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 About ghSMART

Since our founding in 1995, our mission has always been to use our expertise in business and human behavior to help CEOs, boards, and investors build valuable organizations. We exist to help leaders amplify their positive impact on the world.

Because we work with those who share our belief that leadership is the ultimate lever for positive impact and value creation, we proudly serve the CEOs of the largest private equity firms, Fortune 500 companies, and highly-respected not-for-profits.


Over the past decade, 97% of our clients have told us they are highly satisfied with our work. We consistently exceed colleague and client expectations by leveraging our assets:

  • Unmatched expertise: We have executed over 21,000 assessments with over 550 organizations across every major industry; and in every major economic region of the world. As a result, we have the largest relevant database in existence on leadership performance.
  • Top caliber talent: Work with highly-educated and good-hearted colleagues who come from other top companies across diverse disciplines (strategy, psychology, the law, etc.).
  • Robust, proprietary methods: We advise on high stakes people decisions using a rigorous, fact-based approach. Our research has been the basis of three bestselling books (Who: The A Method for Hiring, Power Score: Your Formula for Leadership Success, and The CEO Next Door: The 4 Behaviors that Transform Ordinary People into World-Class Leaders), a Harvard Business Review cover article (What Sets Successful CEOs Apart), and 2 HBS cases that have been taught to top students worldwide.