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At a Glance


“Getting to work with the founding partners, flexibility in work assignments.”

“Insigniam's consulting creates measurable value for our clients.”

“The intentionality to develop and grow so we walk the talk that we instill in our clients.”


“Capacity of top management (with whom nearly everything has to be aligned) constrains our ability to grow to be more than we are today.”

“It is an intense environment.”

“There is a lot of reporting type work.”

About Insigniam

Unlike consulting firms that advise, train, or do it for you, Insigniam helps ensure that the breakthrough, innovation, and transformation initiatives are led by your leaders and employees. They catalyze, provoke and guide clients and organizations, so the capabilities and competencies are developed within the organization, not walking out the door when they leave.

Insigniam stands for the breakthrough, innovation, and/or transformation a company seeks, partnering with you to leverage your deep knowledge of your business with their expert insights and unique methods for thinking newly, altering behavior, and executing results. Their work has been honed over decades of working with executives and large enterprises.

The firm's name is inspired from the Latin usage of Insignia—“We shall act to make remarkable”—where “we” refers to the people in any enterprise endeavor. That expresses the heart of who Insigniam is as a consulting firm. 

Insigniam know that performance is not simply a matter of knowledge, competency, ability, or rewards. If it were, millions of people who know exactly what to do to get projects done on time would deliver them on time, legions of managers who know what to do to manage change would be delivering successful change initiatives, and all the executives who know what to do to lead their enterprises would have high performing enterprises. But knowing what to do and having skills to do it does not always deliver breakthrough or transformational results.

Performance is supported by the beliefs, assumptions, traditions, rules, and presuppositions that form our frame of reference. Insigniam Consulting addresses these potent, and, at times, unseen influences as the starting point for breakthrough performance.


301 Woodbine Ave
Narberth, PA 19072
Phone: (610) 667-7822

Firm Stats

Employer Type: Private Partnership
Founding Partner: Nathan Owen Rosenberg, Sr.
Founding Partner: Shideh Sedgh Bina
2021 Employees (All Locations): 51

Major Office Locations

Philadelphia, PA
Los Angeles, CA
Paris, France

Major Departments & Practices

  • Enterprise-Wide Transformation
  • Enabling Successful Change
  • A Culture that Fuels Strategy
  • Creating and Realizing Strategy in a Dynamic World
  • Breakthrough Imperatives
  • Innovation That Creates Dramatic Growth
  • Transformational Leadership