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At a Glance


“Clients, travelling, responsibility, freedom.”

“International opportunities.”

“Results oriented and a lot of responsibility.”


“Face value in some decision-making, lack of clear guidance.”

“Hours and size.”

“Parental leave policy, some culture bits, work life balance.”

About Applied Value Europe

Applied Value was founded in 1997 by Bruce Grant and Jan Stenbeck as an action-oriented management consultancy focused on enhancing clients’ financial value and delivering lean, expedient growth solutions. Established on a combination of entrepreneurship and cost & capital efficiency, Applied Value operates from the belief that clients should see the highest return on investment from their engagement with the firm. 

“Tangible results” are a core value proposition of the firm. Applied Value only pursues projects where it can produce quantifiable outcomes. Management consulting has been the firm’s core business since inception, but the firm also invests in other companies and maintains a strong commitment to social impact work.

The Applied Value Way

Applied Value bridges the gap between the hands-on, personalized engagement of a smaller consultancy and the global perspective of larger international firms. The firm offers management consulting services in four key practice areas: go-to-market strategy, gross margin improvement, OPEX efficiency, and capital efficiency.

Applied Value approaches every project with speed, an unbiased perspective, and direct involvement in actionable recommendations. This is the Applied Value Way, and it guides the firm’s lean growth methodology. To reduce waste and ensure profitable growth for clients, Applied Value adheres to three principles: focus, simplicity, and speed.

Focus guides the use of resources and enhances essential capabilities. Simplicity reduces organizational complexity to standardize processes and hone the business’s focus. Speed helps clients become faster and more agile in processes that enable them to meet customers’ needs—from product development and sales to supply chain management. Above all, Applied Value emphasizes practicality when addressing operational inefficiencies to enhance clients’ financial value as well as ROI.

Valuable Ventures

In addition to their core management consulting business, Applied Value also leverages its own resources and expertise to invest in other companies that demonstrate high growth or turnaround potential. According to the firm, “As business owners ourselves, we understand how things work in the ‘real world’, giving us a unique perspective in management consulting.”

Through two investment initiatives, Applied Value maintains a portfolio of companies of both minority and control investments to proliferate value creation. By investing in its own growth, the firm ensures that it is well-positioned to advise clients on theirs.

Invaluable Social Impact

This firm understands that enhancing profitable growth for companies is not the only way to create value. That’s why Applied Value invests “time, talent, and treasure” into mission-driven organizations dedicated to improving the lives of people all over the world. By applying its expertise in leadership and strategy—as well as monetary donations—to partner organizations in the public sector, the firm empowers these groups to maximize their social impact.

Applied Value Europe

Empire State Building
350 5th Ave, Suite 5400
New York, NY 10118

Firm Stats

President & CEO: Ryan Huff

Major Office Locations

New York, NY
Miami, FL
Andover, MA
Stockholm, SE
Shanghai, CN
Istanbul, TR

Major Departments & Practices

Management and Strategy Consulting