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 About ghSMART

We are the world’s most effective leadership advisors. Masters of the art of advising and the science of leadership intelligence.

For over two decades, we’re helped CEOs, boards, and investors see the patterns others miss. Our dual mastery of strategy and human behavior, combined with a rigorous process and database of over 23,000 assessments, allows us an unmatched perspective into a business. We help leaders from Fortune 500 companies, leading investment management firms, and the largest private equity firms reveal new paths forward, new opportunities, and new ways to lift up the people they lead.


Over the past decade, 97% of our clients have told us they are highly satisfied with our work. Our research has been the basis of three bestselling books (Who: The A Method for Hiring, Power Score: Your Formula for Leadership Success, and The CEO Next Door: The 4 Behaviors that Transform Ordinary People into World-Class Leaders), a Harvard Business Review cover article (What Sets Successful CEOs Apart), and 2 HBS cases that have been taught to top students worldwide.