigation, mechanical technologies, pharmaceutical, trademark & copyright and post-grant. This group structure provides a framework for open interaction between and among associates and shareholders (partners) and for workflow, yet not at the cost of restricting the type of work you can do or the groups you can work with. Once assigned to a practice group, your practice group leader will coordinate your work assignments to ensure you have work that is interesting and advances your professional development. You will also have many opportunities to work closely with shareholders, experienced associates, and technology specialists from other practice groups. From the outset of your career with Wolf Greenfield, you will have extensive contact with clients and be a member of several client teams. You will find yourself rapidly developing into a client's point of first contact for tasks on which you work.

A trusted authority

To navigate the intricate world of intellectual property, we look for and hire the best attorneys to help us serve our clients. It is for this reason that Wolf Greenfield is continuously called upon to provide its opinion and offer its insight on cutting-edge IP issues. Wolf Greenfield has regularly drawn on its immense legal knowledge and tremendous body of experience to offer opinions on the critical IP issues of the day. For example, Wolf Greenfield attorneys provided expert independent commentary on a landmark Supreme Court case - Illinois Tool Works Inc. v. Independent Ink, Inc. - and assisted in the drafting of an amicus brief for the Bilski v. Doll case involving the patentability of business methods currently awaiting decision by the Supreme Court. Wolf Greenfield also holds quarterly free seminars in Boston for clients and other contacts addressing key IP issues and strategies. We're looking for people who are excited by IP and who are as intellectually curious as they are talented practitioners of the law - lawyers ready to tackle opportunities to handle the thorniest of legal issues efficiently and authoritatively.

Competitive benefits and perks

Wolf Greenfield employees receive a complete and diverse benefit package. We continually evaluate our offerings and remain committed to providing quality benefits from quality providers. We pay a significant portion of insurance premiums for all our employees and their family members including domestic partners. The remaining additional cost is paid by the employee on a pre-tax basis. Wolf Greenfield is also quite cognizant of the importance of a robust 401(k) plan and therefore matches employee 401(k) deferrals, and makes profit sharing contributions at the end of the year. We look out for your health in other ways, too. As a tenant of the Federal Reserve Bank in Boston, we are able to offer our employees membership in the Bank's fitness center for a nominal fee.