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Vault’s Verdict

As one of the stronger challenger brands in global consulting, Kearney’s APAC operations are critical to its continued growth. With that in mind, the company seems to be benefiting from a few senior personnel changes of late—notably in Japan—and is well-positioned to take advantage of a post-COVID rebound in business thanks to its combined strategic and operations expertise.

As an employer, the experience Kearney offers to potential hires in APAC seems to vary from country to country. While not uncommon across such a diverse region, it does mean that it is worth making close inquiries about specific practices, benefits and so on as part of the interview process. Despite this, the firm’s commitment to development and training, coupled with good brand recognition across the region, ensure that exit and/or promotion opportunities should not be too difficult to come by.

Firm Culture

  • “Entrepreneurial set up, immense learning, great colleagues.”
  • “Kearney is a truly world class management firm that is poised for strong growth in the next few years.”
  • “Great apprenticeship that has translated to a rewarding career and the privilege of working with great clients.”
  • “Great firm to work at. You will learn more than any other time in your life, but be prepared to sacrifice your social life, relationship with family members etc. Understand the value proposition before you throw your hat in the ring.”
  • “Kearney continues to be among the prestigious and forward looking firms in the world. The environment despite being intense is amicable and provides you the right support to uplift and explore your career options and your lifestyle choices as well. Diversity remains at the core of the fabric, with focus on diversity as individual project level as well.”
  • “The Kearney team is a big family, we don't compete with each other, we compete only with ‘yesterday ourselves’ - everybody has equal opportunities for development and promotion.”

Quality of Life

  • “Benefits fully paid by the firm include: gym, health insurance including generous extras (optical, dental, massage), well stocked office fridge (including alcohol), meal expense policy et. If required, access to professional mental health experts. Regular meditation sessions in office plus corporate massage.”
  • Best - Vacation time is valued, suggestions and concerns raised are welcome, continuous effort to make things better. Worst - Hours, Respect to personal time on weekdays.”
  • “Best aspect would be how easily junior members can fairly argue with senior without much seniority principles. Worst aspect would be ethnic diversity, as most of consultants are localized in comparison with other firms.”
  • “Forced people to take vacation when there was no work to do, and sometimes dragged people back to work (during their vacation time) with very short notice.”
  • “I can manage around my client and firm commitments to be with my family and friends when needed / holidays are planned.”
  • “I used to travel 3 or 4 days per week, but now it's zero because of COVID-19.  The company is very supportive of working remotely and work from home, so I am happy with that.”
  • “Taking a break to rejuvenate is easy and encouraged. Firm ensures travel arrangements are the best and there is not compromise on either quality or safety.”
  • “Vacation time is well respected in my firm. There are very few times when an employee would be asked to change his/her vacation plan for work. Employees are fully empowered to say not to work during vacation time. Team are also sensitive to not intruding in anyone's vacation time.”

Career Development

  • “Best - Known as the top talent developing firm in Japan, especially in start-up community. Very open and fair promotion policy. Worst - Relatively competitive environment.”
  • “Best: We have an award winning formal professional development program co-designed with London Business School, that is cascaded from Partner level down to Analyst level. Worst: Can take a while for lateral hires to find their feet and plug into ‘the Kearney way’.
  • “Fast growth offered to young consultants till manager level; great exposure to international projects which helps in wholesome skill development; great agenda in diversity and inclusion + entrepreneurial spirit to drive this.”
  • “I found that my skills as a junior to mid-level consultant were valued in industry.  I then found that the experience I had gained in industry were valued highly by Kearney, and helped me in developing and advancing my career further.”
  • “Significant investment / effort deployed for senior training at partner and principal level; diversity is strong cultural value of the firm; promotion based on merit the backbone of our career progression.”
  • “Since I am a specialist in IT, it would not be possible for me transfer to another area, especially at my seniority level. In terms of international opportunities, I have worked outside of SE Asia as much as inside. Opportunities are extensive.”


