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Insigniam Exists to Serve


Insigniam exists to serve.
Our purpose is generating extraordinary value in the service of the fulfillment of the concerns of our clients, employees and shareholders.


We transform the world of business and the practice of management and leadership,
unleashing the power of inspired human performance and catalyzing breakthrough
performance and remarkable value.

Game-Changing Work:

LEFT TO RIGHT: Insigniam employees, Greg Holt (consultant), Justin St. Louis (intern), Bill Broussard (consultant), Bonnie Wingate (partner, consultant), Doug Friedman (consultant), Kathryn Clark (consultant), Valerio Imperatore (consultant), Ashley Tappan (consultant), Nathan Rosenberg  (founding partner, consultant), Charles Gonnet-Sedilliot (consultant), Isabelle Sarkis (consultant), Bruno Brémond (consultant), Laura Wang (consultant), Abigail Trombley (consultant), Evan Chaffee (consultant), Bob Peterson (consultant), and Barry Maloney (consultant) at a consultants training in our office in Laguna Beach, California.

Insigniam Promise to Our Clients: We promise your people will think newly, act differently and deliver unprecedented results ®.

Insigniam, an international management consulting firm, partners with executives in the highest levels in their organizations to generate and execute on innovation and breakthrough performance in the areas that are critical to the success of their enterprises.
Over 30 years ago, we pioneered the field of organization, transformation, and breakthrough performance. In the ensuing decades, Insigniam has been deployed by the world’s most successful companies to unhook from past models of business, behavior, and thinking to identify new strategic frontiers, generate creativity, and execute growth opportunities. By marrying breakthrough performance and innovation, our services and solutions are unparalleled in their potency to quickly create dramatic growth. Our other solutions include Enterprise Transformation, Breakthrough Projects, Making Strategy Actionable, Transformational Leadership, and Enabling Successful Change.

Insigniam impacts the performance of an enterprise. From the board room to the frontline managers and independent contributors. Performance is not simply a matter of knowledge, competency, ability, or rewards. If it were, millions of people who know exactly what to do to get projects done on time would deliver them on time, legions of managers who know what to do to manage change would be delivering successful change initiatives, and all the executives who know what to do to lead their enterprises would have high performing enterprises. And yet, that is not what is actually happening. Unfortunately, knowing what to do and having the skills to do it does not always deliver breakthrough or transformational results.

Perhaps more decisively, performance is determined by the background of beliefs, assumptions, traditions, rules, and presuppositions that form our frame of reference. This context determines how we see the world, how we think, and therefore, how we act. Insigniam Consulting is unique in that we address these potent, and, at times, unseen influences as the starting point for breakthrough performance.

Our Stakeholder Promises:

LEFT TO RIGHT:  Insigniam partners, Marie Caroline-Chauvet, Nathan Rosenberg, Shideh Bina, Katerin Le Folcalvez, Scott Beckett, Guillaume Pajeot, Jen Zimmer, Jon Kleinman, and Bonnie Wingate, at the 2019 firm-wide meeting at The Ritz-Carlton Key Biscayne in Miami, Florida.

To Each Other, we promise to:

  • Demonstrate our technology and walk the talk.
  • Operate with respect, integrity and generosity.
  • Consistently outperform our own levels of performance.

To Our People, we promise that:

  • Your work will provide the opportunity to make a difference and enhance the context of your life.
  • You will have opportunities to grow, flourish, and prosper.
  • The environment at work will be compelling and  exciting.
  • Your well-being will be honored while causing extraordinary results.

To Our Shareholders, we promise that:

  • Growth and profitability will be maximized.
  • Your investments will give sufficient returns to validate your continued investment.
  • The firm will be conducted in a manner that allows for liquidity and inter-generational transfer.


LEFT TO RIGHT: Insigniam partner and consultant, Jen Zimmer having lunch with Insigniam consultant, Ashley Tappan at Insigniam’s 2019 Executive Summit & Thought Leader Day.

In the fall of 2018, Insigniam was honored to be recognized by the Healthcare Business Women’s Association (HBA) as one of three recipients of the HBA ACE Award. Specifically, the HBA noted: “Based on a culture of meritocracy, Insigniam has achieved gender parity in leadership.”

At Insigniam, a culture of meritocracy is the context in which we operate, as we work to serve our clients and fulfill the concerns of our clients, employees and shareholders. Not for a set of “chosen few”, but as a commitment to recognize and reward performance and development of each and every employee; a commitment that lives through a set of principles and practices.

Among the employees of the firm, there is never uncertainty about the performance of the organization overall, or about an individual’s performance. Insigniam consultants know where they stand at all times against their promises for client satisfaction, client delivery, and business development. When the result they’re committed to producing is at risk, coaching is made available to ensure the success of an individual.