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Vault’s Verdict

Kmind is a strategy advisor based in and serving the Chinese market. Despite China’s rapidly changing business environment, Kmind is well-positioned for growth, as Chinese firms turn their attention once more to growth and expansion. With a strong reputation for growth- and positioning-oriented work, Kmind should have no shortage of client work in the near future. According to Kmind insiders, the firm offers competitive compensation and benefits, and offers great opportunities for career development. Overall, for those seeking to build a career focused within the Chinese market, Kmind is a homegrown option that is well worth learning more about.

Firm Culture

“A combination of the best Chinese and western strategical theories and practices.”

“If you want to make substantial impact in the business world, and not just spend time on making beautiful PPTs (that end up unimplemented, put on hold, or rolled back), consider joining our firm. When our clients find success, we find success.”

“The astronomical success we've achieved with our clients - and how integral we were to that success, according to our own clients’ testimonials. Completely transforming brands at breakneck speed, in the eyes of both the customers and the industry.”

“This is a vigorous strategic consulting company that has a strong reputation in China's consulting industry and is still growing rapidly. Employees and leaders of the company work towards the same goal, with the same career vision, and full of hope for China's commercial civilization. Development prospects are excellent.”

“Clear and firm strategic objectives and the strategy of ‘acting like water’.”

Quality of Life

“The company's leave system is very humane, which can well meet employees' work-life balance and deal with some unexpected situations in life. In addition, the company has established a love fund and various insurance systems to ensure the safety and health of employees and provide medical assistance. On holidays, the company prepares abundant holiday gifts for its employees. In terms of culture, the company shows full humanized care.”

“Working hours in the firm are basically variable, so we cannot control the day off time and always need to stand by may be the worst aspect that would affect my quality of life. Our travel requirements are excellent that we could book the high-quality hotel then make our travel more happiness index.”

“I do not consider it as the worst part, while it could be better: less travel and working hour in weekends. Best part: great travel compensation.”

“I’m really satisfied with the quality of life, including the balance, travel, and other aspects.”

The leave process is easy and simple, and if I work overtime, the supervisor will offer time off.  Sometimes there are sudden and urgent travel needs, which might disrupt the original schedule.”


“Taking into account market competitiveness and internal fairness, the company provides employees with a comprehensive and competitive compensation system, including fixed salary, year-end service bonus, performance bonus, special reward, stock incentive, etc. In terms of welfare, the company provides employees with five insurances and a housing fund, commercial insurance, full pay sick leave, annual leave, love fund, etc. The company organizes a variety of employee care programs to reflect the care for employees, such as health examination, traditional Chinese medicine consultation, festival gifts, birth gifts, etc.”

“Salary progression is not solely tied to promotion. Performance bonuses can be quite outstanding, and merit is recognized and rewarded. My favorite perk would be that the firm constantly arranges a nationally renowned instructor for meditation practice.”

“There are salary progression opportunities at least each half year.”

“Our company provides good commercial insurance.”

“Full medical coverage, and bonus medical coverage for your relatives.”

Career Development

“Our firm offers great opportunities for career development, providing strategy consulting services to companies with multi-billions in revenue and exclusively working with renowned CEO/founders and C-level management teams of top brands in China.”

“Kmind provides effective training for their core strategic theory, and organizes several workshops across a variety of fields, which is very beneficial.”

“Great teams and colleagues, and values achievements.”

“In Kmind, there are plenty of opportunities to take on responsibility, which means promotion possibilities in many cases.”

“The best aspects of career development here are the creative opportunities and the earnest support from the company and my mentors so I can realize my strategic ideas.”

“The company provides very rich and diverse training and learning opportunities, involving professional areas and extension areas. The company also holds frequent best practice sharing among projects and experts, which facilitates the flow of knowledge.”

Community Engagement

“All consultants have equal access to interesting/high-quality work and promotion opportunities.”

“All employees are equal in our company. You can express your own opinions towards work, ethnicity, gender, etc. Free talks are allowed, and I have never heard any discrimination words.”

“We do respect to all race and ethnicity, women, LGBTQ+ individuals, individuals with disabilities and they have equal access to high-quality work and promotion opportunities.”

“In terms of gender, there is a roughly even split in the company in terms of both pure quantity and across leadership positions; I feel confident in saying all consultants have equal opportunity to a diverse set of opportunities and promotions.”

“The company's emphasis on diversity and inclusion has never been higher, making every employee feel cared for and valued.”

Business Outlook

“As a newly emerging consulting firm in China, our firm benefits a lot from our innovation in theoretical foundation, business model, and service offering. According to positive feedbacks from our clients, we have established unique competitiveness in terms of strategy-making in China market.”

“Kmind is currently a strategic consulting leader in China. Its shining strength is its unique understanding of consumer demand and trust. With this understanding, it has rapidly transformed several relatively obscure firms into definitive market leaders and industry giants. Kmind pushes clients to innovate outside their comfort zone in order to thrust them back into the limelight, and so requires a degree of open-mindedness and 'bravery' from clients.”

“Kmind helped 9 enterprises to grow into industry leaders and 5 enterprises to grow into 10 billion yuan of revenue enterprises. The integration of Western classical business theory and traditional Chinese wisdom, so that China's strategic consulting unique. Kmind will continue to innovate consulting models and methods and share Chinese wisdom to the global consulting industry.”

“Kmind is the leading company in positioning strategy consulting industry. With a unique foundational theory, the firm's outlook is very promising.”

“The consulting industry is thriving, and Kmind is very innovative.”

Hiring Process

“I think Kmind is looking for smart and hard-working people from a variety of backgrounds.”

“Our Ideal candidate is ambitious, open-minded, mentally resilient, and fast-learning.” 

“Quick response via phone call and email.”

“The company is seeking responsible employees who are willing to change the business world and create value for the company and society.”

“The ideal candidate is one of a flexible mindset, especially those with the potential to easily see from the customer's perspective (for example, what their implicit and explicit demands are), and how to use the client's preexisting advantages to create an opportunity for them to be noticed by the consumers.”

Interview Questions

“How do you describe strategy?”

“What's your strength/weakness? What's the happiest moments in your work? Why do you want to join us?”

 “As a consultant, do you have experience working with C-suite executives? What great achievement have you made by working with them? How did you persuade your clients when they disagreed with you?”

“Market sizing and case interview are the most common questions used by Kmind, besides that, questions about previous work experiences, views on the consulting industry, work style, and comments from previous colleagues are often asked in the interview process.”

"Tell us about your past work experience. Why do you choose to go into consulting from your current company? What are your career plans?”


69F, Shanghai World Financial Center, No.100 Century Avenue
Pudong New Area, Shanghai 200120
Phone: 86 021-68762933

Firm Stats

President & Founder: Weishan Xie

Major Office Locations

Shanghai, China