  • “Compared to competitors, salary progression is not good. Even usual benefits are not available at India office in particular. Competitors have fancier onboarding process. Throughout the year they get more gifts on major festivals. Kearney India hardly has any typical consulting perks.”
  • “I consider the compensation package is good and fair. The firm has very strong policies to ensure equality in salaries across different groups.”
  • “Salary progression is good but not parity between MBA associates and non-MBA associates despite similar or more competitive capabilities in consulting.”
  • “The firm promotes a sense of ownership, not entitlement. When the firm does well, we all do well.  When I am working hard I understand that I am contributing to the firm, and to my own rewards.”
  • “The firm's compensation package is quite fair and highly competitive with the rest of the industry. Potential to do a bit more in terms of additional perks e.g. gym memberships, etc.”
  • “Very attractive compensation - both fixed and variable. Part global, part local linkage. Investment in firm equity also gives attractive returns.”


  • “Although LGBT Ally programs and Diversity programs exist globally, not much effort is made in Tokyo office.”
  • “Diversity is well supported at the firm, although we need to do a better job of hiring more diverse talent either by race and gender.”
  • “I consider that Kearney is the best place to be in terms of diversity and inclusion. It is a firm that firmly believes in diversity. We are given trainings on diversity, and it is a topic that comes out in all office and regional calls.”
  • “Kearney does a great job in promoting diversity and inclusion.”
  • “Men and women are totally equal in terms of promotion opportunity and rating/screening.”
  • “On gender diversity, we are doing okay. Can definitely do more in building awareness of diversity on account of LGBTQ team members, their needs and handling sensitive situations.”
  • “The firm has very active dialogue on diversity and inbuilt biases which is very positive and constructive.”


  • “Business outlook is a bit uncertain, although my firm is well placed I feel, owing to strong operations heritage. Can be a bit bolder in the market.”
  • “For better or for worse, Kearney is a traditional strategy consulting firm. The selected few. 
    I don't see any innovative initiatives around digital strategy, however, the focus on the strategy consulting for CXO issues is very attractive for the consultants working here.”
  • “Growth ambitions are not aggressive. Profitably given more emphasis than growth resulting in overall slower pace compared to competitors.”
  • “Kearney is improving its ability to promote itself as well as our competitors do through online media channels. The brand is not as well known as the Big4, or MBB beyond the areas where we specialize and are known as industry experts.  Our brand is very strong against our competitors where we are known.”
  • “Part of the reason I am on the team is to push the innovation agenda. Definitely feels sometimes like tried and true is seen as better than new and different. I trust the leadership even when I disagree with them. They have proven themselves in my eyes.”
  • “Projects are not well organized. There is a firm rule to be applied before project starts to determine how to work on project (work smart charter) but that is never used in the real life.”
  • “We are focused on what we are good at in the industry, and now growing digital practices all over the world. The firm's brand name may not be as well known and alumni network is relatively small than other big firms, hence it could limit the type of engagement business we get from our clients.”

Hiring Process

  • “A tight process, designed to help candidates bring out their best, and demonstrate the qualities that we are seeking. We try to be very supportive of candidates through the process, and keep them informed and involved. We look for: Intellectual horse-power - demonstrated through academic achievement. Track record of achievement or excellence beyond fields of study - such as leadership in community activities, or sporting/ cultural performance at highest levels. Being engaging, and interesting.”
  • “Friendly interviewer, engaging conversation, and quick turnaround time for follow ups. The firm's ideal candidate are those who can learn quickly and passionately, and be entrepreneurial in their respective practices and domains.”
  • “From top universities, good structuring and logic, good ability to learn, good team player.”
  • “Someone with both digital project and enterprise IT experience. Time in industry and time on the sell side of IT is important. Also, formal teaching experience is a big plus. Interview process has too many people involved, but I think that is a function of the firm's size. Can't miss with any candidate.”
  • “Standard consulting interview, however has a written case interview which is closer to testing ability to perform in real project. There is no ideal candidate - must be curious, driven, (proven) high achiever, life/interest outside work, etc, looking for diversity (gender and background in particular).”
  • “The firm is seeking a very sharp, hands on candidate that can work collaboratively with clients. That is passionate about her work and thinks about how to bring impact to clients. That is confident but never arrogant.”

Interview Questions

  • “Develop Go-To-Market strategy for Unilever products on Amazon.”
  • “Questions are confidential, typically involve skills assessment and case interview - real case based on interviewer experience with the firm.”
  • “Estimating of store sales and profitability, developing hypothesis of improvement profitability.”
  • “Market sizing, profitability, go-to-market strategy.”
  • “Profitability, market entry, market sizing, operational due diligence.”
  • “We hire 15 people in ANZ out of 1300 applicants.”
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