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Vault’s Verdict

As a firm founded and based in China, Kmind stands out even before considering its innovative approach to serving companies in its home market. With a strong emphasis on growth and learning, it’s an attractive option for those passionate about strategic consulting and hoping to build a career in a rapidly evolving arena for professional services. 

As an employer, the firm's culture is built on collaboration and open communication, fostering an environment where employees feel supported in their professional development. Opportunities for advancement and competitive compensation, including performance bonuses, are standout features, although the quest for work-life balance remains a challenge amid the firm's demanding pace.

According to insiders, the firm’s outlook is highly promising, driven by a successful track record and a unique blend of Eastern and Western strategic insights. For those willing to embrace its high-energy environment, Kmind offers a platform for significant career achievements and personal growth.


Employee Reviews

Firm Culture

  • “A journey about innovation and improving the commercial value of Chinese enterprises.”
  • “As a leading enterprise in the industry, my company has done well enough in its business and has gained many opportunities for training here. It is also further embracing digitization and updating its business and management model. In short, as a potential partner who has requirements for their career planning and hopes to delve deeper into the field of strategic consulting, this is a great place for you to exercise and work for a long time.”
  • “Our company has always been committed to providing an exceptional customer experience.”
  • “The company culture is excellent, although when projects are continuing, there may be a lot of overtime work.”
  • “The team environment is highly collaborative, and I have been able to learn from and contribute to many projects that have had a real impact.”

Quality of Life

  • “Best aspect: the expense standard for travel is good, which makes the business travel life easier and more convenient.”
  • “Flexible working hours.”
  • “Kmind has management mechanisms suitable for knowledge workers.”
  • “Our company organizes wellness challenges that encourage employees to participate in activities such as walking or running events.”
  • “The company provides relatively flexible working hours. This enables employees to achieve a better work-life balance and meet their personal needs.”

Career Development

  • "Best: Employees in Kmind are pretty diversified, especially regarding education background and work experience. My colleagues studied very different majors, but they have shown very professional consulting skills since entering Kmind. Worst: promotion process could be clearer." 
  • “Kmind has a unique methodology in the consulting industry, so Kmind has a very solid training system.”
  • “Our company provides diversity opportunities, which is not about duration of employment—it is about your experience and ability.”
  • “The best aspect is Kmind created an open, fair, and transparent promotion processes and environment which all the assessment are based on each consultant's contribution instead of working experience. The worst aspect is lacking opportunities to communicate with consultants or scholars from outside firms or business schools.” 
  • “The company provides a wealth of training and development opportunities, including internal and external courses, seminars, and mentorship programs. These opportunities help employees improve their skills, knowledge, and experience, enabling them to succeed in their careers.”


  • “Actually, we receive above industry-average pay, including generous year-end bonuses.”
  • “Best: [very satisfactory] performance bonus.”
  • “Kmind has a comprehensive assessment and incentive mechanism.”
  • “The company adopts the method of base salary plus project commission to pay salaries, which I think is very fair.”
  • “Various benefits and perks offered including medical insurance, dental insurance, vision insurance, retirement plans, paid time off (PTO), and other employee-friendly benefits.”

Community Engagement

  • “Kmind does not have limited policy regarding ethnicity, LGBTQ+, individuals with disabilities and so on.”
  • “Kmind performs well in terms of diversity and inclusiveness. As a minority employee, I have received full respect and convenience in both work and life. The company has never treated any group differently. At the same time, several employees of the company are retired military personnel.”
  • “Our company is super friendly to all kinds of employees, each individual has equal access to promotion opportunity.”
  • “The company has done a great job in this regard, focusing only on the talents of its employees, while providing a fair and relaxed working environment in other aspects.”
  • “Yes, all consultants at our firm have equal access to interesting/high-quality work and promotion opportunities.”

Business Outlook

  • “Best: Our company is growing fast, and the client satisfaction is high. We believe there is a promising future.
    Worst: We may consider to slowly diversify our business models, to have more standard consulting products.” 
  • “I think our firm's business outlook is bright. Kmind has successfully transformed five relatively unknown companies into market leaders within a few years.  More and more companies are becoming aware of Kmind's innovative business approach and are adopting Eastern wisdom as a core component of their corporate strategy.”
  • Our company has strong competitive advantages in the industry such as theory innovation and outstanding strategy consulting cases.”
  • “The company's strategic consulting and strategic training businesses are very promising.”
  • “We are based in China, there are tons of companies that need professional business strategies service, and we are the no.1, the market cap is super big.”

Hiring Process

  • “Hiring process is good, phone call 2 times, interview 2 times.”
  • “Interview and callback process: The entire interview process basically consists of three rounds, and the overall time takes one month.”
  • “The interview at the company is very formal.”
  • “The interview process is fast and the interviewer is quite professional.”
  • “The firm’s interview is very strict, typically includes multiple rounds of interviews and assessments.”

Interview Questions

  • “A client runs a discount retail store and wants your advice on how to cut costs?”
  • “Can you tell us about a time when you resolved a conflict with a team member?”
  • “How would you see the competition in the market?”
  • “Please analyze a special business example using Positioning theory.”
  • “Why do you want to join us? Can you withstand high-intensity work?”

69F, Shanghai World Financial Center, No.100 Century Avenue
Pudong New Area, Shanghai 200120
Phone: 86 021-68762933

Firm Stats

President & Founder: Weishan Xie

Major Office Locations

Shanghai, China
Shenzhen, China

Major Departments & Practices

  • Fashion Industry Department
  • Food Industry Department
  • Durable Goods Industry Department
  • Emerging Industries Department
  • TMT Industry Department
  • Academy of Strategy Department
  • Client Relations Department
  • Brand Department
  • Finance Department
  • Human Resources & Administration Department
  • Chairman’s Office Department
  • Digitalization and AI Department