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Vault’s Verdict

DayBlink Consulting offers a true boutique experience, where employees are given lots of autonomy and opportunities for personal growth through hands-on experience from day one. And, while it faces typical small-firm challenges, including limited project diversity and occasional growing pains, insiders are quick to praise the quality of life on offer at the firm—something made possible by a strong focus on ensuring reasonable working hours.

The firm's culture is characterized by a strong sense of teamwork and support, with an emphasis on helping each other succeed. Compensation is competitive relative to the hours, with plenty of performance-based bonuses on offer by way of incentive. 

Perhaps the most notable aspect of life at the firm is its monthly promotion review process: a feature that allows consultants to make rapid career progress as soon as they are ready, rather than having to wait for an annual or bi-annual review process.

In terms of outlook, insiders appear broadly optimistic, noting that leadership has effectively navigated a tough market of late—something that bodes well for the firm in the months and years ahead.

Firm Culture

  • “Excellent place to work—great culture, great people, exciting work with executive level clients.”
  • “If you are interested in the field and industry, there is really not much more one could do to make my firm a better place to work.”
  • “Must be willing to go above and beyond, but you'll be rewarded for it through monetary bonus and promotions plus your own career growth.”
  • “The culture and camaraderie. Everyone sets each other up for success and there is not a feeling of competition between colleagues.”
  • “This is a company that shows that they care about their employees and tries to position them for success. The best candidate would be a self-starter who is also curious to learn and grow across groups.”

Quality of Life

  • “Best—DayBlink culture is awesome. The people make this company great. Worst—hours can sometimes be long.”
  • “Best: I know everyone and my company and people make a real effort to foster a strong culture. Hours are on the lower end of top end consulting and travel is minimal. We are encouraged to take time off. Worst: Because we are almost completely virtual, periods of time occur where we are less social and it can be easy to feel isolated.”
  • “Hours are very manageable. I think the partners who have a background at the big firms would like staff to work more hours, but no one really works more than 45 hours a week. I think they do and should expect more hours from staff as this is management consulting, but the leadership focuses more on results than the time spent getting them—great way to manage.”
  • “Since COVID, there is little travel demand which affords me a much greater work/life flex arrangement that works great for me.”
  • “There are always going to be weeks where someone may be working more than 40 hours, but DayBlink keeps an eye on how much the employees are working to see if an additional resource is needed to help support. Travel requirements are minimal and based on client need, which provides people more time at home with their family.”


  • “Base pay is static at each level; however, bonuses are distributed based on firm and client contributions.”
  • “DayBlink Consulting's compensation package is competitive, and pay raises are good. DayBlink also pays the monthly premiums for medical, dental, and vision insurance.”
  • “Generally feel compensation is competitive with the marketplace with multiple ways to earn bonus through performance, sales, and firm contribution.”
  • “I am extremely happy with the pay transparency, which has led to pay equality based on title. I do not have anything negative to say about the compensation package.”
  • “I think DayBlink's compensation is fair, perks are generous, and opportunities for promotion and raise are frequent and accessible.”

Career Development

  • “Best: Because promotions can occur out of cycle, it reduces the anxiety around ‘promotion season,’ and people feel like their contributions to the firm are recognized right away. Worst: Training opportunities are primarily in an independent learning format. There should also be opportunities for group training sessions.”
  • “DayBlink Consulting has a monthly promotion review process to reward and recognize high-performing employees on a more frequent interval.”
  • “Employees can be promoted whenever they are ready based on their personal contributions and development. Leadership makes promotional decisions monthly rather than through one annual promotion cycle, and there is no minimum time in seat. I feel that this allows everyone to have more ownership in their development and career progression.
  • "Because DayBlink is a small firm, there is less opportunity to change departments/projects/roles that I have experienced at larger firms (for example, we are mostly tech-focused, so I couldn't decide to move into a healthcare consulting or federal consulting department). The firm size is also a benefit as there are a lot of opportunities to work directly with leadership, who are very engaged in employee development and willing to identify internal and external opportunities to develop skills.”
  • “The firm prioritizes what peoples’ interests are and tries to put them on contracts that align with these interests. The promotion process is very simple. Our firm does need to increase our employee diversity.”
  • “We have one of the best promotion policies in the consulting industry, in my opinion, allowing people to go up for promotion when they are ready, and not on an annual or bi-annual basis. As a small firm, I think training is always a challenge, but our on-the-job training is great given the ability to work directly with partners and managers.”

Community Engagement

  • “I believe that all consultants do have equal access to high-quality work and promotion opportunities. The company can improve DE&I efforts specific to race and ethnicity, LGBTQ+ individuals, and individuals with disabilities.”
  • “I do feel that all consultants at DayBlink Consulting have equal access to interesting/high-quality work and promotion opportunities.”
  • “I personally feel our culture is inclusive and equitable. There is interest in increasing diversity, but the company is still mostly white, mostly straight, and mostly male.”
  • “The partners are very receptive and actively looking to improve the diversity of our firm, but we still need to continue increasing our diversity overall.”
  • “We have specifically hired recruiters to increase our levels of minority consultants, but seem to not have luck attracting top candidates from a limited pool.”

Business Outlook

  • “As a small firm that is extremely relationship-based, we do sway with the wind of the economy more than we'd like, but each year we head more and more towards the top as a fantastic cybersecurity consulting firm, and our leadership continues to bring in new business and build new relationships.”
  • “As with any consulting firm, business outlook is greatly tied to overall macro-economic trends. The leadership team is doing a good job navigating the firm through these high-inflationary times.”
  • “Best: From what I can tell, we have done a good job of weathering the storm. Employee morale is generally good. Worst: Industry trends in general do not seem great.”
  • “DayBlink's business outlook remains strong but there is uncertainty based on the macroeconomic forces that are top of mind for leadership.”
  • “The firm is very straightforward about our outlook and provides updates to the team periodically.”

Hiring Process

  • “Communication from HR team is consistent and timely. We are looking for high performers who are interested in contributing to firm culture.”
  • “DayBlink has optimized the interview process. Begins with a screening, panel interview, deliberation, then offer.  It is intended to be a very quick turnaround process.”
  • “DayBlink's recruiting process is efficient. We are seeking candidates who are highly motivated, detail-oriented, and have a desire to continue learning and improving in all aspects of their career.”
  • “I have helped with interviews and think DayBlink does a great job. They use a unique panel-style process that makes sure that multiple people are judging someone's responses.”
  • “We strive to do things quickly and efficiently, and candidates can expect a ~3-week turnaround from interview scheduling to decision, which is incredibly fast.”

Interview Questions

  • “A common business case used during interviews is an enterprise training program and how the candidate would plan for and deliver the program.” 
  • “Figure out, with a given budget, amount of trainers, and amount of employees, how many years it will take to train the entire employee population of company X.”
  • “The recruitment process includes a panel interview, a case study, and a more informal 1:1 interview. During the case studies, applicants are asked to create a pitch deck using the inputs provided and present it to a panel for feedback/questioning.”
  • “Please present this slide to us (2 mins to review the slide, 5 mins to present).”
  • “We have candidates create and present a deck to a panel, followed by behavioral questions.”
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